Optimus Prime
Since Sep 18, 2004

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Old FReeper, New Name (Been a FReeper for over three years now, actually, but I felt like changing my name).

Pro-Life: I only believe in one exception, when the mother's life is in danger, and only after all effort has been made to save both lives. Incest and Rape are terrible things, but we don't exectute incestuous relatives or rapists, so why do their children deserve death? I'm also against stem cell research and human cloning.
Tax Reform: I'm in favor of eliminating the IRS and Income Tax entirely and replacing it with a National Retail Sales Tax. See FairTax.org for more.
2nd Amendment: I'm a supporter of the 2nd Amendment, and am in favor of harshly punishing any criminals who commit crimes with guns, rather then restricting gun ownership for law-abiding citizens.
National Defense: I'm in favor of a missile defense shield, and of the Bush Doctrine of pre-emptive strikes on terrorist states.
ANWR: I'm in favor of drilling in ANWR, as well as anywhere else that'll make us less dependent on foreign oil.
Gay Marriage: I'm not to fond of the idea of a Constitutional Amendment, but if that's the only way to prevent it from being legalized through judicial fiat, then I support it. I'm also against gay adoption.
The United Nations: The United Nations is just a huge waste of time and money. Nevermind their inaction against terrorism and dictatorships, while trying to hamstring the movement of freedom across the world. The US should get out of the UN as quickly as possible, throw them off our shores and demolish the UN headquarters in New York.
Judicial Activism: Opposed to this. Somebody needs to start impeaching any and all activist judges who make up the law as they go along, instead of just interpreting it.
Communism/Socialism: I loathe both in every possible way. Especially Communism. 110,000,000 bodies and there're people who still want to institute it in America? Insane.
Decepticons: I'm against them.