Made In The USA
Since May 27, 2001

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Third generation American. New Yorker by birth, TEXAN by choice.

I believe in the American dream, exceptionalism, capitalism, and that GOD loves even a sinner like me.

Remember 9/11.

Oh yeah, buy American: There was a time when we had GM, Ford, Dodge cars and trucks that screamed our national identity. That land yacht Cadillac with the crazy fins... That little Mustang with a 429SCJ... That big old Dodge 4x4 Powerwagon with a snowplow... Could go on and on. We built cars that were a reflection of a big country, a prosperous nation, proud independent people with the swagger of being #1. Call me nostalgic and oblivious to reality of most US cars not necessarily built here - but my F150 was made in Kansas City and I’d love to have one of those beauties they assemble in Bowling Green, KY. The vehicle produced there is one of the last great reflections of the America I believe we still are.