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20 graphics and memes to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of the Tea Party

Arabization of Iran hasn't worked [Iranians maintain Persian ethnicity]

Blame the GOP for America’s First Marxist President

Buying bullets online (VANITY)

Confessions of a Cultural Drop-out (Most of what passes for establishment popular culture are crap)

DC March 10.02.10 - Communists, Socialists & SEIU Unite

DFU Trump Dossier #1 - His Experience at Oxford

Did O'Donnell Read the Constitution Right?

Drugs, Russia and Terrorism, Part 2

Eight Wasted Years - And the ratchet slips free.

Essay:John Wall divorce agreement

EUROPE - THY NAME IS COWARDICE (German Publisher Speaks the Truth!)

Explore Islam: The Life of Muhammad

FReeper Book Club: Atlas Shrugged, Afterword and Suggested Reading

Germany and France are struggling with a new world

History Is Knocking for Obama

HTML Bootcamp (Cyber patriot training)

Human Rights Imperialism: Leftist Satire or Moral Collapse?

Identity politics, or how the Democrats hoisted themselves by their own petard

Iraq: We Must Remain Committed (Viet Nam truth told by Gen. Giap)

It heats. It powers. Is it the future of home energy

Jimmy Carter and the Arab Lobby


LONDON DAILY MAIL editorial: On Obama's victory

Looking For Hotel Advice in Washington, DC from some Freepers

Main Street in revolt (Salena Zito)

Maybe Obama Does Not Know How to Use A Computer, Either

NPR Teabags America

Obama 'transcends' mere investigation

Obama and "The Left" (Sowell on Obama)


Obama won't run...his work is done

One Stone, Two Powers: How Chief Justice Roberts Saved America

Plese Help FReeper: What are trustworthy blogs & news sites, regarding Iraq and the War on Terror?

Reference HTML Cheatsheet


Responding to George Will's Realism

Reverse Discrimination (Geraldine Ferraro, plantation progressive)

Ronald Reagan (February 6, 1911 – June 5, 2004) Quotes

Ronald Reagan sums it up very nicely

Rudolf Flesch's Rules: 25 Tips for Powerful Writing

Simple Message for the Whole World: "Call Me an Iranian, Not a Moslem"

Soon to be first time gun owner (newbie questions)

STUDY: Mass Shootings Happen More Frequently In European Countries

Sunni vs. Shi'a: It's Not All Islam

TERRORISM STATISTICS: Islam versus Christianity

The Alternative Rally (text of Scott Brown's rally speech today)

The Best Quotes From Ann Coulter's 'Treason'

The Inside Story on James B. Comey

The Lawyers' Party

The Left Hates Inequality, Not Evil (Dennis Prager On Moral Fools Alert)

The Neocons and Iraq

The Psychopathology of Terrorism

The Realist Who Got It Wrong

The Shock of Barack

The TAX LIST Grows...

Unacknowledged, unseen, unmentioned: Poverty in Europe

Vanity - Don't own a gun - need advice

Victor Davis Hanson: Obama’s Paradoxes - The Left’s greatest dream is becoming its worst nightmare.

Victor Davis Hanson: Try a Better Chant – 'No Oil Money for Terrorists'

Welcome to the Thugocracy

What Are You Doing to Protect You & Your Family From Obanomics (Abominomics)?

What Does Obama's Victory Mean?

What if postmodern thought ruled America?

Why Liberals Refuse to Admit the Reality of Islamic Fascism

‘Intellectuals’ (Thomas Sowell)

‘Like a Dog’: The Origins of Barack Obama’s Petulance