Since Jun 24, 2004

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It is time to work together for the benefit of our nation, not to split apart.
Let us look at the inherent good in people rather than focusing on our faults, but let us not shirk our own beliefs in things we know are right.
Let us see what little difference we can make each day in our little corner of the world.
Let us ask what work there is to do to help rather than sit on the fence, supervising and complaining.

Let us never forget the service and freedoms our nation's armed forces preserve and protect. Let us not forget the blood they have shed in the service of our nation. Let us remember how great a country that we have become and seek to preserve that.

Let us go forth in life with the highest of ideals, treating each other fairly, straightforward, and honestly.

Let us take pride in whatever it is that we do for a job--to be the best that we can is the best that we can ask and the best for our nation.

Let us all remember why we are really here and not forget the simple things in life. Let us be thankful for what we have while continually striving to be better people.

Let us show the utmost respect to those who seek to raise their children with the highest of values. Let us not take the privilege of parenting for granted. Let us not complain about it, but to go forth with perseverence and clarity.

Let us show respect to the public figures in our life--the policemen, the firemen, our elected officials, the teachers, and so on even if we do not agree completely with them.

Most problems can be solved in five minutes or less. It only takes two people taking the time to do so.

If you can make a positive difference in the life of but one child, you have done a major service.

We should not judge others until we have judged ourselves first.

As teachers, we should strive to be like the greatest teacher of them all.

To persist in liberal behavior does not make us any more conservative.