Since Feb 5, 2001

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"The Education of Dan Rather"- Peggy Noonan captures Rather's rise, arrogance and dastardly fall

'Do Not-Call' List Is Hit With Consumers

A different kind of French kiss (Dave Barry)

Anna Nicole Smith, The Investigation

Any Great Books?

Any Great Books?

Are we going to win?(vanity)

Campaign Toast

Canadian FReepers Launch G.I. Phone Home Project

Charity Display? (I never felt like the face of poverty — until I met my benefactor.)

Congress Orders Afghanistan Uniform Probe - (Another Uniform Change?)

CONGRESSIONAL Election Returns, November 2, 2004 - LIVE THREAD (Please ONLY Discuss Cong Races Here)

Former Soldier Writes Musical Tribute to Troops

Freep/PW of the Today Show – After Action Report (pics and vid here!!!)

GOTTA SEE THIS-WarEndur.Freedom 03/21/03-Convoy, Oil fires, surrender at Umm Qasr,

Great Pics of Iraqis Happy to be FREE and FED!

Great Way to Contact Our Troops

Help Save My Daughter From Starvation (Appeal from Terri Schiavo's father)

Iraqis Celebrate Their Liberation: Resource Thread for Pictures & Links money/prizes giveaway

K. Rove, K. Hughes and staff deboard plane in Ohio in duck-hunting camo for Halloween


LEAKED! John McCains's Response to Obama's 1/2 hour Prime Time Network Commercial!!!!

Links to Battleground State Election Results

Michael Moore Unravels Before the Oscars (Great Read!)

More Than 11 millon Watch Iraq Vet's Youtube Video

New Mom's Work Opportunities - Requesting Suggestions

Palin to Counter Obama on TV (ad to run against Obama's infomercial)

Plane Crashes into World Trade Center

PRESIDENTIAL Election Returns, November 2, 2004 - LIVE THREAD (Please ONLY Discuss Prez Race Here)

September 11, 2001

Spot, Bush's Dog Has Died

Stationed marines find, return Gulf War I letter

stolen honor free webcast hi-res

Stunning Condit May 17 Activity Analysis By dogbyte12

Three John Does in the OKC Bombing Were Protected FBI Informants

Toys for Iraqi children


Tsunami - Pictures from Der Spiegel (Be Advised they are Gruesuome)

TV Turns Left

Where It's 9-11 All the Time...