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Audio of John G. Roberts, Jr.'s arguments before Supreme Court

Blair Calls For Posthumous Medal For 9-11 Hero - Rick Rescorla


Fact vs. Fiction: The Democrats` Case against Tom DeLay

Give me Filibuster, or Give me....Majority Rule?

News Is Stranger Than Fiction

On Africa, Bush Is Very Much the Activist [AP Puff-piece on Bush]

The "Wall of Separation..." letter by Jefferson...(Rare Newspaper)


“As long President Bush stands with the Iranian people, the Iranian people will stand with him.”

"Crude and amazingly foolish forgeries"

"I did not stop to help a W supporter today." --demgurl at DU

"In turn, Reid said Democrats would block all committeehearings while the debate is under way."

"One Brave Muslim Cleric Dares to Tell the Truth...!"-Pat Dollard

"there's something really wrong going on here" -- REPORTING DELAY AND HILLARY FINANCE SCANDALS

"Until Then..." Very moving flash film of our Heroes in uniform

$104,655 Ad Placed by a Republican in the WashingtonPost - (Great read! It's a masterpiece!)

'Able Danger' Intel Could Rewrite 9/11 History

'Darwin Awards' director has a blast filming stories about really stupid behavior

'Deep Throat' family ready to cash in on new fame

'Exit strategy' - a mere phrase, not a strategy


'Oil Rush' forecast up north (Norway)

'Their Lives' author blocked from Clinton's office (seeking apology for rape)


(A MUST READ) The Clinton Administration's Public Case Against Saddam Hussein

(Bill) Clinton Opposed to Iraq Withdrawal Deadline

(Operation) Baton Rouge ~ A Defend America Photo Essay (Samarra)

(Some Facts On) Oil Drilling in Alaska

(Vanity) Free Republic Folding@Home Project update - We're in the TOP 850!!!

13 Things I Meant to Write About but Never Did(slams everyone)

14-year-old steals aircraft from small airport

1999 ABC News Report : The Osama - Hussein Connection

2005: A Tipping Point? It was a bad year for "New Democrats," but a good year for new democrats.

39% Say Withdraw Troops From Iraq, 46% say NO (Rasmussen poll)

44% of Americans Favor Curtailing Muslim Civil Liberties (or do we)

60 years later (Washington Times Editorial on Hiroshima)

80% [of Iraq constitution draft completed]!

9-11 PHOTO REMEMBRANCE THREAD (slow: many photos)

9/11 Families for a Secure America

9/11 Panel Decided to Omit a Reference to Atta

9/11 Posts in Free Republic...

911 Remembered: Rick Rescorla was a soldier: Have you seen the movie We were Soldiers?

A COVER UP!..("This Just IN! off the press. JB has figured out the Dems' "get Rove" game!)

A day in the life of President Bush (6/11/05): A trip down memory lane today

A Dollar Warning

A drama that's all too real: An oil disaster scenario

A Fix on Downing Street: About that supposed smoking-gun memo.

A Great Perspective

A higher calling than duty

A lynching apology: Shifting the blame for an atrocity

A Miltary Father’s Response to Senator Durbin’s Apology

A misunderstood symbol: the Confederate flag


A silver lining in the US trade deficit

A Stable Jobs Boom

A Strong Year for Jobs Offers Lessons for Congress

A Timely Reminder in '1776' - (strength, determination and ingenuity of American revolutionaries!)

ABC Gets Its Pound Of Corpse For Inauguration Coverage

ABC Looks at Successful Transfer of Authority to Iraqi Soldiers

ABC News - IAEA Says only 3 tons of high explosives left at Al QaQuaa when last checked


Abortion Clinic Workers Refuse To Help Mother Screaming to Save Live Child who Subsequently Died

Abortions Rising Under Bush? Not True. How That False Claim Came To Be - And Lives On.

Abramoff Gave to Democrats, Too (can you say OH OHHHH!)

Account of Iraq War Protestor's Meeting With Bush Draws Scrutiny ( Cindy Sheehan )

Adult Stem Cell Breakthrough Ignored

Advice and Consent? How Clinton Chose Ginsburg

Advise and Consign The filibuster isn't the only procedure Senators are abusing.

Afghanistan - U.S. officials reveal details of downing of helicopter and missing Navy SEALs

Afghanistan, Pakistan angry at Newsweek

Air America Advocates Violence Against Blogger

Al-Qaeda says Bush doomed to fail

Alien skull mystery continues

Allstate fires manager for Christian beliefs concerning homosexuality

American Cancer Society catches the Surgeon General in an outright lie...

American Catholics Approve of Pope Benedict XVI (contrary to what the Modo, Rich et al's spin)

American Generosity

Americans Oppose Senate Rule Changes, [Flawed Poll] Shows

An Astounding Fantasy (Algore Alert - aka the Sunday funnies)

An Intellectual Feast, Roberts well-liked by journalists?

An IRAQI point of view of current politics

An Open Letter to Statists Everywhere

Angry widow calls for new 9/11 panel

Annual Pig Book Traces Taxpayer Spending (Pork Barrels Galore!)

Another Bogus Poll by AARP!

Antebellum Democrats (Great read on Hitlery's race-baiting!)

Anti-Dick Durbin TV Ad Unveiled - SUPPORT OUR TROOPS

Anti-War Mother Faces Credibility Issues (Free Republic Mentioned)

ANWR: The home stretch

AP: Allen didn't disclose stock options (More MSM 'election tampering' BScrAP / Tums Alert!)

AP: Lawmakers Belatedly Disclose Trips(lots of Demos)

APOLOGY? - (WHAM! - fabulous retort to Dems' "demand" for "apology" from Karl Rove!!)

