Since Jul 31, 2005

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A proud member of the vast right wing conspiracy, I’m Kansas born and raised. I made a detour from 1987 to 2005 to Los Angeles to work in the entertainment business and returned to Johnson County to care for my elderly mother. After her recent death, I chose to remain in my hometown instead of returning to LA. Prior to working in TV, I was employed by Bay Buchannan at Lyn Nofziger’s PAC, Citizens for the Republic. Although a long time Republican, working with Bay as a mentor solidified my strong conservative roots and upstarted my love for politics. Working in Hollywood also pushed me more to the right. I joined Glenn Spencer’s group, VCT (now American Patrol) and was honored and humbled to meet the patriots I did through the organization. Although I miss my work and friends in LA, I’m happy to be back in the midwest.