Since Sep 14, 2004

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I have seen poverty first hand and what I saw offended me greatly.

Damn shame that speaking the truth offends so many.
Petty Nitpickers, Perpetual Grouches and those who are Habitually Offended can go to Hades.
Petty Nitpicker: to find fault, often unjustifiably, with insignificant details of something.
Perpetual Grouches: people who are habitually bad-tempered or complaining.
Habitually Offended: those people who will not sleep at night until at least one person has hurt their feelings.

OKIEDOC: one name representing two very different individuals, with common goals of survival.

Election 2008 will be another most important election of my lifetime.

ABORTION - The ultimate form of child abuse. We do not support abortion laws or doctors who perform sanctioned murder of the unborn. For several years my wife and I ran a surgery clinic down in South America. Much of the surgeries and exams were to the citizens located in poorer barrios in the city. About 30% of our work was gratis to children and the old with no type of insurance coverage. We never turned away anyone needing medical attention based on whether or not they could pay. The country where we were located not only had a Social Security system based on the same structure we have here in the U.S., but also a health care system on the order as proposed by the Democrats. Lots of folks slipped through the system and many folks with money flew to Miami or New York to have surgical procedures.