P-Chan Penny
Since Nov 10, 2004

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Hi! You must be interested in me to click on my name, so here's the 411:

I am a Republican (I know, duh!), a Christian, and probably more Conservative than anyone suspects.
I have a really beautiful daughter who is one year old.
I have been married to the same, wonderful man for a LONG time.
I live in beautiful Everett, WA
I am a Costco Employee. Yup. Costco. That company with the liberal CEO. But I, my entire office, and our Vice President are all Conservative. I have found that just because I don't agree with someone doesn't mean I can't work with (well, for) them... especially when the pay and benefits rock! Also, since I work for a non-union building, I also don't have to support causes I don't believe in via union dues.