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"Integrative Science”: The Death-Knell of Scientific Materialism?

"Saddam's Fingerprints on N.Y. Bombings" (Wall Street Journal, June 1993)

"THE" Reason We Went Into Iraq

'Roe' files to overturn high-court ruling

1963 Planned Parenthood brochure: abortion kills life of baby after it has begun Someone tell Kerry!

<B>Rambling Through FreeRepublic; the home front</B>

<big><big><b>America, We Need To Talk</b></big></big> &copy;

A House Divided Cannot Stand: the looming Civil War over abortion

A Manifesto for the Right

A Message From A Freeper

A Pearl

A Terrorist Sugar Daddy Named Saddam (MUST READ -- factual info)

Able Danger, 9-11 Report, Gorelick, and so much more...

Abortion and Brain Waves

Abortion Fare Wars - Wonderful Manny Festo links and data

Abortion needn't exclude the men - issue of sexuality vs life-support

Abortion Opponents Demand Feds Pull the Plug on Planned Parenthood

Abortion Quotes

Abortion survivor tellsstory of struggles,triumph and faith

Abortion's Hell's Angels?

Adult Stem Cell Research More Effective Than Embryonic Cells

Adult Stem Cells-HUGE RESOUCES from Manny Festo

Adult Stem Cells: It's Not Pie-in-the-Sky

Against abortion? Don't have one - Journo of the absurd!

Alan keyes: Declaring the Right to Live

America's Back Door Market for Aborted Fetal Tissue

An End to Judicial Tyranny?

Announcing FR's "Columnist's Corner" on the Free Republic Network!

Anti-U.S., anti-Israeli groups meet in Beirut(CNN connects Iraq to Al Qaeda in Feb. 2001!)

As A Public Service...The U.S. Constitution - LINKS!

Attention MEDIA for the facts about Bill Clintons BLAME in the bombing of WTC &amp; UNAMERICAN ACTS

Attorney: Terri Schiavo Again Being Fed Through Tube-- RESOURCES

Autologous Regenerative Medicine

Beliefs At The Heart Of The Conflict Against Terrorism

BEYOND ABORTION (Redacted Repost)

BLACK FLAGS of Islam -- Portents of the Imam al-Mahdi?

Bush and Stem Cell Research

Bush's Pro-Life Record as of May 18, 2004, by Fr. Peter West


Caught on Tape -- Planned Parenthood & NAF Conceal Child Abuse

Chasing the death dividend

CIA blocks evidence of Iraq/Al Qaeda connections

Citizen Army/Citizen Alert

Clearing the Smoke on Obama’s Eligibility: An Intelligence Investigator’s June 10 Report

Clintons and other left-wing liars [what I KNOW about election 2000]

Cloning and Human farming

Cloning! Manufacturing Human Beings in Worcester? Company Is Cloning Animals and . . . Human Embryos

Collusion Memos

Commentary: It's perilous to ponder the design of the universe

Computer Help Needed

Constitutional Persons:An Exchange on Abortion

Constitutional Persons:An Exchange on Abortion

Containment versus Pre-emptive Deterrence and Regime Change

Dangerous Myths

Dead Baby Parts Business Booming

Democrat Obscenity In The 2000 Elections - One of mine

Democrats Subvert War Intelligence (Remember "The Treason Memo"?)

Derivation of Planck's time

Discovery could silence debate over stem cells

Do you want to destroy the Democratic Party?

Doctor Jérôme Lejeune, R.I.P.-First cell beginnings

Dr. Dean and Abortion(Are we ready to make a former Planned Parenthood board member president?)

Embryonic Stem Cells: What’s it all about, Alfie? Why the fuss over embryonic stem cells?

Emergency Preparedness (year's supply of food, 72 hour kit)

Ex-Abortionists: Why they Quit

Ex-atheist describes near-death experience

Exclusive Free Offer Through FreeRepublic

Exclusive Free Offer Through FreeRepublic

Fact Book 2002 ... from the C.I.A.

