Since Mar 20, 2003

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In Aug. of 2021, I moved from Oshkosh to De Pere. I'll run for the De Pere school board in 2022. In Jan. of 2020, I moved from Hanover Park, IL, to Oshkosh. I ran for Oshkosh common council in Feb. of 2021. I lost, but I got about 140 more votes, compared to someone who lived in Oshkosh for about 20 years. I want to work for a public relations company and/or a politician. In May of 2019, I moved from Las Vegas to DuPage Co., IL. For nine months, I worked, part-time, for Robert Marshall's U.S. Senate campaign. In April 2019, I ran for Las Vegas mayor. I wanted to eliminate wasteful spending and keep tax rates low. My site is I was 2nd out of seven candidates. In 2018, I ran for Clark Co. treasurer. In the primary, I got about 83%, which was about 50,000 votes. In the general election, I got about 42%, which was about 270,000 votes. I ran for delegate for the 2016 Republican National Convention, in Illinois' 10th Congressional District. I supported Gov. Gilmore. He dropped out of the race about three weeks before the Illinois primary, and I got 500 votes. I was laid off on May 31, 2011, and I'm still looking for a job. I want to work for a P.R. company (since I did that for almost six years) or for a republican politician. I worked, part-time, as campaign manager for Andrew Straw, a republican write-in congressional candidate in Illinois' 8th District; and as campaign manager for Chad Koppie, a Constitution Party candidate for the U.S. Senate. I also worked, part-time, for Jay Kinzler, a congressional candidate in Illinois' 6th District. I worked, part-time, as the campaign manager for Chad Koppie, a U.S. Senate candidate; Fred White, a congressional candidate in Illinois' 5th Dist.; and Diane Harris, a congressional candidate in Illinois' 3rd District. I worked, as a full-time employee, for three U.S. Senate campaigns and a congressional campaign. I've been a campaign manager for two congressional campaigns and a state senate campaign. I have a B.A. in political science. In 2014, I was a write-in candidate for Congress in Illinois' 9th District. In April 2013, I was elected to be Libertyville Township trustee. In March 2012, I ran for delegate to the Republican National Convention. In March 2010, I founded the Republican Assembly of Northern Cook County. I tried to run for state rep., in Illinois' 17th District, but my petitions received an objection from a next-door neighbor of my moderate primary opponent. My name was removed from the ballot, and I ran as a write-in candidate. In the 2006 primary, I ran for Congress, as a write-in candidate, because my congressman, Mark Kirk, is a Republican who is more liberal than many Democrats. My 2010 percentage was about four times my 2006 percentage. I was endorsed by Randy White, a lt. gov. candidate; Rosanna Pulido, a candidate for Congress, in Illinois' 5th Dist.; Tony Castrogiovanni, the vice chairman of the Cook Co. Republican Party; Eric Wallace, the co-vice chairman of the Cook Co. Republican Party; the Chicago Minuteman Project; and Illinois Federation for Right to Life. I was the Northern Cook Co. coordinator for Don Lowery, a candidate for the U.S. Senate; and Adam Andrzejewski, a candidate for governor. I was the volunteer coordinator of Rosanna Pulido, who ran for Congress, in the special election, to replace Rahm Emanuel, in Illinois' 5th District. She's pro-life, anti-illegal alien, and pro-gun. Please read her site, She won a five-candidate primary, and she lost the general election. I’ve worked, as a paid employee, for three U.S. Senate campaigns and for a congressional campaign. I volunteered at the 1988, 1996, 2000, and 2008 Republican National Conventions and for seven congressional candidates including Bob Dornan, Ken Arnold, and David McSweeney. I'm the executive director, former vice-chairman, and former chairman of the Illinois Center Right Coalition, which was founded, in 2003, to recruit conservative republican candidates and help their campaigns. Please check the site, On Apr. 30, 2006, I retired from the navy, with 21 years of service, 11 on active duty and 10 in the reserves. I was a hospital corpsman. I was in near Baghdad, in the Triangle of Death, Sept. 2004-Mar. ‘05.

On July 11, 2005, I started working for Martin E. Janis, a p.r. company in downtown Chicago.

On Aug. 15, 2009, I got married to Nicole Macaluso, an artist and seminary student. Since Dec. 2014, she's been a pastor. Like me, she’s Lutheran.

On June 7, 2008, I attended the Illinois Republican Convention, as a delegate for Lake Co. I ran for delegate to the Republican National Convention, for Mike Huckabee. My congressional district had 18 delegate candidates, and the top three won. I was seventh, receiving more votes than a state representative and a county clerk, combined. I volunteered at the Republican National Convention. I volunteered for Ken Arnold, a congressional candidate in Illinois' 8th District. His primary had three Republicans, and he was second, with 20%.