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge: Dump Lamar's billion-dollar-boondoggle

ARCTIC OIL: Oil is the lifeblood of Alaska, with residents ready to drill

ARE THEY IN THE ARMY NOW? Cries of shortfall, exhaustion, and overstretch

Are we not supposed to see these pictures in the US? (5-7 bombing in Iraq)

Army Celebrates 230 Years of Defending Liberty

Army reverses series of recruitment shortfall

Army Says Desertion Numbers Were Wrong

AT WAR WITH THE TEACHERS UNIONS: Part 6 - Teacher wants dues to go to NRA Foundation

Author examines statements from dying Confederate soldiers

Auto dealers ditch SUVs for fuel-efficient vehicles

Balad Recon ~ A Defend America Photo Essay

Basrah International Airport Opens to Commercial Flights

BBC: In full: Blair on bomb blasts ~~ Text of two statements by Tony Blair:

BBC: Annan hails Iraq 'turning point'

BBC: Blair speech on terror (Full text)

Being Profitable Is “Giving Back” [great article on inheritance tax]

Believe it or not, more rain would benefit New Orleans, ecologist says (Maybe Rita is a blessing)

Bennett Says it. Planned Parenthood Does it. Who’s in trouble over the killing of black babies?

Best Memorial Day Essay or Pictorial: Nominations

Best Video / Audio of all RNC speeches. Link

Beware if your blog is related to work

Bin Laden and Iraq (What the Media Said in the 90's)

Blanco orders remodeling just after storms

Bolton's achievements

Both Sides Massage the Data In the Debate Over ANWR

Breaking the Rules: The Framers intended no more than a Senate majority to approve judges.

Breeding Stupidity:Where does the insistence "war in Iraq is creating terrorists" come from?

Bringing the Hearings to Order (Arlen Specter Op-Ed in NYT)

Brother, can you spare a dime for the Democrats?

Brothers, 3 and 5, Take Van for Joyride

Bush Aide Softened Greenhouse Gas Links to Global Warming

Bush Asks for Schiavo Investigation

Bush avoids label of job-loss president

Bush Beats LBJ on Spending [a report from Cato Institute]

Bush Credits Policies for Falling Deficit

Bush denies Democrats Bolton files

Bush fails to get deserved credit for tax cut benefits

Bush Finds No Friends at Networks

Bush Helps Black Folk

Bush not told about plane scare until after biking

Bush Takes More Vacations, But Clinton Was Away Longer, And Spent Much More (3 Trips Cost $72 mil)

Bush's Unexamined Life (A Canadian pedagogue enlightens the great unwashed!)

Bush's vision shows insight

Bush, Reconsidered (At least one liberal is happy for him.)

Busted! MEDIA MATTERS' "False and defamatory charge"

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA -- John Kerry relied on info from the ONION for his voter irregularities BS

Can someone point me to that websit . . .

Canada has four-tiered health care

Canada's medical gulag

Caption President Bush...


Carter allowed surveillance in 1977

CBS 'Statement' at 3:30 PM est (Update: 5 PM EDT, according to Hannity)

Chalabi's INC cleared on WMDs [But don't expect the MSM to tell you]

Changing Course

Cheney donated $6.87 million

China driving oil sky-high

CIA Factbook Excerpts On The United Arab Emirates (UAE)

CIA officer named prior to column

CIA Referral Did Not Mention Intelligence Identities Protection Act

CIA report: EU and NATO to dissolve

City Hall decorations come under fire again

Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System

CLARK: IRAQ WON'T BE VIETNAM (Oxygen tanks sent to DUers!)

Climbing a Wall of Worry (The Economy is Strong but People are still Worried )

Clinton blew it on bin Laden: ex-CIA official

Clinton said we must "SAVE SOCIAL SECURITY" [Some links]

Clinton Scheme Gave Iran Nuke Blueprints(Is anyone surprised?)

Clinton Wanted Social Security Privatized

Clinton's Mythical FEMA

Clinton-Approved Iranian Arms Transfers Help Turn Bosnia into Militant Islamic Base

CLINTONS' DOCUMENTED ABUSE OF WOMEN (Did he rape that woman, Juanita Broaddrick?) (CORRECTED)

Clothes also make the woman trying to look smart amid disaster (Blanco's emails)

Coal versus nuclear - The other energy debate

Coalition News That is not mentioned in MSM.

Colo. Cracks Down on Left-Lane Dawdling (Tickets for Slow Pokes)


Compare Tom Delay to Harry Reid

Condoleezza in her own words

Confessing Error: Filibusters of presidential appointees violate the Constitution.


Congressional Sex Scandals in History (Flashback)

Conservatives Are Trying to Put Religion Back Into the Christmas Season(They grew a spine)

Conservatives, but not clonesRulings by Alito and Scalia in 11 cases reveal contrasts

Conspiracy Theories: If you liked The Da Vinci Code, you'll love the Downing Street Memo.

Consumer Borrowing Drops Record Amount

Contest: Make a pig out of Quran

Cool Video Footage from Iraq

Copperheads "Peace Democrats"

Corzine Gave $470,000 Loan to Head of New Jersey Union

Corzine gave $470,000 to union boss who was onetime girlfriend

Cost Of Leaving

Criminally stupid

D.C. Police Chief's Unmarked Police Car Stolen

Darwin Awards 2005

Day 7 After President Announces SS Proposal; President Clinton To Fellow Democrats: Get A Plan

Dear Mr. President: Send me my money


DEM RIPS HILLARY FOR 'POLL' FAULT ("insulting" survey to Dims to drum up cash faulted)

DemoClown Rep. John Conyers, Jr. now has an Impeachment Tip Line !!!

