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A New Era of Credibility

Americans Are Losing The Peace In Eurpoe

Back from Iraq

Blissfully Uneducated(VICTOR DAVIS HANSON)

Candor in Canada

Clinton Quotes to Remember: In Their Own words (with sources)

DaVinci Escapism [Gnosticism is like Liberalism]

Death toll limited before campus gun ban. 5 years ago, shooter subdued by armed students.

Did A Freeper Scam A Nigerian Scammer? (Second Thoughts)

Donning Lincoln's Mantel

Facts On Warrantless Wire Taps:

Fired CBSer Cries Foul (Mary Mapes: names as "the birth of political jihad")

Global Warming on Mars

Guess who's killing animals? Those moral high-grounders, PETA

Harsh treatment of troops probed [Canadian snipers treated like "turncoats", served w/US troops]

How does one go about posting images? (jpeg, gif, etc)

Humanist Manifesto I (Vanity)

I doubt we'll see much "looting" in Texas


Is There More Than A Whiff Of Truth About Gallic Charm

Jane Fonda's 'Coming Out' Party! - (Debbie asks, "coming out where? do WHAT?")

Lefty Site Poster Wants Death And Hurt Upon GOP’ers

Libertarian Party launches TV ads

Lowbridge Scambaiting The 419 Email Scammers (Gloria)

Make Car Insurance Fairer

Man bites hurricane

No to 'compassionate conservatism' - Exclusive: Farah calls for radicals, not status-quo lackys

Off-the-hook hypocrisy: Rep. Waters used to love ‘vulgar’ & ‘outlandish’ protest rallies

Open Letter from African Americans to the Democratic Party


Quest to convict hid a lack of evidence (The Fong's Obituary)

Question Insanity: What to Ask Progressives

Six Inconvenient Truths About Slavery

Tax cuts even liberals might understand.

Texas - have you seen this one?

The Root Idea of Communism and Liberalism

Throwing Stones (Media bias exposed)

Top Racist Democrat Quotes

Understanding History: Slavery and the American South