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ABC’s Fairy-Tale Hillary: Always the assailed, never the assailant

"The photo that started it all" (Can you TRUST the NY Times?)

'How Democrats steal elections'

'MISBEGOTTEN' TIMES (narrowness, Mr. Sulzberger, not width): PINCH'S NON-APOLOGY APOLOGY

'Vince Foster's Gun' Serial Number Searched Before Death


20 Great Google Secrets

25 years after Kemp-Roth


A Question For Scholars Or Bible Know-it-alls...

A Republic IF You Can Keep It

Aging Drugs: Hardest Test Is Still Ahead

Announcing a New Book by Alamo-Girl and betty boop

Are federal income taxes legal?

As Wal-Mart Goes …

Bald Eagle-DDT Myth Still Flying High

Beef Vs. Bagels: Food Companies Take on Dr. Atkins

Bush's "Promises" on Global Warming

Cable Modem & DSL Tuning Tips, Tricks & Software For FR Users.

California: State Government Has Cash Shortage, Surplus of Holidays

Can't Find It? The update to information for freepers

Canadians face LONG waits for health care

Case against secondhand smoke vanishes into thin air

Clinton, McCain on Global Warming

Communist Goals - 1963 Congressional Record

Comparing Free ISP's, wanna free TV tuner card? (Stuff you may need to know)


Conservative Heavyweight: The Remarkable Mind of Robert P. George

Cost of asbestos junk science continues to mount

Cringe-onomics: Did any of the Democratic presidential contenders take Economics 101?

Defending Thomas

Democrats Are Trying to Neutralize Gun Supporters

Dem’s Middle-Class Problem

Dental-Hygiene Tips

Did Anyone See A Recent Posting Concerning the True Political Leanings of the Nazis?

Did you have a happy Kwanzaa?

Discovery of Bach's Bible: over 400 notations

Edward Feser: Why Are Universities Dominated by the Left?

Exclusive: Evidence Obtained In Unabomber Case


Finally,proof:New Deal prolonged the Great Depression, makig it "greater"

Find your "favorite threads" via Google search of Free Republic, profiles

Four Thousand Years of Price Control

Franklin Roosevelt Lied to Us About WMD

Free Republic Hall of Fame Threads

FReeper Canteen ~ One Hit Wonders (Voter Thread) ~ Do You Have A Favorite? ~ 13AUG2005

Getting the lowdown on low-carb bars

Global Warming Hysteria Has Arrived

Good News! Kerry Rescued by New York Times

Google ranks Free Republic's "most popular" posters [Vanity]

GOP = Anti-Civil Rights

Gore's fantasy -- Facts too often ignored by the pro-Kyoto cabal

Government Bureaucracies MUST be Annihilated

Great myths about the great depression [Thomas Sowell]

Group Led By Clinton’s John Podesta Outlines Assault of Conservative Radio

Have You Hugged a Hummer Today?

Hillary Clinton: "We're Going to Take Things Away From You on Behalf of the Common Good"

Hillary Hooey. 35 whoppers from the senator from New York. (With extra cheese.)

Hillary Rodham's Wellesley Commencement Speech


How Bush compares with Hoover on jobs

How can I self search my older comments?

How Clintons took control of federal law enforcement

How Stupid Are We?

How to save youtube videos (and upload them elsewhere)

How to tell if you are a democrat

HTML Bootcamp

I have got to respond to this bit of stupidity! (posted on the Low-Carb newsgroup by DustyB)

Intestinal bacteria may explain obesity

It is time for ZOT!

It's the Economy Stupid!

JFK's fatal head wound: The truth for those who want to know (very graphic)

Joy ride turns nearly fatal (Stolen Viper goes airborne after only 4 blocks)

Judge Orders Group to Stop Promoting Income Tax Evasion

Kerry called timetable

Lexicon of FreeRepublic - 3rd Edition

Limbaugh, Telling of Pill Addiction, Plans to Be Treated (NYT alert)

LIVE SENATE THREAD: "Nuclear Wednesday" for judicial nominations: C-span 2 - 9:30 am EST

Mars scientists wish they had dial-up speed (Some detail on the communications from Mars)

Media Bias Is Real, Finds UCLA Political Scientist

Millions facing pensions 'misery'


Nazis, Communists, Socialists, Fascists - Come and Get Your Founders Anal Gun Exam!