Democracy under attack in Iraq

Democrat Backs Social Security Overhaul [Boyd-FL: require under 55ers invest some payroll taxes]

Democrat Operatives Far More Involved In Voter Intimidation, Suppression In 2004


Democrats fear Social Security reform will work [MA columnist sounds off]

Democrats Perfect the Art of the Double Standard

Democrats Thought it was Improper to Filibuster Judicial Nominees

Democrats' own mood poll scares them

Dems Vs. Dems: House Leader Nancy Pelosi Vs. House Leader Nancy Pelosi

Dems' Plan: The Democrats' Social Security-reform alternative can't work.

Depression Didn't Stop FDR's Inaugural Bash

Details on Yesterday’s Polls (Including All Poll Methodology 2004 Guide)

Did Lawyers Hinder Bin Laden Capture ?

Did You Know that Half the Declaration's Signers Had Divinity School Training?

Did you know????

Direct Strike Hard Target Weapon/Big BLU MOAB

DisHonors Awards Showcase Liberal Media Bias (Kerry, Heinz, Rather, Franken, et al)

Divided Panel Sends Bolton Nomination To Full Senate [3 Dems May Vote for Bolton]

DNC Authenticates Drudge's Document

Do Conservatives "Openly Threaten Sitting Judges"?

Do we want this?

Docs out of patience (Canadian Medical System has Collapsed)

Documents show Saddam trained terrorists

Documents Show State Department Warned Clinton About Bin Laden

DoD Special Report: Two Years in Iraq

Don’t Nuke Mecca

Downingstreetmemo- Smoke, but where's the Fire?

Drivers rethinking vehicle choices amid high gas prices

Dropping the bomb that ended the war

Dude, Who Stole My Party? (Solomonia Blog Guest poster laments the loss of his Democratic Party.)

DUmmie FUnnies 01-30-05 (DUmmies Slam Iraq Elections)

Eavesdropping, Spying, Surveillance ........ Doing What is Right (President Bush is Right)

Economic Optimism Rebounds On Hopeful Economic News

Economy shows some verve (largest dip in the trade deficit since 1947)

Edwards: 'When John Kerry is president, people like Christopher Reeve are going to walk.

Effort to discredit Bush has sent many leftists around the bend

Employment numbers should jump / Economy will keep older workers on job

End of the SUV era?

Energy costs slow quarterly GDP

Enforcement of mine safety seen slipping under Bush (Deaths & injuries from accidents at record low)

Ethics Group Accuses Trial Lawyer of Airing 'Fake' TV Ads Aimed at Conservatives

Euro Hits 13 Month Low Against Dollar

Europe's '70s Show The Continent's economic death spiral.


Evidence, Evidence, and More Evidence (That Tax Cuts Work!)

EVIDENCES OF GOD - Six Reasons to Believe in the Existence of God

Ex-Clinton aide in theft case: 'Guilty, your honor'

Examine the record (of Cheney vs Kerry on defense cuts)

Experts Say Iraq Insurgency Has Reduced Terror Threat in West

Exploiting Ohio:Vote challenge mocks common sense

Exxon Mobil 2Q Conditions 'Robust' In All 3 Units

Fair Tax Benefits All Americans

Fair Tax vs. Flat Tax

Fan's on a mission in his own Bluesmobile

FBI Memo Durbin quoted from

Felons vote Democratic, national study says

FILIBUSTER - Articles On Filibuster and Senate

Finally! Bush Takes Off the Gloves

Firefighting gear stockpile unused (Guess where...)

Fit to Print? The Bush admin. nor the NSA broke the law, so why did the NYT break the story?

Flag Burning Amendment Amendments [HUMOR]

FLASHBACK! 9/11 video and tributes! We will NEVER Forget!

FLASHBACK: Transcript: President Clinton Explains Iraq Strike

Flu Shot Statistics - Are There Any?

FOIA Exposes Clinton Anti-Terror Blunders

Foley and the Blame Game

Forbes warns of oil bubble [price could return to $30-35]

Forest Cover over the years

Fox Now the Big Dog in Cable News --- and Growing

FOX Poll: Most Are 'Pro-Choice' On Social Security

FR EXCLUSIVE: Superbowl -- "The Commercial" honoring the troops

FR Resource: Debunking "Plame-gate"

Frank: No nukes on Hill! Reverses '93 filibuster stand

Freeper Econ 101: Need help

French People's Morale at Lowest Ebb for 10 Years (Translated)

French Quarter survives -- with luck and a prayer (Let's hammer the Media about the slow response)

Friedman's 'heresy' hits mainstream Private Social Security accounts were his idea

Full CBS Report on "RatherGate" (Long)

Full O' Bluster

GANNONGATE (Vanity Fair To Debunk Leftist's Favorite "Scandal")

Gas Prices Aren't Deterring Vacationers --HA HA HA HA

Gasoline prices [Walter E. Williams (archive)]

Gay Foster Parents More Apt to Molest

George Bush, education president (His education reforms maybe working!)

George F. Will: Moynihan was wise on Social Security

George Washington Didn't Say That!

Georgia state senator(Dem.) convicted on 127 federal corruption charges


Global Warming is More Scare than Science

Good Article in a German News-Magazine - Bashing Bush-Bashers

GOTTA SEE THIS! Live video of "enlightened" peaceniks explaining "why the Muslims hate us," etc.

