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I only need to know who you are on FR.

So who am I?

Okay, so you’re saying morality hasn’t changed. But America changed “it”? America changed what morality is? Is that what you’re saying?

How the hell could America change morality? LOL - funny but you are SERIOUSLY grasping at straws now.

Your thoughts are muddled, unclearn and it is very difficult to determine what you are getting at.

What I've been laboriously trying to get at is by attempting to legislate morality you are doing EXACTLY what the social liberals are doing through the courts. Morals, while a societal standard, are, in the end, up to the individual person to either follow or ignore.

It's not the government's job to enforce morality. That's GOD'S job. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO GIVE THE GOVERNMENT THE POWER TO ENFORCE MORALITY?? REALLY?
Too bad the thread got pulled, else I'd have a link. The government legislating and enforcing morality is, in my view, EXACTLY the same as the liberal leftist loons attempting to change and destroy morality through the courts.