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22 Signs That Voter Fraud Is Wildly Out Of Control And The Election Was A Sham

A Guide To The Loss Of Your Rights

A Nation Divided -- and A Message to the Enemy Camp

A Philosopher's Warning

A Philosophy - If You Can Get One (repost)

Academic Philosophy Today: Thanks, But No Thanks!

Admitting Stupidity

AL GORE - Just another Seasoned Criminal - Links

America at the End of Empire-Is civilizational decline reversible?

America's Indoctrinated Youth


Anti-American Globalists "Defend" U.S. at the UN? (US guilty; Pol Pot practiced "restraint")

Bang the Drum Slowly

Barack Obama: Communist?

Caleb C. Colton, regarding power and it's corrupting influence

Caption this Photo of Swedish Union Leadership (NOT Photoshopped!)

Caught On Tape: Chaos Erupts At NYU College Republicans Event, 11 Arrested

Chapter Four, Freedom, Reason, and Tradition;The Constitution of Liberty

China, A Land Divided: A middle class rises in the cities, leaving the masses behind (all 3 parts)

Civilization and Its Enemies - The Next Stage of History

Cultural Maoism

Declassified After Action Report From Iraq - Truth, Not Spin

Democrats Downplayed Coronavirus: A Timeline

Desperately Seeking Randy Johnson's Exploding Bird Mpeg !

Ecoterrorist protesters nasty at Wisconsin mine

Edward Feser: The Mustache on the Left [about delusion that right-wingers are closet totalitarians]

Every Marine a Rifleman

Exposing America’s Enemies: the ‘Social Justice Seeking’ Communist Left


Frances Fox Piven vs. Milton Friedman, Thomas Sowell

Freeper exclusive: StemExpress info

From Marxism/Communism to Post-Modern Liberal Fascism

GOVERNMENT TERRORISM - From Ruby Ridge To Waco And Beyond

Gramsci's Grand Plan

Greenfield: The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left


H.R. 4210, A REIGN OF TERROR - Which future will you choose?

Has Obama adopted the Cloward-Piven Stategy as National Policy?

How God Uses Problems In Your Life

How to delete everything Google knows about you

Illiterate in Boston: Samuel Blumenfeld explains U.S.'s ongoing reading problem

Iraq: Lessons of Terror Learned


Is it time to think the unthinkable?

Killers Without Conscience

Las Naranjas de Joaquin Molina.

Lightning striking the Grand Canyon of the panoramic photography awards revealed

Minorities – The Irish Case Study

Mocking Gun Control Fanatics

Modesto boy, 11, shot by SWAT team

Mourning in AmericaExclusive: Patrice Lewis sees something akin to Stalin's Great Purge around the corner

Mullahs' Threat Not Sinking In (from November)(Long but interesting read)

NEA - Let our children go!

need help refuting leftist claims about 1950s tax rates

Not Convinced The 1619 Project Lies About History? Look At This Professor’s Forced Confession

Obama's Alinsky jujitsu

Obama’s Coercive Utopia (The history of today's agenda by the one who wrote the book in 1983!)

Oil Filter Suppressor (Video - hickok45)

Orange Man Bad [hilarious NPC video]

Osama and Saddam Worked Together for Years

Our Enemies, the Saudis

Post-election protest at Oakland cathedral

Progressivism's assumptions about government

Progressivism: Individuals don't inherently have this thing called "liberty"

Prole Models

Quantum Stew: How Physicists Are Redefining Reality's Rules

Rollicking YAF Seminar Exposes the Terrible Cost of “Hipster” Socialism

Saul Alinsky and DNC Corruption (Knowing your enemies is half the battle)

September 11: What Our Children Need to Know

Take 10: My All-Time Favorite Western Movies


The Five Stages of Collapse

The GOP’s destructive Vietnam mythology: How the right’s self-glorifying delusions led to...

The Great San Francisco Bubble (FreeRepublic Mentioned)

The Herding of America – Enlightened Despotism

The History of NAZI Gun Control or How Democraps Emulate The NAZI's For Domestic Policy

The Killing Fields & Murder of a Gentle Land- what really happened in Cambodia a quarter-century ago

The Left After Communism - Marxism failed because it had been inserted into a hostile environment

The Master of Deceit and Phony Outrage

The Minute Men

The New Anti-Semitism? [Anti-Americanism]

The Origins of Political Correctness ( t Is Cultural Marxism)

The Pakistani-Peruvian Axis

THE REAL HILLARY CLINTON: Episode #20 - Childish Behavior at the President's Historic Speech

The Rise of the Insurgent Right

The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty [Original Cloward-Piven article]

There Are No ‘Absolute’ Rights

This is world Deadliest Job Climbing The Tower 1700 Feet Just Too Work

Trump Victory Compilation



Valerie Jarrett’s Ministry of Culture [long, good references]

Video: The Three-Phase Process of How Agenda 21 Invades a City

Who is the "Mystery Woman"? Audrey Tomason, her thesis, "Apocalypse Equation

Why Isn't Socialism Dead

With new bill, US elitists plotting to weaponize gay ‘marriage’ and stamp out dissent

“Choose this day whom you will serve.”: An Open Letter to American Law Enforcement.