GOTTA SEE THIS-WarEndur.Freedom 3/5/05-Beirut,Damascus,Tehran,Bushehr,Arak,Parchin

Government Hits One-Day Tax Revenue High

Great Clip of President Bush

Great Photos of GW Bush's Life

GREAT QUOTES about War and Peace and America to SUPPORT THE TROOPS -- to EMAIL to NON-FREepers

H.O.T. Tax: If liberals want to pay higher taxes, here’s a way they can.

Hanoi'd with Jane (Urban Myth? Not everyone remembers ...)

Happy Talk (Good Economic Statistics, for a change)

Has Anyone Seen Any Dogs In Iraq?

Has the filibuster deal already been violated??

Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano a Big Polluter

He Acted Like It Was A Party’? (Cindy Sheehan Busted!)

Health costs of obesity exceed smoking and drinking

Health Leaders Seek Consensus Over Uninsured

Heather Mac Donald: Girl Problems (eviscerates Dahlia Lithwick's NYT op-ed on Justice O'Connor)

Help with an Oil Argument (Vanity)

Help with liberal teacher

HELP-NEED RNC Convention intro takeoff on SNL intro

HERE It IS (I hope) - Video of Correspondents' Dinner

Here’s to a Good Year: A Look at Employment Gains in 2004

Hey you obstructionist liberals, where is your outrage over REAL torture?

Higher earners ‘to retire at 70’

Hip-Hopper: Dean Dissing Blacks

Hold the gloom: Bush scores 1-2-3 punch on terrorism, education and the deficit within 48 hours

Honey, I'm Clueless on the Trade Deficit

Hospice Rocognizes that Terri Schiavo Does Feel Pain

How a strong dollar has weakened us

How much did the Congressional Respresentatives get for their trip?

How much has Al Gore made in the last year from Occidental?

How Wall Street trumps Social Security

Howard Phillips on Mark Felt - (former Nixon staffer speaks out)

Hundred-Dollar Oil My Foot

I Don't Care (Personal)

I Miss You Daddy (video)

I need 9/11 Info


I'm Joining Up

If Bush "lied" about W M Ds.....what about these fine people ??????

If Iraq is So Bad, Why Aren’t We Pulling Out of Detroit?

If You Didn't Love Ronald Reagan, DON'T READ THIS!

If You Suspect You Might Have A Drinking Problem (An Open Letter)

Important Questions About Social SecurityASK THIS (ATTENTION REPORTERS!)

In Baghdad Neighborhood, Voting Becomes a Communal Celebration

In Hoc Anno Domini

In Marbury vs Madison Jefferson Saw the Beginning of Judicial Tyranny

In storm, N.O. wants no one left behind [To poor - "You'll Be on Your Own"]

In the eye of a political storm (Cindy Sheehan Story Newspaper Tries to Backtrack)

In the Long Run, Sleep at Home and Invest in the Stock Market

Inquiry Reveals 15 Cases of Gitmo Detainees Desecrating Koran

INSIDE POLITICS---CNN Transcript Isikoff/Crowley

Inside the secretive Bilderberg Group

Inspector: Saddam Created WMD 'Ambiguity'

Interest grows in solving cryptic CIA puzzle after link to Da Vinci Code


Investment Accounts for Me, but Not for Thee

Iran: A close shave connected traveler [pro-Americanism in Iran]

Iraq learning democracy lesson


Iraq violence shifting Arab media

Iraq, WMDs. and Troubling Revelations

IRAQ: Lots of Little Changes That Add Up [al Qaeda having increasingly difficult time]

Iraqi Army brigade activates

Iraqi facts you may not know.

Iraqi Forces Making Progress, Says Area U.S. Commander

Iraqi General: Syria Gave Al Qaida Saddam's WMDs

Iraqi PM slams Arab media

Is Durbin's speech ABSOLUTELY privileged or conditionally: Congressman Billybob?

It Is Finally Time To Exit The Oldsmobile (Iowahawk Guest Commentary by Senator Edward M. Kennedy)

It's a Bipartisan Scandal (Democrats Also Ended Up Receiving Money From Jack Abramoff)

It's ALL About 9/11

It's true, folks - Saddam had deep ties to terrorism

J.C. WATTS: With Howard Dean, the hits just keep on coming

Janice Rogers Brown Speech to the Federalist Society

Jaworski Aide: Nixon Not Indictable

JDAM Bomb Test Footage

Jerger-Centonze held fundraisers for Hospice Foundation(Terri Schiavo Mystery Expands)


Jewish woman is new president of National Rifle Association - (terrific personal story!)

John Kerry Discloses CIA Agent Name (If new Dim law passes, he will face punishment)

John Kerry Erases History(Then puts it back up....then erases it again)

John Kerry Outs Undercover Intelligence Agent in Bolton Hearing

John Kerry: Chemical Weapons ARE WMD (And Other Neat Flip-Flops)

Johnson’s “Watergate” (LBJ vs. Goldwater.)

Judge James Robertson, FISA Judge: Background & Campaign Contributions

June Industrial Production Roars Ahead

Just Look Who's Paying Tribute to Roger Ailes

Just Say NO! To Social Security Reform

Justice Stevens: all judges learn on the job

Karl Rove nails the anti-victory neurosis of the Left


Kerry allows Navy release of military, medical records (Navy provided them to Boston Globe)

Kerry Gets Info From Onion and Scrappleface

Kerry vs. Kerry (kerry quotes Dean on "wrong war", after saying same view made Dean unfit.)

Kerry's most famous "Flip-Flops" for your listening enjoyment!

Kerry's Vietnam (Boston Globe painted into a Corner)

Knee-jerk judgments

Kristol: Remember Tax Cuts?

Kudos to Byron York; Bush more than met TANG requirements

Laffer Curve Works Again


Law could lower health care bar (Walmart Law will increase # of uninsured)

Lawrence O'Donnell Creepy Liar Video?

