Since Sep 17, 2004

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    I love...
  • God
  • Alex (my hubby)
  • Pandas (the Giant variety, not so much the red variety)
  • Webmastery
  • Computer stuffs
  • My doggy - Daisy
  • Green stuff (not in the refrigerator)
  • The word "Groovy"

Doll Base by Precious Pixels
    I dislike...
  • Carrots (this one is actually a hate)
  • Mean and/or Stupid Drivers
  • Misspelled words on large signs or billboards (also a hate)
  • People who can't handle sarcasm
  • Inconsistency and/or Double Standards
  • Going to Wal-Mart

Doll Base by Kat's Kreations
Political Statement:

I used to hesitate to associate myself with any political party, as I find it offensive that some people will vote Republican or Democrat regardless of the candidate or the issues at hand. But since becoming a FReeper I am proud to call myself a "Conservative Republican". I am glad to associate myself with MOST of the people here, and join them in a love for God, country, and truth, and a strong dislike for robots and French Frankensteins that like to run for president. I love our President, and his way of actually remaining a "real" person, even with all the fame and responsibility that come with leading a nation.

Key Issues:
- Abortion = Killing Babies = Murder. NO circumstances change, or justify this. It isn't the baby's fault if you were raped or if carrying the pregnancy to term might hurt, or even kill you. While I sympathize with your plight, taking an innocent life will not ever make any of those circumstances go away.
- Death Penalty: I think that the Bible is quite clear in that a punishment should fit a crime...but I will never take joy in someone's life being taken from them, whether they deserve it or not. I agree that it has to be done, but I could not be the one to flip the switch.
- Separation of Church and State: The separation of church and state was put into place to avoid any religious group, cult, church, etc from making laws that will force their way of life onto people of our country, thus violating other freedoms that we are granted (freedom of religion, or to not have religion). Church and state was never meant to eliminate God from our nation. The founding fathers were Christians (most of them as far as I remember) and they had God in mind when they were living their daily lives, including politics. Having Baby Jesus in my front yard, or a ten commandments display in a public park is not a violation of YOUR rights, but instead it is an affirmation and exercising of MINE.