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"God Wants to Kill You" (Sermon on Romans 7:1-13)

2006 Gubernatorial Debate: Sarah Palin v. Tony Knowles (video)

2012 Senate Predictions: Republicans Gain 8-10 Seats

An Olympic Event: Live Coverage (Chicago's presentation: Fri-1:45am central time)

Anti-Obama Graffiti Found At Purdue

Audio at CSPAN of Dick Cheney's speech

Axelrod: Obama's 'feeling feisty'

Barack Obama's self-confidence has a worrying flip-side

Bill Ayers: A Piranha in Obama's Mainstream

Bill Gross: This Deal Does Nothing, And We Still Have An "Unfathomable" $66 Trillion In Liabilities

Caption this photo: Zero addresses VFW

change "leaders"

Change Doesn't Come Cheap (1993)

Chaz Bono Gender Reassignment Complete

Computer has lost color.

Congratulations? [Expletive Deleted by Mod]

Congress Is The Change We Need!

Did Obama Cause the Stock Slide? (duh)

Disproof of Global Warming Hype Published

Even Before Obama, I Already Knew That I Could (Well said!)

FNC - unscheduled presser - 0 answering questions now

Freefall for the Euro: EUR/USD 1.2388 And Plunging, Market Liquidity Disappears Again,

Glenn Beck - We Have Been Underestimated Before

How To Have Fun With (DMV) Servants (Humor)

How Will Sheik Obama All Facade, Explain The All CO2 in The Volcano?

IBD/TIPP Presidential Daily Tracking Poll: O47/R44 (D+7)

Is Being a 'Truther' Really a Bad Thing?

Jay-Z Hits McCain/Palin [Real shock - READ COMMENTS!]

Justice Alito's 'You lie' moment?

Liberal Media Bias: MRC's Notable Quotables of 2009 Are Here!

Man asks Hoyer Why Obama Wants ObamaCare in Weeks When He Took Six Months to Pick a Dog? - Video

Mark Steyn: Obama's message of weakness

Media Heresy: Bill Clinton Helped Cause 2008 Financial Crisis

New Agency Proposed to Oversee Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae (September 2003)

New Year's Spirits (Vanity)

NEWSWEEK Poll: Anger Unlikely to Be Deciding Factor in Midterms (RATS are more ticked off?)

Obama Campaign Launches Re-education Camps in Massachusetts

OBAMA GOES AFTER PALIN ON EARMARKS (Speaking to 800 people in Terre Haute, Ind.,)

Obama Is Victim of Bush's Failed Promises

Obama's 100 Mistakes In 100 Days

Obama's Political Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome

Obama: Unemployment likely to keep ticking up

Obamacare’s five flaws


Please Read I Believe The Most Important Post Ever ( Sun Tzu, Lenin and Regionalism)

Police Want to Know Who Left Piano in Massachusetts Forest


Rebecca Johnson: 'I am a liberal, but I'm blown away by Sarah Palin'

Romney: Liberals given too much say in health care [except Romney is a liberal!]

Rush In a Hurry - Free Audio: Rush's Prebuttal to Obama's Infomercial (10/29/08)

SNL Version of Col. Moammar Gadhafi Speech at the U.N. General Assembly 9-24-09

Surgery for Obese Children?: Pediatric Gastic Bypass

The 10 Countries Most Likely To Default

The Irony of His Birth

The President Who Won't Grow Up

The Role of Congress in the Recession of 2008

This Unemployment Brought To You by Barack Hussein Obama

Turn off an idle computer, or leave it running?

Vandals in Hot Water for 'Fixing' Typo on Historic Grand Canyon Sign (What the?)

Victim of the economy story (vanity)

What is the Recession for? (God's perspective)

When a Governor Gets Guts…

Who Wrote Dreams From My Father? (From the author's analysis, Bill Ayers was the ghostwriter!)

Why Is Capitalism So Unpopular?