Lawyer Tells 'Wash Post' Rove Did Nothing Wrong

Legislators who aided tribes got donations


Lets Not Blow This Oil Prices Debate Out of Proportion

Letter From Lincoln's Killer Sells for Record Price at Auction

Lies, D*mned Lies, and the Washington Post

Life, death and Terry Hanson (This guy is a 3-time flippin' hero)

Lightning Strikes Car and Home [A must see pic of the car after ZOTTING!]

List of Democrats who have taken Abrhamoff money

Listen to the Tom Tancredo Tape About Bombing Mecca

Live 8 (GELDOF: Bush 'has actually done more than any American President for Africa')

Look at the timeline- This girl is being MURDERED!!

Looking for Breakdown of Minimum Wage by Age

Looking for photo of Guantanamo detainees playing soccer.

Lt. gov. crashed Marine's funeral, kin say [Pennsylvania outrage by Dem]

Major Decisions in the House and Senate on Social Security: 1935-2000

Man Charged With Assault On Sheep (And you think you're having a bad day?)

Man with rebel flag seeks to fix `injustice'

Many Modern 'Liberals' are Indeed Un-American

Many Scientists Admit to Misconduct

Marine Who Wouldn't Quit Fight'in

Marines release horrific photo of recently tortured prisoner

Mark Felt was the custodian of secret Hoover files(?)

MARSHALLING AFRICA-Since World War II, the United States has spent $1.2 trillion on foreign aid...

MD's publish list of acceptable wait times.( Canada )

Media Doesn't Want God on 4th of July

Meet (Liberal Organization That Urged Restraint After 9/11 Receives Praise from Dems)

Michael Barone on Fox

Michael Barone: Bush well on way to meeting deficit promise

Michael Schiavo lawyergave to judge's campaign

Microsoft Internet Explorer MSHTML.DLL CSS Handling Remote Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

Mideast moves give Bush critics pause

Mike Brown's experience in hurricane and storm disaster relief.

Minorities During the War Between the States: Collected Resources

Missing Able Danger 'Atta' Chart in 2002 Video (a search didn't bring this one up)

Mohammed v. Jesus

More Blackjack [Pershing] Lessons...

More Current-Account Confusion: Instead of wringing our hands, we should cheer the trade deficit.

Moving 9-11 Tribute Video. Had me in tears.

MUST SEE VIDEO!!!! The Power Of Nukes (The Beauty of the Beast) WARNING: ADDICTIVE

My Four Hours Testifying in the Federal Grand Jury Room

Myth that Abortions Increased Under Bush Dismantled By Unlikely Source

National Shooting Sports Foundation: Kerry Accepts Shotgun He Would Ban as 'Assault Weapon'


Need Help Finding Good Sites About Economics (Vanity)

Need Help on Al Gore's Body Guards

Need WTC photos

Never Forget, Never Again (Video Dedicated to those who perished on 9/11)

New Articles at The Perspective

New Cato Poll Shows Majority Support Personal Acc'ts-(whopping 66% young workers want privatization)

New facts back tale of brush with Atta

New IM Worms Hit MSN Messenger

New pope hailed for strong Jewish ties

New search engines let you find Web videos

New service of use to freepers, *vanity*

News from Iraq the AP won't print

Newsweek apologises for getting story wrong.

NM: Richardson Distances Himself From Dean

No room at the inn (Bed shortage leaves man on gurney, sleeping in hospital hallway)

No ‘Fool’s Paradise’:Krugman lies about personal accounts for Social Security.

No, Virginia, There Are No 'Transition Costs' for Social Security Reform

Not All Missing Persons Are Equal

Nuclear Survival

NYT: Prewar British Memo Says War Decision Wasn't Made

O ambiguous orb, might thee reveal thy secrets?

O'Connor agreed with Scalia and Thomas more than half the time [NYT Graphic]

Odom's Razor

Oil Company Executives Defend Profits

Oil Drops $1, Imports Swell U.S. Supply ($53.15/bbl)

oil for $15.00 a barrel?

Oil Now and Oil Tomorrow

Old. Smart. Productive. (Surprise! The graying of the workforce is better news than you think)

On apologies, Democrats and conscience (Mona Charen on Lynchings, Vietnam, and the hypocrite libs)

On the streets of Tehran, 'we like America'

One Last Thing | Taking closer look at Al Gore's truth

One Nation, Under God

Others who grieve stand by Bush, troops in Iraq

Ouch! Where'd the money go Howard?! (RNC $34m, DNC <$6m)

Outsourcing not causing job loss: WTO

Paranoia about Dubai ports deal is needless

Paris,France vs. Paris,Kentucky (photos)


Patriot Act gets boost in the House

Patriot Act Imperfect, But Desperately Needed In Time of War

Paul Krugman and NY Times Stark Raving Mad over Social Security - (socks it to Krugman and NYT!)

Paul Krugman finally gets his comeuppance

Pelosi: 'Today's Anemic Jobs Numbers Confirm that Bush Has Failed to Create a Single New Private

Pelosi: President Owes Congress a Strategy for Success in Iraq

Pentagon Secret Unit Helped Find Saddam

Picture this: Fluorescent rocks (NJ)

Planned Parenthood Founded Institute Admits Abortion Rates Down Under Bush Administration

Planting trees may create deserts

Police Fatally Shoot Bear After Animals Enter N.J. Home

Police: Ten Picketers Armed With Knives, Bats and Clubs Arrested at Ohio Aluminum Plant

Political Groups Paid Two Relatives of House Leader

Political Payrolls Include Families(The 'Rats have no room to talk!)

