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Final Jeopardy Answer: Heroes

Question: What Obama and his jihadi terrorist minions did not expect to run into during their abortive attempt to kidnap Ambassador Christopher Stevens and then ransom him for Omar Abdel-Rahman [AKA the Blind Sheik] currently serving a life sentence in a US Prison for his part in the 1993 World Trade Center bombings.

Smart criminals ultimately get caught; brilliant criminals start insurance companies.


Diversity means that no matter who you are, what you believe in or where you come from – you’re just not good enough

Racism Test

Are racist thoughts prevalent in the area where you live?

Walk up to someone and say,

"Do you know I'm half ____________!
(fill in the blank with a favorite race, ethnic group, country or religion)"

If the person reacts as if you said,

"Do you know I'm half Nazi!"

you live in a racist area

Socialised Healthcare

Socialised Healthcare ultimately results in no healthcare. The sick are satisfied by waiting to have "their" turn

The Socialist's Goal and Obama's Hope and Change

The New "Normal"

Everyone else has won life's lottery
Weathy (non-normal) people will need to be heavily taxed to ensure "Normal" people receive the best health care possible.

You will complain but you will do it for the children.

The Socialists will laugh and exert their power over you.

The Senators Who Say Merely Linking To Certain Sites Should Be A Felony

* Chris Coons
* Amy Klobuchar
* John Cornyn
* Patrick Leahy
* Orrin Hatch
* Chuck Grassley
* Charles Schumer
* Dianne Feinstein
* Sheldon Whitehouse
* Lindsey Graham
* Herb Kohl
* Chris Coons
* Richard Blumenthal
* Al Franken

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