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Prayerful Public Action

From thy mind, lips & heart . . . Edify

Have a Catholic Tea Party - Have a Rosary Procession

How to find good Catholic employees

If you want to interview some good employee prospects, just take a stack of employment applications and requests for resumes over to your local parish, best known for its love of the Gospel AND its loyality to the Magisterium, and distribute them ONLY at the DAILY Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

Do NOT distribute them at the weekend Masses.
We need USCCB/Diocesan/Parish employees who are first and foremost striving to be devout Catholics who go beyond the minimum that is expected of them.
Now, is that too much to ask?


"it doesn't even have fingers yet" This is a good reason to wear and have on hand some "precious feet" pins, they have toes and like the fingers at 10 weeks from conception, a tiny heart is pumping blood through them.
Get them at Heritage House 1-800-858-3040. Precious Feet and much more
Order a quantity so that you can have them on hand and available to offer to someone.
Quite often I just give the pin that I am wearing at the time.
Also, wait long enough to see them put it on.

Also have copies of "Baby Samuel" pictures showing a pre-born baby reaching from out of his mother's womb with tiny fingers grasping the baby finger of the surgeon's hand. Baby Samuel reaching out of the womb and Baby Samuel is Born