Since Oct 13, 1999

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A Conservative Case for Universal Health Coverage

A Paradigm Shift in Parenting

A Theological Argument for Evolution or Darwinism

Aging Global Population is Profound and Irreversible (UN Report)

Ancient Islamic Texts Resurface

Arctic Melt Unnerves the Experts

Border family's strange encounters with illegals

Bush Inane Pet Phrases on Immigration

CDC Vaccine Data Leads Scientists to Shocking Discovery, Possible Vaccine/Mercury/Autism Link

Changes in the Sun's Surface to Bring Next Global Climate Change

Cheap, Safe Cancer Drug

Cultural Change - Science & Religion

Dark Sides to Ethanol Boom

Designed to Deceive: How Creation(ism) Can't Stand Up to the Rigors of Science

Fifth Separate Incident of Gang Rape By Illegal Aliens

Get Your Hunt On

GGG Alpha List

Global Warming and Global Cooling Are As Old As the Black Plague

HIV Drug Blocks Cancer Cells

Homeschoolers Find University Doors Open


How Quantum Physics Can Teach Biologists About Evolution

Importing Poverty: The Cheap Labor Trap

In Search of Hidden Dimensions

Inalienable Rights and Libertarianism

Inventor Kurzweil Aiming to Live Forever

Islam is Killing Us!

Koran Vs. New Testament

Mohammed, The Mad Poet Quoted

National Media's Refusal to Cover White Couples' Murder

Nine Facts About Schooling

Noah's Ark Flood Spurs European Farming

Pastor's Wives

Peer Attachment Disorder

Politically Incorrect Facts About the Crusades

PROGRESSIVE CALVINISM: On the Peerless Law of Moses (And the Foolishness of the Greek Philosophers)

Quantum Entanglement

Radical Islam Comes to Full Bloom In Southern Virginia

Radical New Views of Islam and the Origins of the Koran

Rat Like Rodent May Be Coming to SC (Nutria)

Single-Action Self-Defense

Singularity Summit at Stanford

Superhuman: The Uncharted Territory of Transhumanism

Thanks to the Muslim World

The Curse of the Red-Headed Mummy

The Dhimmi Revolution

The Myth of Islamic Tolerance Addressing a Common Islamic Polemic

The Myth of Mecca

The True History of the Southwest, 101

The Virgins and the Grapes: The "Christian" Origins of the Quran

There is NO Man-Made Global Warming

Top 11 Secrets of a National Retail Sales Tax

You're An Old Detroiter if . . .