Faulty Logic/ESCR

FBI examines pastor’s sermons on abortion & homosexuality

FBI FOREKNOWLEDGE: Laden Suspect (Moussauoi) in OKC Bombings and WTC Attacks Identified &amp;Jailed

FDA unleashes new threat; implication on cloning, stem cells

Fifth Edition of the Lexicon of FreeRepublic * * A helpful FR dictionary for newcomers * *

Foetuses [Fetuses] 'may be conscious long before abortion limit' (Full of great references)


Freeper Finest ... one of my most embarrassing moments

Freeper Resource: What Team Saddam Doesn’t Want You To Know!

FReepers Fax Freely - Resources (Free Online Faxing & Fax Numbers)

Full Text of Per Curium Decision by US Supreme Court of Bush vs. Gore 00-949

Full Text of United States Supreme Court Decision: Per Curiam: Bush vs Palm Beach County


German Intellegence (BND) Report on Iraq WMD

Gore would choose more justices who would legislate from bench

Gorelick Memo Declassified (Graphics of 4 page document)

Great Pro-Life Answers to Pro-abortion Questions.

Handy Latin Phrases

Harvesting Fetal Body Parts

Here Come the NJ Clones

Hold on now! Is it over?


How Abortion Hurts Women -- The Hard Proof

How cell lines are derived-Stem-Cell Funding Rules Leave Couples Asking What To Do With Excess Embryos

How sin in the camp has made the pro-life, pro-family movement impotent

HTML Bootcamp (or how did they make that cool post/reply?)

Human Cloning

Human Personhood begins at Conception


Iranian Alert -- DAY 22 -- LIVE THREAD PING LIST

Iraq & Terrorism

Iraq and al Qaeda connection

Iraq Daily: Saddam ordered training of Al-Qa'ida members

Iraq Maps from Congressional Research Service - shows Iraq's Declared Nuclear Facilities &more

Is It So Elementary, Dr. Watson?

Is our enemy Terrorism or Islam?

Is This Election Cycle To Be Politics As Usual?

Islam: A False Religion

It Is Time To Ban All Human Cloning

It's time for both sides to talk honestly about what abortion really is

Judicial Watch Uncovers Clinton Nuclear Tech Transfer to China


Kagan's Heroes (Thurgood Marshall, Cass Sunstein, and 2 others who hate the Constitution)

Kass Appointed to Head Panel on Cell Research

Laci and Connor Peterson and Schizophrenic Law

Law changed by Hospice where terri is dying - More information (Unsourced)

Law Prof Compares 'Person' in Roe v. Wade With Older Ruling That a Negro Isn't a 'Person'

Letter to President Bush Opposing Embryo Stem Cell Research [BEST BibChr's Seen!]

Letter To The Editor, Any Paper USA

Letter to The Editor, Embryonic Life

Lies About Fetal Stem Cell Research

Life begins at conception: Jon Dougherty explains when the ball starts bouncing

Life: In Logic and Law

Life: Defining the Beginning by the End

Limbaugh to White House: What About Salman Pak?

Limiting Federal Court Jurisdiction To Protect Marriage For The States (Charles E. Rice)

Manifesto Calls on Ethics and Law to Rein-In Biotechnology

Margaret Sanger is No Hero to Black America

McLaughlin on Stem Cells (the illogic of Long Cut's postings)

Meetings point to Iraqi link to attack ringleader


More Connections Between Saddam and Osama

Murder, Inc.

Musings From My Quiet Porch: Swatting at flies to satisfy the Bob Kerrys of this nation

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys Luis Gonzalez.

NARAL, Anti-Catholicism and the Roots of the Pro-Abortion Campaign

New Terri Schiavo update & request for information

New ultimate Pro-Life links page.

New Ultrasound Shows 3-D 'Fetal Portrait'


NEW! bill clinton talks (Virtual deconstruction of a virtual prez) (clinton admission, Clarke, etc.)

