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"The Speech"

'Clinton did not have the will to respond'

'Year of attacks on US' (Religion of Peace and Tranquility)

2003 Global Terrorist Attacks Fall to Lowest Level Since 1969 (down 45% from 2001)

23 May News Report (Press lied about Gen. Sanchez, Abu Ghraib. Official statement.)

9/11 Commission: U.S. Terror War has Stymied al Qaida

A Million Thanks to the American troops around the world!

Archaeologists discover alma mater of Archimedes

Charles Krauthammer: The Real Mideast 'Poison'

Charles Krauthammer: The Real Mideast 'Poison'

DECONSTRUCTING THE FAHREN-HYPE-9/11 (Good anti-Moore page)

Donald Rumsfeld: Why Americans Must Fight for Freedom

Ex-Navy Officer Pokes Holes In Kerry's Vietnam Resume

Excerpt from FNC: John Edwards says "Iraq is an Imminent Threat" (Exact Quote!)

Fifty-six Deceits in Fahrenheit 911

From the Frontlines: A Combat Soldier's View of the Iraq Prison Abuse Case

GIs say attackers in Iraq are either ruthless or have little will to fight

Hidden AgendaThe truth behind John Kerry`s record on your firearms rights. (long read)

Hillary's Secret War (FPM--FreeRepublic Prominently Mentioned)

Inspector: Saddam had WMD on 'short notice'

Iraq-al-Qaida link revealed Saddam part of 'money-laundering operation' for Islamic terror group

John Kerry: Marxist "Hero"

John-John: The New Ambiguously Gay Duo?

John-John: The New Ambiguously Gay Duo?

Kerry Calls for Suspending Work of Base - FLIP-FLOP

Kerry Fitness Reports in Vietnam Show Him Unfit for Command (Explodes Central Kerry Campaign Lie)

Kerry says his outspoken wife is an asset

Kerry To Seniors: "I'll Subsidize Your Dog Food" (Hilarious Kerry Ad)

Kerry-Edwards most 'gay'-friendly ticket

Kerry’s Brief Brotherhood

Kerry’s Brief Brotherhood

Kerry’s Latest Campaign Fiction (Kerry Claims His Book Did Plan For War On Terror –Before It Didn’t)

Let the Vets Speak!!!

Loony Left Impugns Its Own Patriotism

Mark Alexander: Kerry's Quagmire

Michael Reagan: Democrats lead hate campaign

Moore Caught in another fabrication

More Devasting Kerry Video! Senator Flip Flop! MUST SEE (and distribute)! 12 mins but worth it!

Pat Tillman

Protesters Denounce Fox News for 'Twisted View' of World (Free Republic mentioned)

Rassman throws doubt on 3rd PH award - kinda

Remarks By President Bush in Eulogy for Former President Ronald Wilson Reagan

Remarks Made by Senator Zell Miller

Researchers surprised by liberal bias of media ["Astounded by the degree" of left-leaning]

Selecting a Pistol for Concealed Carry


Statement by Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) Regarding Why John Kerry is Wrong for Minnesota

Team Warrior Gives His All (Pat Tillman)

The Clinton Administration's Public Case Against Saddam Hussein

The Democrats Won’t See This Film in Boston ("Saddam’s Mass Graves")

The Good News From Iraq

The inhumane reign of Saddam Hussein: Pt. 2 - The Washington Post

The John Kerry Campaign, Home of the Whopper

The Kerry Affair: What Ratzinger Wanted from the American Bishops (Rome: "REFUSE Eucharist!")

THE RAW DEAL: John Kerry's False Veterans Health Care Attacks

The Real Story of Fallujah-What I saw in Fallujah doesn't match what makes it into the news

The Ultimate Guide To Terror (A Respected Muslim Finally Says What Needs To Be Said)

The Wages of Appeasement: How Jimmy Carter and academic multiculturalists helped bring us Sept. 11.

Tillman was killedsaving comrades

Two TV Stations, WBAY and WTVG, Refuse To Air Vets' Ad...Here's the Links to contact them here.

Victor Davis Hanson: American Cannibalism, We are doing to ourselves what the enemy could not

Vietnam Vets Speak Out on John Kerry

Were John Kerry's anti-Vietnam War efforts unpatriotic?

WHO IS JOHN EDWARDS? (GOP has the scoop on John Edwards)