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Since Nov 25, 2007

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I live and work in Hollywood. Don’t ask me where I am in the hierarchy of things (and to avoid the trolls) but let’s just say it was not a coincidence that Iron Man was green-lit and that’s all I can say. Add Tv producer too of at least 5 series on cable and network TV which rank in the top 10 weekly ratings. I am right in the middle of working in the industry choc-full of homos and liberals and only by the grace of God that I have not strangled everyone of these POS a-hole libtards. I can also thank Hellywood for 2 of my precious cars: a 1967 Corvette Stingray and a Dodge Viper souped up to 500 HP. Yup, I’m not even 30..and how many Freepers say they worked on Iron Man 1 and 2?

Originally from Canadastan and to avoid the liberal socialist country (and canadians who deeply hate Americans but fuck them), I moved to America and now knee-deep in another socialist haven created by the Kenyan Klown of Kommunism, P-resident Odumbo.

I am the most right-wing Freeper in the role call. I advocate landmines at the border to deter border jumpers, open revolution as we CANNOT EFFING CO-EXIST with libtards, and the separation of the red states from the blue. I champion the nuking of terrorist nations like Egypt and Iran, the public beat-down of every liberal journalist in the country, and openly hiring only conservatives at every company. But if you are a woman, you’ve gotta be hot too.

Guns, girls, God. Reagan, no fags and sex.

My nightly prayer:

Dear Lord, please allow the Civil War to start in order for me to save my nation. We cannot co-exist with liberals and they really need to go. Kindly arm me with weapons and firearms that will make short work of these Godless heathens called liberals. Kicking them in the face and smashing their heads in with a baseball bat is not enough. If you wish for your religion to prosper, then liberals have to go. They don’t believe in You anyway, so give me the strength to destroy our enemies.

Amen MAX's TIPS ON HOW TO FIRE LIBERALS. 1) Go around the company parking lot and spot the bumper sticker with Obama Biden stickers on them 2) Go to Human Resources: prepare pink slip. Call idiot lib into office. 3) Tell lib moron that "due to cutbacks AND the economy, we are downsizing." 4) Watch lib cry. Smoke a cigar. Watch lib cry. Record. 5) Play recording and laugh with your friends