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"Does this make me look fat?" - the WRONG answers!

"The Begining of Our Nightmare" -- Personal Account from New Orleans **It's worse than you think!**

Another tack: North to Alaska

Bread making a rite of passage

Burn/Hand out CDs of NBC Dateline Juanita Broaddrick clintonRAPE Interview

Cavalry Tactics in the American Civil War

Constitutional Lawyer Orly Taitz joins us tonight

Daughter, 2, will be allowed to date in 2048

Dealership still missing cars, wants U.S. attorney to investigate

Desperate Dems no match for Arnie

Digital Rights Management and The End Of The Universe

Grass Roots (58,866 Denver residents voted to legalize pot among them, these moms)

Has bias pendulum swung against men?

HD Radio Reaches About 450,000 Weekly Users, Bridge Finds

History and Senator Stevens' iPod

Immigration Tops Texas Lawmakers' Agendas

Katrina Takes Aim

Look Again At The Frost Facts...And Don't Back Down

Meta-Review: Susan B. Anthony - Racist, Manipulator? Who's Lying to You About Early Feminism?

Miss. Gov. Barbour Would Rather Negotiate (With InsuranceCarriers than sue)

MP3s Are Not the Devil

New Subway Job Goes Stale (liberal whiny punk alert)

Noncancerous chest CT features for predicting survival in stage I lung cancer (Pulmonary artery to-aorta ratio, coronary artery calcium score, and lower thoraci


Rare meteorite found in Kansas field

Sarah Palin and the narcissistic wounds of the Left

Schumer calls for hearings on Windows XP (or) Schumer finds another way to get his mug on TV!

Singer-Songwriter Warren Zevon Dead at 56


The Last Trench

The legacy of Eric Hoffer

Thoughts on this Masgarade...

WEB RESOURCES FOR FReepers: Amazing lists of useful links

Why the Barack Obama Birth Certificate Issue Is Legitimate