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Byrd Hails White Supremacist as 'My Mentor'

Clinton and China Armed Iraq

Ekeus' criticizes war's second-guessers

It All Started in Tehran (Carters appeasement and 9/11) Iran carter

The Evidence on Class Size


'Bush's Illegal War' Questionnaire

'I joined the peace protesters in the Sixties. Believe me, this is different'

'Peace' rallies less than met the eye

'You're late. What took you so long? God help you become victorious'

110 economists back Bush tax plan


2000 election row a tired argument

7 reasons the job market is about to take off

A case of stacking the deck

A Compassionate Conservative visits Auschwitz (Good editorial!)

A first crack at dynamic scoring


A Match Made in Hell

A modest voting reform runs up against Democratic demagoguery ~ John Fund

A Plot to Deceive?

A stupid white man and a smart one [Paul Mulshine]

A wise fiscal plan becomes class war

ABC Admits Reporters Target Republicans

Admit your lies: Former UN inspector tells Bush, Blair (Scott Ritter Alert)

Aid & Comfort to the Enemy: peace movement, past & present, gives aid & comfort to the enemy

Al Gore: Seven months ago he was all for ousting Saddam

Al Jazeera: "Fair," "Balanced," and Bought


Andrew Sullivan: America sets the agenda for wars of the future

ANDREW SULLIVAN: Clinton talked a good war — Bush has to fight it

ANDREW SULLIVAN: Come on in: the Anglosphere is freedom’s new home

ANDREW SULLIVAN: So who exactly did start this war?

Anti-War Or Anti-U.S.? (details the Stalinist roots of the peace movement – MUST READ!!)

Any experts in the tax code here?

Any experts in the tax code here?

Apalling Lack of Political Diversity in Ithaca College Faculty

Appeasing North Korea: the Clinton Legacy

Are You Rich? $92,000.00 Puts You in Top 10%

Armey To Dems On Economy: 'Go Ahead - Make My Day'

Arms Inspectors 'Shake the Tree'A Partial Scott Ritter Timeline

As They Were Saying . . .[hypocrits' quotes about WMD B4 Iraqi Freedom]

Astronaut-Senator Misplaces Blame for NASA Budget Cuts

Axis of stupidity (North Korea)Ann Coulter

Balancing the Books: Feds will spend more than $21,000 per household this year

Bali bomber thanks anti-war protesters

Beyond Treason (Why the left is Not Patriotic and Ann Coulter is Wrong, My Title)

Big Dumb Lie

Bill Clinton Campaigned in a CHURCH

Bill Clinton Campaigned in a CHURCH


Bill Clinton's December 1969 letter to his ROTC Director, Colonel Eugene Holmes.

Bin Laden's followers have found refuge in northern Iraq

Birds in demand as Baghdad readies for war

BLIX Dossier Includes Undeclared Drones (AP has the full report)

Bowling for Columbine isn't so much anti-gun as anti-American

BOWLING FOR COLUMBINEDocumentary or Fiction? (A little late but a very good read)

Britain finds Iraq's 'smoking gun': a top-secret missile

Brookings Scholar Scores Saddam Hussein's Human Rights Record (War more justified than ever)

Bush Budget Will Make Him the Biggest Spender in Decades

Bush critics are cynics without a cause HALLIBURTON

Bush gets advice for State of the Union speech [Sky is falling! Sky is falling! -- NOT. Or is it?]

Bush has a 'difference of opinion' with protesters

bush stickers

Bush Tax Reform

Bush wanted to act before Iraqi threat was imminent

Bush's Tax Cut

By reaffirming GOP opposition to racism, president demonstrates willingness to confront liars

Calculating tax-cut dividends


Challenging Bush's World View

Children run cheering as troops roll in

Chinese sold Iraq 'dual-use' chemical

Chretian Believed Iraq had WMD's (When Clinton was President)

Clark’s Misinformation Problem

Clinton's Bogus 'Monica Missile' Intelligence Prompted Little Outcry

Clinton's China Scandals

Clinton's Pyongyang-Gate

Clinton, Gore rally domestic support for strike at Iraq, "unholy axis" (1998 Must read)

Clinton: Iraq has abused its final chance (A Classic Revisited!)

Clinton: Iraq has abused its final chance (so he bombedSaddams WMD sites)

Cook hit by Saddam memo

Correcting Susan McDougal's History (Letter to Wash. Post)

Coulter and Her Critics

Coulter on Hannity and Colmes tonight...

