Since Oct 2, 2001

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Jesus Christ was the FIRST feminist (John 4:9)

Despite the distain of elitist 21st century Feminism, regardless of how one views "the Church," Jesus Christ Himself reached out to women 2k years ago, against the customs of the times.

Women back then were little more than property. The woman at the well was asking "Why are you bothering to talk to ME? Don't you realize I'm dirt?" (my paraphrase). Our Lord not only contunued to talk to her, but told her about her life, and then revealed TO HER the concept of the rivers of living water. This was HUGE for that time. No wait, I guess it was HUGH....

"Feminists" and soccer moms don't get it though. They view God as oppressive to women, so they'd rather worship Oprah instead, which alarms me.

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