Paul Ross
Since Aug 10, 2000

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...As The Power Of The Free Republic Grows.....

Allegation of Corruption at the Justice Department

Bush Tells Daschle: "I came here to ask for one thing: I hope you never lie to me.”

Cuban spy testifies he was ordered to infiltrate U.S. military installations

Democratic group says Gore miscalculated with populist campaign

DemocRATS Undermining America's Security

FBI Charges Scientists Stole Lucent Trade Secrets for Chinese Company

FR and JimRob credited in Missile Defense book by Alamo-Girl

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, SAT Has Got to Go ?

Market Impact [ UCOOC, Unocal, Red Alert ]

Naval Institute: Globalization Is Tested (BARF ALERT!)

No Defense?

Oldy But Goody: Tension in the Taiwan Strait

Pearl! Dec. 7, 1941- what really happened?

Presidential Pardon for Clinton?

Robert and William Ross, The First Freepers, Defenders of the Constitution


Russia Plans to Revive Buran Shuttle

Russia Spreading Influence in Asia, Mideast: Experts Concerned Over Major Arms Deals

Trulock: Security Still Lax at Labs

Weapons In Space [ Liberal Appeasement Gang Still Persistently Denying Post 9/10 Reality ]