Since Jul 19, 2001

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Matt Helm was, to put it bluntly, an agent (assassin) working for an unnamed U.S. Government agency, whose job was to disabuse, disarm, and render room temperature as required people who posed a threat to the United States. He had more style than Bond and more female friends than Flint. The spirit of Matt Helm lives in a generation of 35-55 year old American men, sick to death of a PC world controlled by ABCNNBCBS media elites and leftwing hippie environ whacko antismoking feminazi baby killing radical misfits. This country was not founded so that +200 years later liberal atheists could allow murdering babies, taking away guns and self defense, stealing land to protect rodents and bugs, removing God and prayer from all public viewing and hearing, lighting up a smoke illegal, sodomite enabling family destroying, and robbing hardworking people of their wealth to give to a state sponsored welfare paid off voting mob that enables and perpetuates the liberal leftwing politicians and judges.