Since Jan 20, 2003

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Since you are snooping on me....I am a 41 year old single male born and raised on the Space Coast (Cocoa Beach-Cape Canaveral) area of Florida. I am a Carpenter by trade but I pretty much do everything involving residential and commercial building.

I didn't really get involved in politics until the terrorists attacks happened on 9-11. The 8 years of Clinton really turned me off on the whole process. I found this site via in which one poster tried to insult another poster by calling him a "FReeper" I enquired as to what a FReeper was and was given this URL.

As I read the comments, I agreed with some and fought some battles on others. I think I may have been a Moderate at that time. ;-)

I began to "meet" certain people here and felt like I was amongst friends. I guess what I love the most about this site is the wealth of research, knowledge and information fellow FReepers have.

I am also so very grateful to the veterans and the people who are serving in our military. Your stories and knowledge make me proud to be in the same company as you.