Poll Cites GOP Gains Since 9/11

Poll: Congressdoing bad job

Poll: Senate Should Examine Federal Judges (But prefer cons. judges 47 to 39; 52% trust Bush picks)

Poll: U.S. patriotism continues to soar

Polls Show That John Kerry Can’t Win

Portal Race Goes Local and Global ( On-line Maps Do Everything Except Declare War on You)

Post the leftist's racist/sexist comments about Condi Rice

Poverty now comes with a color TV

President Clinton's Speech on Terrorist Attacks (20 August, 1998)

President's Speech on Black Republicans (historic)

Presidential War Power, Democrat Hypocrisy and Times' Irresponsibility

Pressure to Withdraw US Troops Lies at Home, Not Iraq

Privatize Social Security? Galveston County Did

Projections of Doom Overstated

Proof Positive (Examples to cite when someone denies there is a MSM bias)

Psst, the Deficit’s Shrinking

Question/Help finding picture posters added to various threads (Vanity)

Questioning Clinton's Greatest Accomplishment (the surplus)

Questions Remain About Kerry's Military Records

Quote of the Day - Guess who said this? (regarding Clinton lobbing missiles at Iraq)

Radio Host Threatens to Kill Michael Moore

Radio station cancels Newsweek show

Radiogate - Low ratings and a scandal hit Air America.

Rand Corp: Green River Formation of CO, UT, & WY Contains Triple The Saudi Proven Oil Reserves

RANGEL'S WAMPUM LINKED TO SCANDAL (Dims tied to Indian tribes, lobbyist Jack Abramoff)

Reagan Memorial Photo Gallery (Don't watch without a box of tissues nearby)

Reagan Tribute

Real wages fall at fastest rate in 14 years

Reaping What We've Sown - (untapped reservoirs of oil in our own country! Why no exploration?)

Reaping What We've Sown - (untapped reservoirs of oil in our own country! Why no exploration?)

Reconstructing Iraq: Bringing Iraq's Economy Back Online

Red/Blue Divide Still Evident

Remembering Reagan

Report: Justice Department Probing Durbin, Rockefeller CIA Leak

Report: Plame Gave Money to Anti-Bush Group

Reporting on the 2,000th American Death in Iraq

Republicans vow retaliation in ethics feud - Democrats told to expect rash of inquiries into actions

Rescued: Data the Kerry/Edwards Campaign Tried to DELETE from its site! (grandpa dave found cache)

Rice takes to stage to aid ailing soprano

Riverine Operations ~ A Defend America Photo Essay

RNC finds Bush-Reid tit-for-tat (Reid bill would have exempted congressman from Social Security)

RNC Sets Fundraising Record for Non-Presidential Election Year Thanks to Grassroots Support

RNC: Statement On Sen. Ted Kennedy’s Hypocritical And Obstructionist Comments Today

Rock Star Bono Applauds Bush Efforts to Aid Africa

Roe v Wade: FULL Text (The Decision that wiped out an entire Generation 33 years ago today)

Roster of American combat heroes in Iraq is rich [A MUST READ!]

Rush talking about FR (& Sen. Byrd)

Russians May Have Taken Iraq Explosives( Kerry Camp Concedes Saddam May Have Moved Them Before War)

S-c-h-a-d- ... oh, brother, this word is a tricky one

Saddam + Bin Laden? -- Newsweek Article from 1999 reporting bin Laden - Saddam ties

Saddam's al Qaeda Connection (Salman Pak)

Safer Vehicles for Soldiers: A Tale of Delays and Glitches

Saudi Sees Oil Price Drop: Prices Should Fall About $ 20 a Barrel

Say It Loud And Say It Proud: Merry Christmas!

Scenes from the Climate Inquisition (The chilling effect of the global warming consensus)

Scholar to address biblical references to homosexuality

Schumer Confesses to Not Understanding Constitution

Scientists Create Brain Cells, Development of Treatments for Alzheimers and Parkinson's

Secret students major in spying

Sedition - You Decide

See Dick talk.See Hanoi Jane talk

Self-inflicted wound (DeLay attacker shoots own foot)

Senate Intelligence Committee Report Debunking Joe Wilson

Senator blames Clinton administration for U.S. intelligence woes

Senator Durbin's trifecta

Sex, lies, secret tape at center of trial [Sex, coccaine & Clinton's (Ray Reggie)]

Shell declares hand, Focused on offshore in Alaska

Shell's Ingenious Approach To Oil Shale Is Pretty Slick

Shocker -- Democrats are Hypocrites on Judicial Nominations

SHOWPREP: Even Kerry Didn't Believe Joe "Throughly Discredited" Wilson [Kerry Dumped His Website]

Silver anniversary for 'Miracle on Ice'

Simple question about WMDs

Simply Templeton: Two Financial Futures for Social Security

Slaves to the Tax State

Social Insecurity

Social Security 'Transition Costs' a Myth, Say Economists

Social Security Financial fitness workout needed

Social Security In Trouble by 2008

Social Security Reform

Social Security Reform

Social Security Reform Won't Boost U.S. Debt

Social Security's Sham Guarantee (workers have no legal contractual/property rights to any benefits)

Soldier breathes life into Iraqi child

Soldier Owes Life to Ballistic Plate - he would like to have it back presented to Rummy as memento

Some Counties Opted Out of Social Security

Some criticize Gore's profits from toxic mining

Something tells me Bush holds all the aces

Sore loser strategy lacking

Soros Network Defiles Ground Zero

Sorry Senator Edwards, but Reeve Didn't Even Believe Kerry Could Make Him Walk!

Sorry, Senator Kerry. I couldn't help myself!

