Since Sep 13, 2004

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27 years/no deaths from vitamins, 3 million from prescription drugs

5 Reasons Why HFCS Will Kill You;page=101

93 percent of unborn babies contaminated with GMO toxins, study finds (Bt)

Artificial Sweetener Tied to Weight Gain;page=51

Consumers sour on sugars;page=51

Defending Donald (Must Read)

DuPont claims Monsanto is running seed market monopoly;page=51

DuPont claims Monsanto is running seed market monopoly

Ill Effects of Monsanto Herbicide

Nearly 10 percent of health spending for obesity;page=1

New "safety plan" would control what you eat;page=101

Pancreatic cancer likes fructose: Time to panic?

Princeton researchers find that high-fructose corn syrup prompts considerably more weight gain

Princeton Study on HFCS

Sugar is back on food labels, this time as a selling point

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Toxic Sugar: Fantastic Video on the Obesity Epidemic

Trans Fatty Nation