Dangers ahead from the left

Daschle Loses It

David Kay "We are building a solid case on WMD"

Dead White Guys - Or - What Your History Books Never Told You

Dear marcher, please answer a few questions

Death wish

Delusion-Al:Gore speaks nonsensein New York

Democrat laboratory: Host organism dies: Ann Coulter on California (repost)

Democratic Party gives new meaning to "spontaneous combustion"

Democrats beat the bushes for another terrorist attack (ANN COULTER)

Destructive Engagement (quote of the week from Sullivan on Gore)

Dick Morris: Even by Clinton standards, it’s sheer chutzpah

Did Saddam Hussein Gas His Own People?Reality checks needed during war

Dishonorable Slogan - No Blood for Oil’ Is a Dishonest Anti-War Argument

Does the Left hate George Bush more than it hates murder?

Don't like the tax cut, don't keep it!


Enemy of the week

Ex-Interior Exec Hit for Deleting Records (More Clinton Corruption)

False Hopes, False Fears, and Real Concerns

False myths surround Iraq document

Federally funded study measures porn arousal

Finally: the truth (Clinton encouraged Muslim terrorists)

Finding Osama.

Foetuses 'may be conscious long before abortion limit'

Following the Reagan Rule; No wonder it depresses Democrats.

For Bush Opponents, It's a Mad, Mad World

Forget WMDs - they're not the real reason we went to war

Founding fathers.. the original abolitionists?

Fox TV Jr.


Fred Barnes: Fascist Pigs!

Freedom to buy and sell - David Frum: Economic rights are human rights

Freedom: What Iraqis want

French Fried (Cavuto)

FRN Columnists' Corner - "I, Gore. And I hate Bush!" by JohnHuang2

Gen. Augusto Pinochet -- hero of the Chilean people

George Bush, Real Man

George F. Will: The U.N. is nonsensical

Give us 22 minutes, we'll give up the country (ANN COULTER)

Good American Hypocrisy: Purity of heart possessed only by those who despise our nation

Gore aide's traffic jamstory draws criticism

Great NY Post "Weasels to hear new Iraq evidence" pic

Group to file suit challenging Bush's authority to declare war [Conyers-Kucinich Alert]

Gun defense

Hand in Glove (Iraq and al Qaeda)

Hello, Larry? - President Bush needs a growth agenda--fast

Here's the Truth: BUSH DIDN'T LIE

Hillary 'FJB' Clinton: Bush Ran Racist Primary Campaign


Hitchens' Views Wing To Right


Holdovers From the '60s

horowitz 02/12/2004

How Clinton team blew chance to hit bin Laden

How Not to Be Poor

How to Achieve the Miracle of Poverty

Hydrogen Car Hype

I Created a Monster [Glassman on Arianna Huffington and the trivialization of terrorism]

I was in Iraq on day alleged in memos, admits Galloway

If Bush Was Going To Lie, Why Would He Lie About WMD?

If crowds are to be our guide . .

If Democrats lay low on war, Bush will defeat himself

If the Bush administration lied about WMD so did these people

In Defense of the Patriot Act: The law provides needed tools to protect Homeland Security.

Inside Politics: A hard-earned lesson

INTERESTING TIMES: The fall of pacifism

Iraq Attack Scrubbed for Clinton Golf Game

Iraq Critics Ignore Main Issues

Iraq Resumes WMD Activities, New York Times Reports [Carnegie - Jan. 22, 2001]

IRAQ Stands Accused Of...

Iraq State Run Paper Calls George W. Bush 'Super Idiot,' says US May Fabricate Evidence

Iraq's Tie to Al-Qaeda Terrorists, Airline Hijackings

IRAQ: Powell Defends Information He Used to Justify Iraq War

Iraqi Mobile Biological Warfare Agent Production Plants

Iraqi Soldier: "We want America to attack because of the bad situation in our country...

Iraqi Weapons Imports (1973-1990) Facts Speak For Themselves.

Is President Bush A Conservative--Sullivan's Question

Is USA Patriot Act a threat to Americans - or are its critics?

Issues From the Left – Answers That Work

It is the BBC's political agenda that should be investigated

It's a just war, say Iraq's exiles

It's True: 'Liberals' Wanted Saddam to Beat U.S.

It’s Not About the Oil, Already! Basic economics

James Baker: Coming Around

Jimmy Carter sold out Iran 1977-1978

John Ashcroft and Civil Liberties

John Ashcroft's Lazy Critics

Keeping cool on global warming: Some basic truths about global warming

Kerry Called For Attacking Iraq Based On Saddam's WMD Stockpile...

