Made In The USA
Since May 27, 2001

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New Yorker by birth, TEXAN by choice.

I believe in the American dream, exceptionalism, capitalism, and that GOD loves even a sinner like me.

Remember 9/11.

Oh yeah, buy American: There was a time when we had GM, Ford, Dodge cars and trucks that screamed our national identity. That land yacht Cadillac with the crazy fins... That little Mustang with a 429SCJ... That big old Dodge 4x4 Powerwagon with a snowplow... Could go on and on. We built cars that were a reflection of a big country, a prosperous nation, proud independent people with the swagger of being #1. Call me nostalgic and oblivious to reality of US cars not necessarily built here - but I'll still only buy a Big 3. I'd like my next car to have been assembled in Bowling Green, KY. The vehicle produced there is one of the last great reflections of the America I believe we still are.