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OSHA* is a free lance sarcastic SOB who lives in NW Arkansas where he finds his amazing skills suprisingly little in demand.

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I'll post them so others can enjoy them also.

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Save the Trolls

Once upon a time, majestic, dispeptic, mangy and slightly flea infested herds of trolls wandered freely over the plains of cyberspace. The ethernet would literally shake from thunderous noise of their bleating inanities and pounding keyboards in unthinking lockstep. They kept their own numbers in check by culling any member of the herd who showed signs of intelligence or self-reliance. They lived in perfect harmony with the members of the elite-media tribes that cared for them. Natures balance was preserved until the coming of the moderator man and his modern assault weapon, the ZOT.

Soon trolls were being wantonly slaughtered in huge numbers. Their posts, with only the juiciest idiocies removed for use in men’s and ladies tag lines, were left lying to rot in the sun. Despite their dwindling numbers the slaughter continues to this day. We at SAVE THE TROLLS demand that this unmerciful killing stop! We are working with pro-troll legislators to add trolls to the Endangered Species List. We are also trying to get ZOT-control legislation passed.

You can help! Call 1-800-PRO-TROLL or 1-800-BAN-ZOTS today and find out how!

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*Update 4/15/05

OSHA is was my Chow mix dog's name. In 1992 I found him dumped in the woods near a shooting range that I used to frequent. It was very hot summer time and no water was to be found for miles around. I had a water cooler but nothing for him to drink out of so I used my hard hat. I said, "Thanks to OSHA, you have something to drink out of."

I took him home and cleaned him up and took him to the vet. They estimated him to be 1 to 2 years old.

I had to put him down today. Rest in peace old fella. You were a good dog.