Nik Naym
Since Mar 25, 2002

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Want to know a little about me? I can't imagine why but read on for a jerky, disjointed free-association style trip through my weird weird mind. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Leave me alone. Really, that is all I ask from Government. Leave me alone. If I started my own political party I would call it the "Leave me the F alone" party.

Ronald Reagan is my hero. 'Nuff said on that subject.

I swore an oath to the Constitution of the United States. That oath contains a phrase stating that I swear to defend it against "...all enemies, foreign and domestic." I meant it.

On property rights: I see it this way: If you want to say what happens with or on a piece of privately owned property, buy it. Otherwise shut up and leave the other guy alone.

On Abortion: To me it is quite clear. It is actually very clearly explained in the Declaration Of Independence, of all places! In our founding document, it states that "We hold these truths to be self evident, That all men are CREATED equal and they are endowed by their CREATOR with certain inalienable rights. Among these rights are LIFE..." Now lets think about that for a minute. When would the "creator" endow you with those rights? It seems to me the obvious answer is this: at the time of creation. Therefor you have a right to life the moment you are created. When is that? Conception is the only possible answer here. Nuff said about that subject.

On imports and free trade: Real Americans buy what they want. That being said, free trade can only work if it is a two way street. I am not opposed to tariffs imposed against those countries who impede our trade with them. If it isn't a "level playing field" it isn't free trade.

On Islamists, Muslims and other goat screwing dirtballs: Well, I guess I just let my opinion on that out of the bag now, didn't I?

On use of public property including roads: Don't tell me it is a "privilege" to be able to use public property or drive on public roads. I pay taxes and ergo I pay for roads. That gives me every right to drive on them so long as I don't endanger others or interfere with THEIR right to drive on or otherwise use them. We have mechanisms in place to take a persons rights away under certain circumstances and that requires DUE PROCESS, same as when they want to put you in jail. That means a jury. Declaring driving a "privilege" simply makes it possible for the Govt. types to arbitrarily and without adequate due process interfere with our RIGHT to use the public conveyances.

On taxes: Eliminate the income tax both personal and corporate. Eliminate the IRS. Institute a sales, use or consumption tax (call it what you want) and only tax money when it is SPENT. Do I think this will ever happen? Nope.

On Guns: I support the Bill Of Rights in our Constitution. All of it. Period.

I despise communists, socialists, and others of their ilk. What they espouse and what they wish to achieve is evil. Period end of story.

On defense: One of the few legitimate functions of the Federal Government. We do NOT spend too much on it. We also do not treat our armed forces personnel as well as we should. They are underpaid. Their right to vote is interfered with by the left at each election. They deserve better.

On the multitude of three letter Government agencies: We can eliminate darned near every one of them and we wouldn't even notice they were gone. (Except that we would be more free, more prosperous, less stressed, and happier)

On illegal aliens: Well... they are illegal. What the hell else should I need to say? Kick their asses back home. All of them. If they want to come here LEGALLY I will welcome them. Otherwise, stay home.

I am not well spoken, I don't write well so I bet I don't impress many here on FR. I tend to be more the class clown than the class brain but I know right from wrong and I am not afraid to make noise when I see a wrong. I have been around long enough to know how very much I DON'T know. I have also been around long enough to have developed a fair amount of wisdom.

I firmly believe everyone has a right to my opinion.