Since Nov 20, 2001

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I'm a home school grad working as a Webhead in VA. I'm afraid I can't say I'm a purebred home schooler--I went to private school through third grade. :^)

I wouldn't trade anything for my experiences and times being schooled at home by the greatest teachers ever: my parents! (At least in my humble opinion)

For anyone worrying about home schooling their kids, how they'll turn out, or whether they like it or not, please persevere! The most important thing that parents can do for their kids is to raise them according to the Bible and pray for them. Second to that is that parents would home school their kids. There are those who say that home schooling is not for everyone, and they're right. But a LOT more people should be home schooling, for religious, scholastic, safety, or socialization reasons. Looking back, I was extremely blessed in all these areas because of home schooling.