Kerry says Bush misled Americans on war

Krugman the Keynesian

Liberals Aren't Telling Truth About 'Tax Cuts for the Rich'

Liberals March for Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Crappiness

Limbaugh: "Carl Levin's Amnesia" [on WMD]

Logical Fallacies, Formal and Informal

Losing Iraq: Fixing problems now (hand wringing alert)

Lucky, lucky me: Neal Boortz on Richard Gephardt's war against individual excellence

Marines Find Iraq Terrorist Training Camp

Mark Steyn's Letter Of The Week: Feeding Time

Mark Steyn: Here comes General Clark, his policies will follow shortly

Mark Steyn: Leave it to America

Mark Steyn: Place blame where it belongs

Mark Steyn: The curtain will come down on the peaceniks

Mark Steyn: We must all be more sensitive

MARK STEYN: Marching for terror

Mark Steyn: These guys want to kill us anyway

Measure Tax-Cut 'Fairness' Over a Lifetime

Meet the US Congress' Dirty Dozen Terror Caucus

Michael Moore on Saddam's capture (BARF alert!)

Michael Moore on Saddam's capture (BARF alert!)

Middle East: The Realities

Military Kids Allegedly Harassed at School -- by Teachers

Mohammed and Mohammedanism (An oldie but a goodie!)


Morris Calls for Heads to Roll

Morton Kondracke: Dems lead in '04 smear campaign

Myers:U.S. Controls Terror Camp In Iraq

MYTH: Oil main reason for Iraq War

Myths of the Protesters

N. Korea: China's Child (William Safire suggests how the U.S. should deal with N. Korea)

NASA cuts were part of Clinton's "Bridge to the Future"...

Need fundraising stats for 2000 election cycle ...

Neoconservativism and Paleoconservatism: Defininition and Origins Thereof

New Virus hitting hard and furious!!!

Nicaraguan Sandinista Leader Asks Church For Forgiveness

No blood for French oil

No Call on When Recession Ended

No More Than 30%: Americans think there should be a limit to taxation.

No WMDS? So What! (NY Post Editorial)

No-fly zones: The legal position

Not the Pundit's Package: Bush did an end-around on the Keynesians.

Offshore Lore- Myths and facts of white-collar outsourcing

Oleaginous People who prefer Saddam Hussein to Halliburton. [Hitchens]


Open Source Code as Flawed as Proprietary: Study

Open Source Code as Flawed as Proprietary: Study

Osama's Best Friend: The further connections between al Qaeda and Saddam

P.J. O'Rourke on Europe

Palestinians confirm no massacre in Jenin - New study says

Peggy Noonan: Dem Problems

Peggy Noonan: The Anti-Ikes

Philippine terrorists claim link to Iraq

Plan to Capture Bin Laden Before 9/11 Was Called Off

Playing politics with a T-shirt mentality

Poverty, American Style: Cars, TVs, Three-Bedroom Homes

Powell to Stephie: Your Boss, Not Mine, Let North Korea Have Nukes

POWER FOR SALE: Senate probe(d) Clintonloans for Enron deals (Senators' wives as lobbyists)

PREMIER EDITION of AIRBRUSH QUARTERLY, The Magazine for Celebrity Airbrush Artists

Preparing for The Next Pearl Harbor Attack (JUNE 2001, Bush team addressing terrorism threat)

President Chirac moves to put his immunity on the statute book

President Clinton explains Iraq strike

Press slants Iraq news: Members (Rips the media and thier negative view of Iraq!)

Prisoner Nation: Why North Koreans cheered Bush's "axis of evil" designation

Prisoner Nation: Why North Koreans cheered Bush's "axis of evil" designation

Pro-Abortion Poll Shows Majority of Women are Pro-Life

Promised Land: The president and the Middle East, post-9/11

Protesters With Bloody Hands

Providence and the President: George W. Bush's theory of history


Report:Iraq based terrorists wait for U.S.

Restating the Case for War (Hitchens Alert...)

Richest Got Richer Between 1992 and 2000, IRS Says

Robbing N.Y.

Robert Bork on Civil Liberties after 9/11

Sadaam Joins Anti-War Demonstrators (Jim Lange Editorial Cartoon)

Saddam Hussein Regime ordered chemical attack, investigator says

Saddam link to Bin Laden

Saddam-Rumsfeld pic (how to throw down the argument that Reagan helped Saddam)

Saddam’s Barbarity Proves Our Case

Safire: The French Connection

Scott Ritter's Iraq Complex: One man's continuing war with Saddam, Washington -- and himself

Searching for Weapons of Mass Destruction, Larry Elder

Second Report Outlines Iraqi Noncompliance

Setting the Record Straight On Allende, Once More

Setting the Record Straight On Allende, Once More

Slash Domestic Spending to Pay for Rising War Cost

Snapshot of the Left

So what if Saddam's deadly arsenal is never found?

