Since Oct 14, 1998

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He Who Laughs Last Was Too Dumb To Figure out the Joke First

A Bird In The Hand Is Messier Than Two In The Bush

A Stitch In Time Won't Save You A Dime But At Least It Makes This Stupid Saying Rhyme

Support Mental Health....OR I'LL KILL YOU!!!

Okay, now the serious stuff about me so here is my biography:

I was born in a Satellite Dish just outside of Salisbury, MD. My mother was a Las Vegas pizza waitress and my father worked as a trucker by day and a People Magazine reporter by night. Currently I am storing myself in a self-storage unit. God is my co-pilot and J-Lo is my navigator. I live on a strict health regimen of corn nuts and polysorbate-80.

My big thing here in the Free Republic is the DUmmie FUnnies where I highlight and satirize the insanity of the denizens of DUmmieland aka Democrat Underground. Check out the DUmmie FUnnies and join the DUFU PING List which is now the BIGGEST Ping list on the FR.