Since Nov 23, 1998

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Retired 0-6 (that's Colonel or Navy Captain for the uninformed )--Law School came after retirement.I became interested in commercial/economic litigation representing the little guy and small businesses who have been steam-rollered by major corporations and franchisors.I practice as a partner in a small law firm in which we undertake no personal injury work, only commercial litigation and consumer protection. I teach part time, one course, at a near-by four-year liberal arts college in the business department about those matters touching on economics and markets. My military career spanned a total of slightly over 30 years and included many flying assignments, management of flight assets and personnel as operations and commanding officer and joint staff of the JCS assignments. My years included 31 months in S. E. Asia 1964-67, 1968-70, staff and war colleges, overseas for 17 of the 30+ years, command of a medium sized base and other satisfying assignments to fill out a great time in uniform doing work I relished. Now I'm just a plain citizen active in veteran groups and making a living at something I enjoy. It is rewarding to help folks gain access to the justice system.I try to limit the economic muscle applied by the commercial giants in the unfair or unlawful commercial injury of the small business person. Small and moderate size businesses are the real economic strength of this nation. Members of my firm do our best to limit the injury those acting the role of pirates do to our economic health as a society. We fear future generations will see the U.S. as we now see the countries of Central and South America and the Third-World; a society of the very wealthy and the contrary comprised only of low wage workers and no middle class. Unfortunately, as a life long Republican, I see the present administration's policies leading us to that detrimental result; very disappointing.