Loud Mime
Since Feb 18, 2005

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I’m a five year veteran of the USAF, three of those years attached to the US Army, so I know the cold, heat, rain, mud, c rations and powdered eggs.

Former Sky-diver with near 500 free fall jumps. All I needed to be an expert was a water jump. I have jumped into an Arizona sand storm and have several 7 man night stars, am a Star Crest recipient and Star Crest Solo award. I started in round canopies, graduated to a Paracommander, then had one of the first airfoil parachutes in Europe. It didn't open the first time I jumped it.

I believe in God, I’m not so much a fan of the many judgmental religious sects with persons who believe they speak for God. I believe in the Commandments and will never count on forgiveness - commandments are commandments, they are NOT suggestions.

Materials about our nation’s history are everywhere. Seek and you shall find. My favorite starter document is George Washington’s Farewell Address. It is free on the Internet.

I have written two books on our Constitution and just completed the third. It is a constitutional combat manual. I anticipate it being out in November. Our great political problems stem from the fact that our educational system stopped teaching what our government SHOULD be doing. Even the press would lose power without the educrats mission.

All political measurements should start from our foundation of law, our Constitution. We are Constitutional centrists, not right wingers.

God will Bless this nation only if we fight for it. Patriotism waged from a hammock using a remote control is useless.

It is now 2021 and the Democrats control the house. We MUST stop their powers at all costs, which means electing any republican possible. Those conservatives who do not see the importance of returning the House to Republican party control are the worst RINOs possible.