Since Jul 8, 2004

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"The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time: the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them." - Jefferson

In this statement, Jefferson capsulizes the idea underlying the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

The United States Constitution's Preamble begins with "We, the People." It follows, therefore, that what "We, the People" of 1787 did was to constitute a means of self-government that would:

- be limited by "the People";

- have its powers separated and balanced by "the People";

- contain checks and balances specified by "the People"; and,

- within itself, in Article V, provide the only means for changing that Constitution's protections--"the People".

Inasmuch as the Founders understood the Source, they did not form a government for the purpose of giving or granting them liberty or rights. Of equal importance, however, as their writings indicate, they did not intend to delegate powers to that government that would deprive them of what they knew to be unalienable "Creator-endowed" life, rights, and liberty--as long as they did not violate the lives, rights, and liberties of other citizens.

What a wonderful gift they left for future generations! It became the brightest beacon of liberty the world had ever known, and it has endured for over 200 years!

What will we do with that gift?

Will the beacon continue to shine?

Only if we understand the principles and ideas that the Founders understood and protect them from those who would change "the People's" government in a way that turns upside down the formula they discovered for liberty.

Their formula for liberty was:

- life, rights, liberty, and law go from Creator to individuals, and individuals to government, only individuals able to change it.

The formula for tyranny and oppression is simple:

- grants of rights by government (of whatever combination of imperfect people) to individual, with no public recognition of Creator or Creator's Law.

One idea is authentic, founded on the enduring principles and truth underlying our Declaration and Constitution, and produces liberty and plenty.

The other idea is founded on whatever the power structure of the moment says it is: it is counterfeit and produces misery and want.

Where to, America?