Spend Less, Grow More: A cure for bad tax policy in the Buckeye State.

Spotlight on DeLay reveals others' violations

Staged Attacks!!

State ends year with 540-million dollar surplus (also 42 other states)

State's members of Congress rack up frequent flier miles

Statement By RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman On John Kerry's Appearance On Meet The Press

StocksAtBottom - The Macro Picture at mid-year

Stop begging, Africa ! (Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi tells other African leaders)

Stop Bitching About America (What the Brit cousins REALLY think about America and Dubya)

Strong retail sales calm soft-spot fears

Study Reveals Natural Air Cleaners

Study: TV Show Negative Image of Religion

Stupid Katrina Quotes by Useful Idiots

Sunrise in Alaska

Surprise: Some Democrats Like Scalia (Only 20 May Fight SCOTUS Chief Appointment)

Survey Finds Editorial Coverage of 'Downing Street Memo' Mixed.

Survey: Scientific Misbehavior Is Common

Swift Boat Veteran For Truth John O'Neill Comments on Kerry's 180 'Release'

Take the Krugman 6.5% Challenge: It’s dirty work (not really), but someone has to do it.

Talking Points: Do Liberals Really Listen? - (Dems' reaction to Pres. Iraq speech was shameful!)

Tape Shows General Clark Linking Iraq and Al Qaeda

Tax question? Am I right . . .

Tax-cut canard

TAXES AND ECONOMIC GROWTH-We lose $240 billion to $600 billion every year just because of the way...

Taxing the Rich...A History Lesson

Term paper about 'God' earns student failing grade

Terri Schiavo's belated vindication (Not the MSM version)


Terri transcending the Culture of Death

Thank You, America [Hades Temperature Forty Below]

The "Frist Operation" is the "Byrd Option"


The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities

The 76-cent myth (Do women make less than men? The wage-gap ratio isn't the best gauge)

The Answer To The Question: Why Haven't WE been Hit Again?(Vanity)

The Basics: Fill your tank with vegetable oil

The best man for the job (Pope Benedict XVI)

The Bush Speech Snippets that will Sink the Dems (and that no one is talking about)

The C-Word: Say It (Social Security scam's crisis 2009)

The Civilian Casualty Fable

The Coming Attack on Iran

The constituional option and the soon to be backlash against the dems (vanity)

The Democrat Party's Long and Shameful History of Bigotry and Racism

The ethics warDemocrats throw stones that rebound

The filibusters were unfair, Dems admit - Owen, Brown, and Pryor should never have been filibustered

The FISA Act And The Definition Of 'US Persons'

The FReeper Foxhole Remembers The War Between The States & West Point(1861-1865) - June 8th, 2005

The gas market

The Good News About High Gas Prices(Hope so! LOL)

The Good News and Bad News(War in Iraq)

The Grinch Was a Liberal: How the Left Stole Christmas

The Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV-AIDS Hypothesis (We've been duped!)

The Hidden Tax

The Historical Lessons of Lower Tax Rates

The Ignorance Strategy - (Democrats following George Orwell's "1984" guidelines-Keep 'em stupid!)

The Iraq vote is making me sick this morning (DUmmie rants about Iraqi freedom, supports terrorists)


The Left Exposed (Thanks Oneolcop - You found a GEM - MUST Listen!!!)

The Lesson of Thrift: Personal accounts already work (which might be why the critics are so scared).

The Link Between Gorelick's Wall and the Pentagon

The man who saved the world ( How an Obscure Russian Colonel Prevented Nuclear War in 1983 )

The misleading story of Armstrong Williams.....

The Mother of All Connections(Saddam Hussein's Iraq and al Qaeda)

The Mother of All Connections:A special report on the new evidence of collaboration (MUST READ)

The Mother of all Mismanaged Retirement Plans (Social Sec)

The Mystery of the Insurgency

The Myth of "Price-Gouging"

The Myth Of Spending Cuts For The Poor, Tax Cuts For The Rich

The new face of the Democrats (Deadwood __ Democrats)

The New Science of Race

The Plot Thickens – Matthew Cooper lied.

The Press Lied about Bush ... again

The Reagan Legacy

The Real 'Energy Crisis' Big Oil is getting smaller--and that's bad for America.

The Real Abuse at Guantanamo - (retired Green Beret has this one right on the money!)

The Real Gulag

The Solvency Trap - President Bush calls the Democrats' bluff on Social Security.

The Supreme Court and the Constitution (commentary from 1936)

The Truth about "The Wall" (necessary repost!)

The Truth About Hillary?A reader's guide to the salacious new book.

The Truth About The Confederate Battle Flag

The Wal-Mart Model

The War is Over, and We Won

The Washington Post Bombs Nuclear History

Theodore Roosevelt's ideas on Immigrants and being an AMERICAN in 1907.

There's No Place Like Home: What I learned from my wife's month in the British medical system.

They Were Against It, Before They Were For It (Minn Star Tribune's nuanced position on filibuster)

Things about Iraq

This Day In History | World War IIAugust 7, 1942 U.S. forces invade Guadalcanal

This Day in History,April 18,1775;REVERE AND DAWES RIDE:"One if by land,and two if by sea;"

TIME Magazine "Outs" Top Secret Plans To Protect The President and The Nation

Time to drive green?

Time to privatize social security

Time to Toss The Textbook (Economic ones that is)

TIMELINE (Mohamed el-Amir Awad el-Sayed Atta)

Times circulation climbs to buck trend

Times Square Billboard Declares: 'PETA Kills Animals'

To many, he is a quiet conservative [Boston Globe positive article on John Roberts]

To the Victor Goes the Court

Today I leave for the war (an American deploys to Iraq for the 3rd time)

Today is the 200th anniversary of the capturing of Derna in Tripoli by the Marines.


