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Email me through FreeRepublic if you need to. Been a lurker since 1998, got registered in Feb. 1999. This place helped me get through the Clinton shame and the cliffhanger election. There are some great Americans here, and some funny ones too!

Update 2007 - Haven't been on this page in awhile, I just fixed a typo from 2000!

Update 2012 - OK so I don't get here much. Have graduated from Rush to Mark Levin almost 2 years now this March. Listen to his daily podcast and read all his books. Reading Ameritopia right now. He is a great American and teacher.

OK It's 2015 time for a few updates. You can't beat FR for news, activism and merciful humor. How else could we get through this? The weekly gardening thread is a favorite and I am prepping to put up just a few pictures here. Mark Levin has written 2 books since I posted here last. Looking forward to the new one. Between his daily podcast and all the news I get here I feel like I am covered. I also click on all prayer request threads and I pray!

June 29, 2015 I can't believe I am living through 2 of the worst supreme court decisions ever, Roe V Wade and gay marriage. Not to mention the obamacare rulings. May God be merciful on our republic! Mark Levin's daily podcast and his books - new one out Aug. 4 - have kept me informed and inspired me. These are dark days for sure.

Update October 9, 2016 - What a weird election. Gearing up for the 2nd presidential debate tonight. The hypocrisy from the left and from some on the right (RINOs)is unbelievable. I blame a lot of it on the dumbing down of America through the education system. Been doing lots of praying for our nation. Always grateful that FreeRepublic is here.

November 2, 2016 9:00am EST What a historic day and it's just getting started. My Freeper name has served me well and never more than now. I have HOPE - that the Cubs will win the World Series tonight. They deserve it and the fans deserve it, so many already gone who did not live to see it, including family members. It's been great baseball and we have really enjoyed watching.
At the same time the whole Clinton corruption machine is unraveling. The light of truth has them scattering like cockroaches or digging in until the election is over.
I have HOPE - that Trump will win in a landslide, that he wins all 50 states and has a clear mandate to clean house. This is so much bigger than I realized although we has seen the clues for over a decade. The corruption must end and the Constitution must be restored. We need law and order to prevail so we can have a civil society and a moral one.
I am thinking today - All Souls Day - of all the Freepers who have gone before us. Some visible heroes like Andrew Breitbart. Some working so hard publicly like Jim Robinson, and some who did and do all they could quietly. I can't escape the feeling that today will be a very big day. Not just for the Cubs but for all Americans who love this country.

It smells like victory this morning.

12/31/2017 What a winning year it has been. God bless us and protect us especially our President Trump and all in his administration that are with us. So grateful for FreeRepublic! Happy 2018 everyone!

Well I guess I have to say Happy 2019 everyone!
The Great Awakening is underway and eventually justice will be done. It takes patience and trusting in God's plan. It's not easy sometimes. The outrage is palpable. I recently re-watched the full series The Prisoner. As time marches on I am more and more impressed with the prescience of Patrick McGoohan. He fought what we now call the Deep State and won although the Deep State was not fully destroyed. Feels like it is up to this generation to do it. Very thankful as always to Jim Robinson and the almost 20 years I have been a member of this forum.

My 20th anniversary on Free Republic!!!!

February 26, 1999-February 26, 2019.
God Bless Jim Robinson and all who help him. What a patriot and servant. 20 years ago started this Great Awakening for me based on it's very content and structure. Thanks to all the mods too who do such a great job. Being able to choose what I read based on a one line thread title and quick scrolling saves so much time.
I feel like I am living in the most incredible of times for our country. I have made some friends along the way too and especially like the gardening, cooking, and prayer request threads. Also have lost some friends and am grateful for the Free Republic Memorial Wall.
Some personal info - I am 67, married to the most wonderful man for 40 years. He is helping me get to heaven. He is not a Freeper but a lurker for about that same 20 years. Grew up in South Chicago, actually called the East Side. Have been in Michigan since the 70's and love it. We have a little over 10 acres of mostly heavy old woods and had our house built in 1984. We have been happy here and have had a good life. May God continue to bless our country!

Update November 9, 2020 -
I have not had any doubts Trump will win re-election and still don't. What a show, eh? Tom Clancy could not have written anything so astounding. As it unfolds there is a greater perspective on Q and all the info that was given us. As always I could not have survived this and known how to direct my prayers without FreeRepublic, plus X22, Jack Posobiec, James Woods, and Peoples_Pundit (Rich Barris) to name just a few. I feel like it will be a monumentous week!
Keep praying for our republic and President Trump. God bless the America our forefathers fought and died for. Some being my ancestors. WWG1WGA

January 19, 2021 - The next few days will be truly historic. Praying for our nation and God's will. Good will always triumph over evil, the question is always - when.

May 18, 2022. Joined Truth Social.