Since Sep 13, 2006

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Love the Lord!! Staunch Pro-Lifer! Politically active.

SD might have lost the battle on "6" on Nov 7, 2006...but we are gaining ground.
1 -Women and men that are post-abortive are finding their voices, giving their testimonies and receiving their healing. Their voices are dispelling the blanket of deceit that covers our country.
2 -The church is re-awakening! It is repenting of its sins of apathy, voicelessness, as well as the shame, guilt and pain it has laid on those who have aborted.
3 -The movement is re-uniting the church, and body of Christ...causing churches and their members to bury the differences and fight side-by-side for the morality of our country.
4 -The issue has brought thousands (even those outside our country) to their knees, in prayer!
We may have lost the battle, but not the war!
And, lest we forget, the real battle is the Lord's!

an update 2-22-07.
On 2-12-07 the House committee passed the Abortion Ban Bill HB 1293 with exceptions and amended it to be voted on by the people in 2008. A few days later it passed on the House floor with the vote of 45 YEAs and 25 NAYs.

On 2-22-07 HB 1293 came to the Senate Committee hearing. It was killed by a vote of 8 NAYs to 1 YEA. Attempts to pull a "smoke-out" are currently under way.

God gave these words just a week before the defeat:

To another friend God gave these words the day of the defeat in the Senate hearing:
"Do not be dismayed. You are not defeated. I will have the final say! Keep pressing on. Keep pressing in. I will do great things for you. What you see as defeat, I see as victory."

2/7/2009. Wow! That stuff is old, but still testifies. I am still Pro-Life, and working on putting together a Maternity Home/ Home for Unwed Mothers. God's project, God's timing, God's way! I am only the hands and feet. May God have mercy on our country for the millions of babies that have been aborted.