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I am a very grateful follower of Sts. Peter and Paul, where Pope Benedict XVI continues to lead Jesus' church on earth.

To Jesus may all glory be given!

I'm a recent covert to Conservatism. While watching the coverage of Katrina in New Orleans, I had a moment of clarity. Where were all the fathers of these poor little children? Why were the mothers waiting for our government to bail them out of their self induced situations?
Then there is the idea that we as human beings ought to be able to do anything that we want and not have to suffer the consequences. Do what it takes to become pregnant and then murder the results. Interfere with the parenting of children and then expect the children to grow up and become law abiding, respectful, productive citizens.
I still have a soft spot for the unfortunate people in our society, but I believe they need to do a lot more for themselves to earn self respect
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