Since Mar 5, 2005

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Host of "The Andrea Shea King Show" on Blog Talk Radio. Formerly heard on Central Florida's #1 Talk station WDBO AM 580. Sunday nights at 9. Conservative philosophy, show and host have been described by listeners as a "breath of fresh air".

Former Massachusetts liberal who saw the Light on 9-11-2001. The Light's been shining brighter ever since, brightening the path of truth, justice and the American way.

Guest interviews include JAYNA DAVIS (OKC Bombing: The Third Terrorist"); Victor Davis Hanson; Col. David Hunt; Zell Miller; Jim Gilchrist; Walid Phares; Paul Sperry; Kenneth Timmerman; Cong. Curt Weldon; Judge Anthony Napolitano; Cong. Tom Tancredo; Robert Schindler Sr. and Bobby Schindler Jr.; Oliver North; Swiftboat Vets Jerome Corsi, John O'Neill, Adm. Roy Hofffman, Joe Ponder, Jim Thomas, Tom Wright; Jack Cashill; William Norman Grigg; Hugh Hewitt; John Podhoretz; Tony Snow; James Taranto; Ann Coulter; Byron York.