No Question About It - Saddam and the Terrorists

not all newspapers are pro-abortion

Of Stem Cells and Fairy Tales

OKC Bombing -- If you know what I know, ...

One More for the Gipper (Sketches of Reagan)

Orson Scott Card (OSC): We Can Lose This War After All

Parental-Consent Act Stirs Emotional Debate on Capitol Hil

Partial Birth Abortion ^BAN Legislation

PEGGY NOONAN'S LATEST (Long, but worth it!)

Photos Prove Connection Between Iraq and Al-Qaeda Terrorists

Postfertilization Effects of Oral Contraceptives and Their Relationship to Informed Consent

Potential seen in adult stem cells

Preaching Morality to an Antinomian (i.e, Anti-Law) Culture

Precious Life: My Story

Pro-Life Threads

PROPHETIC SIGNS THAT WE ARE IN THE END TIMES [A good summary of SOME key evidences--QX]


Psychological Operations Field Manual No.33-1

Quran info

Ramzi Yusef, architect of first World Trade Center bombing, carried plans for airliner suicide crash

Reasonable People Cannot Always Agree To Disagree

Reference HTML Cheatsheet

Renewed push for NJ Clone & Kill Bill, A2840/S1909. Immediate Action Needed!!!

RESOURCES White House rejects calls for change of stem cell policy

Rethinking Relativity

Role of brain death and the dead-donor rule in the ethics of organ transplantation.

Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky,

Saddam Knew 9/11 Was Coming and Colluded with OBL for a Decade

Saddam, the ATM of Al Qaeda

Santorum is Right, and You Should Be Supporting Him: An Explanation of Lawrence v. Texas

Scientists use 'virgin birth' technique(Cloning Alert!!)

Scientists who agree life begins at conception #84(?) post

Separating the Idea of Abortion from Killing [California Medicine editorial, 1970]


Shocking film reignites abortion debate

So they said

Sobran: Abortion and the English Language

Standing Between the Butcher and the Baby: A Criticism on the "legality" of Abortion...."

Stem Cell Debate at Harvard

Stem Cells/Embryos--Three born from frozen Embryo state

Stem-cell cloning bill to become law Sunday? (Ask NJ Governor not to sign)

STOPP Planned Parenthood

Subject: Embryo Research and Related Issues

Success Stories with Adult Stem Cells Coming in Almost Too Fast to Track

Sweet cell of success (Major breakthrough in adult stem cell research could end ethical debate)


Teach The Children The REAL Meaning of Christmas

Ten Legal Reasons to Reject Roe

TERRI SCHINDLER SCHIAVO CALLING ALL FREEPERS Pt2 Disabled FL woman given Death Sentence by FL Courts

Terri Schindler-Schiavo: Basic Terri - a synopsis of info

Terri's Fight - (Daily Thread) October 29, 2003

Terri's Fight - (Daily Thread/Updates) November 3-4, 2003

Terri's Fight - (Daily Thread/Updates) November 5 -7, 2003

Terri's Fight - (Daily Thread/Updates) November 8 -10

Terri's Fight - (Daily Thread/Updates) November 8 -10

Terror Strike Toronto ( Aborted! )

Texas 79th Legislature Stem Cell and Cloning Bills - (Vanity for information)

The Abortion Debate, Stuck in Time - reams from Manny Festo

The Abortion Lies: Quotes from Abortionists and Abortion Clinic Workers (SHOCKING!!!)

The Abortion Lies: Quotes from Abortionists and Abortion Clinic Workers (SHOCKING!!!)

The Amorality Of Science Has Won

The Best Article Ever Written About Abortion-The sisterhood, 27 years later

The Case Against Henry Kissinger - Part Two: Crimes Against Humanity

The Closed Mind of the NMHA: Is Being Ex-Gay Hazardous to Your Mental Health?

