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poetic prayers of my heart...

(Borrowed and derived from: MHGinTN "About" page

Original Text Posted by Ford Fairlane, FreeRepublic, during an abortion discussion.)


[I am so sorry your beautiful precious life was taken] Unborn Child, they wouldn’t let you be.

To your [beautiful] innocent bud of life they despised you with sharp tools of hate... it’s the New Selfish and Perverse Morality.

They were blinded by selfish ambition and cruel hate, for you beautiful and so valuable little one, who God so loved and with His great care formed and gave. [You My heart's so loved and so valuable little one], who only needed love, there is no way to understand.

Only now in Gods Loving Arms Embraced, in Heaven your new Home, will you have a chance to Forgive your Mommy and Daddy, for the selfish ignorance and hateful and tortured suffering against your innocence, [as they did to Me, as] their life was so well-planned.

They couldn’t take you with them, up the ladder of success. Money and self, meant more to them than you My beautiful child, your life with all My love from] Heaven wanted and loved.

Tell me, my little treasured one, my little Unborn Child, what did [I your] Creator say? [I have] wrap[ped] your unwanted, tortured little life in [My] lov[ing arms,] and forever kept your prescious tears I had to wipe away.

You hover on the edge of time, I [know] your beautiful face and form... [with all my love and care I made, with more love than could all eternity contain.

Never knowing the arms and love of your father or mother, you now know you are loved like no other... I love You so much, you are forever cherished like no other... You are finally home safe, running to the forever grasp of your Forever Fathers loving arms].

Now I hear you laugh whenever children play... My heart cries out - Oh [Father], for you my little one, the deepest mourn, throughout all my days...

He sent His only precious Son to teach us all about His true love, you are The Only Way.

Still, we kill [our innocent and beautiful] little unborn ones, it happens every day.

I am so sorry they took your life, little Unborn Child, they wouldn’t let you be.

They thought you just an unwanted mass of cells…. It’s the lie of New Morality.



God knew us before we were in our Mother’s womb. (Psalm 47:4 and 139)

Mama... Mama, don’t blame me for your blues.
I may be inconvenient, but it’s much too late to choose.
Listen with your heart, you’ll hear my still small voice.
Let me live I’ll be your life, your child not your choice.

Mama... Mama, give me time to work my charms.
When you see my face, you’ll know the place for me is in your arms.
I’m not lonely just alone and looking forward to
The way you’ll hold me Mama just like God is holding you.

Like a summer breeze and the morning dove,
We were chosen for each other by the Lord of love.
Agreeing with each breath and sigh in unison,
We’re two hearts beating rhythm as a single drum.

Mama... Mama, I’m yours by God’s design.
Your custom composition, a clipping from His vine.
Eternally He’s known our names for such a time as this.
Fashioned for each other’s needs to cherish, love and bless.

Mama... Mama, if it’s hard to understand,
Just look at this from heaven, then you’ll see God’s plan.
Let my smile dance with yours. Let our songs be one voice.
Mama; Oh Mama, make me your choice.

(Written by Jo Nuvark (Bonnie Adams, November 1992)