Since Jan 18, 2001

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Who is mafree?

I am a strong, independent woman but definitely not a feminist. I like being a woman and I like men.

I'm an American of African or Black descent. Why is someone like me on FR? I am on FR because I basically agree with conservative/ libertarian values. Most of them are the values my family raised me with. I

- I am pro-life. No abortions for any reason.

- I am pro-2nd Amendment.

- I was raised in a traditional nuclear family with a homemaker mother and feel it is the best way for a kid to be raised.

- I would probably homeschool my kids if I had them and I'd be glad to see the DOE abolished.

- I never voted for Klintoon and definitely not for Hellary. I don't like either of them or Sore/Loserman.

- It would be OK with me if the UN packed up and left and the US got out of it.

- The Confederacy had some valid issues and folks can fly any flag they please. Besides, I've known since I was about 12 years old that Lincoln didn't think much of us black folks.

- I hate drugs but I also hate the War On Drugs.

At this time, I belong to no political party. Our family voted Democratic because there was usually no other choice on the ballot, especially in local races. I long ago saw through the Democratic Party and have only voted for one for president the first time I voted in a presidential election.

I have come to see that restoring America and improving conditions in black America require that we embrace the Constitution and the traditional values that built this country. I didn't always view it that way but I do now.

I'd like to see all people have the things they need in life but they have to work to get them and work to take care of them. Anything less is socialism and I don't think that works. I believe too much in freedom to accept socialism and that's why my FR screen name is mafree.