Since Apr 24, 2003

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I am an Israeli born American (Jerusalem) who lives in crazy California. I never used to be very interested in politics until the current Intifada in Israel and September 11th happened. Since then I have made a 180% turn and am doing my best to educate myself.

As far as politics go, I agree with the current administartion on most topics aside from Israel(in some cases). I have alot of problems with the attempted implementation of this Roadmap to Hell. No country should be forced to endure that which my homeland has. This administration has created a double standard with the "War on Terror" If you are either with us or against us, then what do we consider the policy of the Palestinians, or the Saudi's for that matter.
I do understand that certain things must be said politically in order to keep the Arab world from total chaos (as if they arent already) but it inflames me to no end to see the Administration and the Media buy into this "cycle of violence".
The Israelites have an historic claim to the Kingdom of Israel and no man or nation can take away what was give by the Almighty.

Alot of what I have learned has come from the halls of Freerepublic and I would like to thank everyone here for the amazing posts and discussions. I will be going against the grain this year with my proud Jewish vote for Bush/Cheney 2004. F'n Kerry would be like another term of Slick Willy in office.