Trade-Deficit Drivel (The worriers are contradicting themselves all over the place)

Transcript from Fonda's broadcast from Hanoi: 33 years ago

Transcript of Steven Hayes, Chuck Todd and Chris Matthews (911 and Iraq)

TRANSFORMING THE ECONOMY -- PART FIVE-- Money, Inflation, and the U.S. Dollar

Troops Return From Iraq With Money to Burn

Trust, But Verify - (Daily Standard questioning John Kerry's 180 release form; is it complete?)

Truth Scarce During Coretta Scott King Funeral Service

Two W. Pa. Marines killed by mortar fire(Marine dissed by PA Lt. Gov.)

U.S. Christians fight against secular Christmas

U.S. clinic lures Canadians

U.S. economy healthy despite high oil-energy execs

U.S. Economy Strong, If Unappreciated, by Jon Kyl

U.S. has nothing to hang its head about on Gitmo

U.S. Hurricane Strikes by Decade

U.S. Intelligence Found No WMD Evidence

U.S. Layoffs Surge to 17-Month High

U.S. Private International Giving to Developing World Exceeds $62 Billion (Hudson Institute)

U.S. steps up commercial spying

UN calls US response to tsunami disaster "stingy"

Unable to join military, young poet offers thanks


Unemployment Rates Soar in Germany and France

Unexpected revenue allows governor Schwarzenegger to reduce debt, borrowing


United States Trade Deficits: Myth vs Reality

Unsound Transit;In Seattle, you can't hear those rails a-hummin'

URGENT: Looking for a removed PDF from Kerry's web site

US Left: All Straws Clutched, Every Barrel Scraped [must read]

US spy ordered to bring home bin Laden's head on dry ice

USAID: We have Finished 94% of the Project of Supplying with 320 Megawatts

Valerie Plame, Nude! [Was today's Slate article inspired by a FR poster?]

Valerie’s No Victim - Plame put herself into a political place.

Vandals Set Flags, Soldier's Family's Car On Fire

VANITY - Help needed to debunk talking points from re Social Security Reform

Vanity Question: Did the sarin shelf life expire already?

Vet Home removes lighted cross

Victory for the Boy Scouts, Defeat for the ACLU

Video of Dean on Meet the Press

Video of Excellent Honore' Press Conf. (That's 'B.S')3:23

Video of Kerry Leaving Capital on 9-11 from BBC


Vietnam Vets in Iraq see 'Entirely Different War'

Voices From Iraq: 'Democracy Requires Sacrifice'

Vote Fraud, Intimidation & Suppression in the 2004 Presidential Election(You need to read this!)

Wachovia apologizes for historical ties to slavery; Georgia bank cited

Wal-Mart persues Shank's (local family) trust fund

Wall Street Eagerly Awaiting New Earnings

War Critics Have Backing, but Not Much of a Following

Warming? Humans are not to blame (Letter to the Editor)

WARNING: "Greenlighters" targeting US teens for sexual activities.

Was Clinton Expelled From Oxford (Vanity/Question)

Wash. Post Oversamples Blacks To Get Negative Bush Headline-Then Hides That Fact

We Are Not at the End of the Oil Age: ; New Developments Soon Will Increase the World's Supply

WEASEL Clark asking for help from DUmmies before he goes before the House Armed Services Committee!

What happens after North Korea falls? - (one expert predicts the fall before end of '05)

What I Saw at Gitmo


What Media Bias? (Oops, someone leaves their mike on!)

WHAT SENATOR JOHN GLENN SAID (Vanity E-mail i received but worth a read)

What the Founders Really Meant by "Advice & Consent"

What’s Making Us Sick Is an Epidemic of Diagnoses

When Denial Can Kill - ("moderate" Muslim: "our religion MIGHT BE motivating these bombers!" huh?)

When the world faced its greatest crisis, he refused to reveal his plans to take America to war.

When Weakness Is a Strength (A weakening dollar is not necessarily bad)

Where illegals go for driver's license

WHERE IS ROGER CLINTON? - Deadbeat Dad Owes $20,000 Child Support. Please help find him.

Where will the labor defections take us?

White House: Deficit Plummeting to $333B

Who Are Bernard Goldberg's Top 10 Screw-ups?(New book..Al Franken is #37)

Who are the 44 million uninsured?

Who Broke the 'Promise' of Social Security?

Who Dies in Iraq, Where and From What

Who Does Howard Dean Speak for? - (trend growing among Dem leadership away from DNC chairman)

Who Earns the Minimum Wage--Single Parents or Suburban Teenagers?

Who Invented the Politics of Personal Destruction

Who's Being 'Extremist,' Black Conservative Asks

WHOSE INSURGENCY? (91 percent of suicide bombers are foreigners crossing into Iraq)

Why Anti-Smoking Groups Providing Inaccurate Health Information is Unethical

Why I love America, narrated by John Wayne

Why Liberals (and Democrats) should support Social Security reform

Why the Dollar is blooming again

Why the South lost the Civil War

Why the U.S. Needs More Nuclear Power

Why Truman dropped the Bomb (Long but a very interesting read)

Wisdom in Some Really Great Quotes

Words from a Father to a Son Entering Into Service of His Country - (worth pondering for Americans)

WOW (Breakthrough in interpreting Oxyrhynchus Papyri)

You Might Be a Right-Wing Radical If . . .

YOU MUST SEE THIS KILL... You'll feel better afterwards!

“Dollars for Dismissals" -The prosecutor in the DeLay case dropped charges in exchange for cash...

“Save Social Security First”?