The Constitutional Meaning Of "Natural Born Citizen"



The Embryo's New Clothes

The Errant Iraqi Missile

The Evolution of Genocide

THE FIGHT TO SAVE TERRI SCHIAVO - Chris Ferrara's Legal Brief for Terri

The First 100 Ways Ending "Legal" Abortion

The Future of Biology: Reverse Engineering

The Greatest Magic Never Sold

THE HARVEST OF INNOCENTS (WHO ARE THE REAL EXTREMISTS?)#9 post, Danae Blessing story, Scent of Rain

The Killers Have Taken Over

The Killers Took Over - Nazi Socialism has arrived in America

The Law Was King Here/Musings of a Newbie

The Link Between Abortion & Breast Cancer.

The Link Between Iraq and Al-Qaeda

The lowdown on LowCarb Sweeteners

The Marketing of Evil; Parts I and II

The Meaning of Life According to Me ( freeper marron)

The Nightmares of Choice:The Psychological Effects of Performing Abortions

The Politics of Stem Cells-The science/pluripot&totipot

The Pro-Life Movement at Thirty: A Political Assessment

The Ultimate Creation vs. Evolution Resource [19th Revision]

The Ultimate Democrat Abortion Of American Elections


The Way Out of the Wilderness- How can America return?... The truth

The Web of Terror

The window into the womb now opens even earlier [Abortion=Affirmative Action]

The Women of Roe v. Wade

The World Will Never Again Be As It Was 9/10/2001; It Can Be Better

The “Cartesian Split” Is a Hallucination; Ergo, We Should Get Rid of It

Things Seen and Unseen

Time For Moderate Acceptance Has Passed

Tiny Fallon baby defies the odds; weighed less than 2 lbs. at birth

Toronto Researchers Discover “Jack-Pot” of Stem Cells in Umbilical Cord

TRANSCRIPT: Senator Rick Santorum and Senator Hillary Clinton discussing Partial Birth Abortion

Treatments: Artery Cleanup Misses Its Mark

TWA 800; What Clinton Knew

U S Supreme Court Justices

University Faculty for Life Official Site - ["Virtual Goldmine of Info" MASSIVE RESOURCE]

US Government - Bin Laden and Iraq Agreed to Cooperate on Weapons Development

Useless Eaters vs The Death Cult

Using The Word LIFE, to be an alive human being

Vattel Cited: Records of the Federal Convention1787 (Natural Born Citizen)

Virtual Casserole Party For Samiam1972(please post helpful casserole recipes for our new FR Mom!)

Virus, not embryo, can reverse Parkinson's Disease (My title)How many abortions post 13th week, from Lady Doc

Waging War On Islamism, The Totalitarian Tumor In The Moslem Faith

Walking on Freedom Road (Luis at His Best)

Wash Post counters memo leak

We Are At War; Are We Prepared For It?

We Need To Talk, America!

What Bush really said about Iraq -- excerpt from Bush's SOTU (REMINDER)(w. my major points about it)

What's Wrong With Cloning?

When Human Life Begins

When Is Human Life A Human Being?

When Is There A Functioning Integrated Whole Human Being?

Where Never Lark Or Even Eagle Flew

WHO ARMED IRAQ? MYTH VS. FACT (Charles Smith Alert!)

Who Is Abu Zarqawi?

Who Were The Knights Templar? (Sunday History Read)

Why Bush's war to remove Saddam was a 'no brainer' Race Bannons' excellent lengthy links

Why They Help Them Lie

Will Homo Sapiens become obsolete? Medical Evolution

Will Spacecraft ever Go Faster than the speed of Light?

Women’s Health after Abortion:A Fresh Look at the Evidence

WSJ: Precursor WMDs Stockpiled in Iraq

YOU CAN LOOK IT UP (Abortion v Capital Punishment for Catholics)

Zygotes and embryos are people - Askel post #40

Zygotes and Embryos Are People-Vast link resource stem cells