New Chemical Element Discovered - Govermentium

New Delhi's rat catchers remain empty-handed after 10 years

New York Times sooooo wrong about North Korea (Editorial from Oct. 1994)

NEW! bill clinton talks (Virtual deconstruction of a virtual prez) (clinton admission, Clarke, etc.)

Newt Gingrich Reviews Bernard Goldberg's 'Bias'

Nineteen Neglected Consequences of Income Redistribution

Non-Smoking Gun Unravels Cover-Up {evidence of a cover-up on Vincent W. Foster Jr.}

Notable Quotables about Rathergate

Novak: "We're Screwed" Bemoaned One Democrat Privately [ Supreme Court, Justice Anthony Kennedy]

NYT ed: Environmental Rollbacks (Bush reminds them of ......*gasp* ......Reagan!!)

OKC Bombing -- If you know what I know, ...

Old Money, New Money Flee France and Its Wealth Tax

Opinion: I eat my (low carb) words - thin people are more intelligent than fatties

Osama and Saddam Worked Together for Years

Paul Harvey On Guns

Projectile that penetrated M1A1 Abrams Tank still a mystery

Pumping Iron Pyrite

Q: Why is Roe v. Wade not considered constitutional law? (Best answer you will ever read)

RATS Attack Moynihan (the D-NY that Hillary Rodman replaced) Social Security Commission

Remarks by the Vice President at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum

Reply to Jimmy Carter - "Just Cowardly - Or Just Stupid?"

Retirees may get tax break (Government retirees would be exempt from VA state income tax)

Ross record store selling collection of rare vinyl and CDs

Saul Alinsky and DNC Corruption

Scams, Scalawags, and an all-too-gullible Public...famous frauds sold to America

Scorching the earth - Democrats trying to tear down the House to lift themselves up

Secrets of the Dead - The Shroud of Turin

Selfishness is bad, right?

Shocker: Donor List for Rep. Cynthia McKinney in 2001

Soak the Poor

Social Security by the Numbers (from a mutual fund's newsletter)

Social Security lies - Exclusive: Walter Williams reveals agency's historic deceptions

Social Security Reform: Extend or Unwind a Ponzi Scheme?

Social Security's Sham Guarantee (workers have no legal contractual/property rights to any benefits)

South Dakota Suspicions

Studies Prove... (Thomas Sowell)

Substance in Red Wine Could Extend Life, Study Says


Supercolony of ants spans thousands of miles

Surprise! Nancy Pelosi is really, and officially, a self-confessed Socialist!

Surprise, surprise: The lottery rifles the pockets of the poor

Tests Reveal Amesbury Archer "King Of Stonehenge' Was A Settler From The Alps

The 10 Regions of US Politics [really nice bit of election results scholarship]

The 50 Worst Cars of All Time



The killing machine that is Marxism

The Left Coast May Implode

The Marxist origins if Hitlerean Hate

The Mob That Whacked Jersey - How rapacious government withered the Garden State

The Myth Behind "Separation of Church and State"

The new improved TRASH COMPACTOR . . . If it's trash you want you'll find it here . . . all the lat

The Oklahoma City Bombing - Glenn and Kathy Wilburn - Links

The Re-Emergence of Hillary Rodham Clinton

The Real Military Record of George W. Bush: Not Heroic, but Not AWOL, Either-The Original Story

The Ten Great Myths in the Debate Over Stem Cell Research

The True History of Palestine: The Nation-State Fallacy

The Truth about the War

The Way We Tax; A 50-State Report (interesting site)

Top 10 Democratic Lies

Top US Marginal Income Tax Rates, 1913--2003

Transcript: President Clinton explains Iraq strike [He insists on WMD in Iraq! A MUST READ!]

Tree Man 'Who Grew Roots' May Be Cured

TV's One-Sided Global Warming Nonsense

Vanity: Free Republic controlled by the RNC; Rove/Bush muzzle dissenters; mistreat FReepers

VET DROPS BIG BOMB ON KERRY!! Phoenix Program Vietnam Vet Urges Kerry To Come Clean


Voter Fraud! It Doesn’t Get Any More Blatant Than This !

What Arctic Warming?

What Is a Neo-Conservative Anyway?


What's More Sacred, Marriage or the Constitution?

When the Dungeon Doors Swing Open...

Who is Antonio Gramsci? You Better Learn!!!

Why Democrats Are The Radicals On Filibustering

Why the Trash You Sort Isn't Getting Recycled

William Rehnquist totally destroys "Separation of Church and State" myth

Willpower is best used with care