Sowell: Dangers Ahead--From the Right

Spain links suspect in 9/11 plot to Baghdad

Spot the Difference: Bush and Clinton on Iraq

Springtime for Saddam

Study trashes pay bias against women

Stupid Left, Satanic Left

Suffer the children [Fisk, Pilger, BBC Lies Documented]

Syria and the WMD Shell Game

Take this to Saturday Peace Rally

Taliban promised to reveal Iraq link


Tax Facts

Taxing Times

Technical Self-Employment Is A Fat Paycheck Waiting to Be Pocketed

Tenacious Spyware Problem (Vanity)


The 'Intelligence' Debate Over Saddam's WMDs (Wonder Land)

The Boy Who Cried Wolfowitz (Christopher Hitchens)

The Case for Going to War

The Clooney Factor


The Democrats Big Lie

The enemy within (ANN COULTER)

The French Double Standard: Unilateral OK for the French, But Not OK for the Rest of the World

The Guardian Pulls a "Dowd" - Falsely Attributes War for Oil Claim to Wolfowitz w/ Misquote

The Imminence Invention-The Iraq debate takes a false, and dangerous, turn.

The Iraq -- Al Qaeda Connections


The Latest Fairy Tale on Clinton's Legacy

The laws of capital taxation

The presidential turnover file'W' taking reins of much weaker nation, economically, militarily

The prisoner of Baghdad

THE REAL HILLARY CLINTON: Episode #6 - Defiling the White House Christmas Tree

The Real Intelligence Failure: What if it turns out Saddam didn't have weapons of mass destruction?

The real predator drones

The real reason Tom Daschle didn’t run for president

The Right Tax Plan for Today and Tomorrow

The Savage Nation, on the net 12-3-01

The Scorecard: We're winning the war against terror

The Seething Hatred of Leftists

The Shame of CNN: The liberation of Iraq exposes the network’s attempts to cover-up for Saddam

THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH: Serious consequences

THE TIMES: Smoking guns

The Truth About Michael Moore

The Truth About What's Happening In Iraq

The U.S. Relationship With Saddam--Fantasy vs. Reality(Must read)

The ULLICO scandal (Mcauliffe, Global Crossing)

The Vietnam War: Amnesia or Deceit?

The War Against Bush

The Werewolf Principal[Terrorist Attacks In Germany After WW11]

They were still Saddam's useful idiots

This hasn't been a 'rush to war'

Threat of war spurs U.S. soul-searching - Democrat Congresswoman Compares OBL to Founders

Tom Daschle's post haste


Top Bush aide savages 'selfish' Chirac

Trade Lott For Byrd, Hollings and the Clintons

Transcript: Albright October 23 Toast at Kim Jong Il Dinner (Flashback 2000)

U.S. No. 1 in School Spending, Not Scores

UN reveals chilling file on germ war arsenal

Unmitigated Gaul: Saddam isn't the only dictator with whom Jacques Chirac is cozy

Unspeakable Conversations (Should I have been killed at birth? The case for my life.)


VANITY: Anybody got the transcript of Daschle v. The Weatherman on Fox!?

Very Richest's Share of Income Grew Even Bigger, Data Show (Hate the rich alert)

War May Not Be All That Ails Economy

War protesters fail integrity test

War-torn Democrats (If this is not treason, then treason has no meaning) ANN COULTER

Warning shows Chirac is a man on a mission (FRENCH CORRUPTION ALERT)

We don't care, liberals (ANN COULTER)

We Know What War Means" [US-Iraqis condemn Saddam]

Wesley Clark's Ties To Muslim Terrorists

Western NY Chapter Family Picnic

What Conservative Media?Yet another myth

What Makes The Bush Haters So Mad? (They're Two-Bong-Hit William Blakes?)

What Really Happened In Chile 30 Years Ago

What the world would like the president to say (This is a real GEM, don't miss it!)

What Wasn't in GDP Report Better Than What Was:

White House Links Saddam, Al Qaeda



Who Gave Saddam his WMD's

Who is 'Jane Roe'? - Anonymous no more, Norma McCorvey no longer supports abortion rights


Who really armed Saddam

Who Ruled Palestine? (Historical Timeline from Roman Conquest to 1850)

Who should you believe?

Why American Capitalism Trumps European Capitalism

Why Do Intellectuals Oppose Capitalism?

Why do we make good girls dress bad? - "Baby Porn Star" Fashions

Why I Became a Conservative: A British liberal discovers England's greatest philosopher.

Why libs will never have a Rush Limbaugh

Why The Bush Tax Plan Will Work

Why We Know Iraq Is Lying

Why we should go to war (Says the Guardian!)

WSJ: Bush's Big Bang

Yes, Bush Has A North Korea Policy. It Might Even Work

“Bad Money Drives Out Good”