Since Oct 14, 2002

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I am "Hollywood entrepreneur" Peter Paul. My relentless efforts to do what the Congress, Ken Starr, Richard Scaife and Larry Klayman have spent tens of millions of dollars and 10 years doing unsuccessfully - stopping the Clintons from usurping absolute power in America, officially began in February, 2001. It was then that I became the Mother of All Whistleblowers. That is when I discovered the fraud that the Clintons perpetrated on the FEC and the voters of New York. They failed to report my "$1.9 million " personal contribution to Hillary's Senate campaign.

I realized that I would be considered an aider and abettor, or co-conspirator, in the Clintons' directing of a multi million dollar campaign finance fraud that ensured Hillary's election to the US Senate. In March, 1971, I began presenting evidence to Justice Department officials, of the Clinton/DNC Chairman Rendell collaboration to induce, misreport, cover up and obstruct the federal investigation into my $2 million plus collective contribution to the DNC and Hillary's Senate campaign.

Between June, 2001 and the present, I have been destroyed by the whistle blower process I have become dedicated to succeeding with. While my family fortune has been annihilated, my resolve to hold the Clintons accountable for their political and financial crimes has increased in direct proportion. That resolve is reflected in my chronicle at and the Hillary Clinton Accountability Project at

So far, I have succeeded in bringing the first ever civil suit against a President and Senator for fraud and coercion. The California Supreme Court ratified the merit of my claims by denying Clinton lawyer David Kendall's appeals to dismiss my case against the Clintons, thereby ensuring the case will proceed to trial.

I have succeeded in causing the first indictment and criminal trial of a Senator's finance director for election fraud when the Office of Public Integrity indicted and tried Hillary's finance director David Rosen for election fraud in 2005. As 2006 begins, my attorneys at US Justice Foundation,, are preparing to commence discovery on the Clintons, DNC Chair Ed Rendell and many celebrity witnesses, assuring that Hillary Clinton will finally be required to testify under oath about her role in the largest campaign finance fraud on record.

In the late 1970's I was a celebrated International Lawyer and dedicated anti-Communist/anti-Castro activist based in Miami and President of the Miami World Trade Center designed by I.M.Pei. My efforts to topple Fidel Castro and stop Castro's guerilla insurgency throughout Latin America, in association with various intelligence agencies, TWENTY FIVE TEARS AGO was resulted in a three year prison term for conspiring to defraud the enemy Cuban government and possession of cocaine.

The media and Clinton supporters in the Justice Department, aided by law firms and brokerage firms including Merrill Lynch and Skadden Arps,who themselves are hiding their own criminal wrongdoing in connection with my public company Stan Lee Media, have successfully managed to assassinate my character in the media. My media depiction as a friend of Presidents, acclaimed media and internet guru and collaborator with Chief Justice Warren Burger and President Ronald Reagan, was changed overnight to that of a convicted felon, an ex-con involved in criminal activity twenty five years ago who has done nothing of any note since then. My role as producer of Ronald Reagan's Welcome Home Dinner ten days before he left the White House, and collaborator with Reagan in various educational projects was erased from the media's memory

I was induced by DNC Chair Ed Rendell in April, 2000, and President Clinton in July, 2000, to make multi-million dollar contributions to the DNC and Hillary's Senate campaign as a means to hire Bill Clinton's post White House rainmaking services for my public company, Stan Lee Media. My sole objective was to build a global media empire for my best friend and American pop culture icon, Spider Man creator Stan Lee. Because he was 80 years old and time was of the essence, the prospect of using a popular ex-President to accelerate the partnership building and financing of a global counterpart to Disney for adolescents online, was compelling enough for me to commit $2 million of my own resources, at the direction and eventual coercion of Bill and Hillary Clinton and Rendell.

Robert Novak began reporting in June, 2001, how the Clinton appointed US Attorneys and newly established Bush Justice Department were ignoring my presentations of evidence of Clinton Senate campaign crimes. In June, 2001, ABC 20/20 broadcast an investigative report corroborating my claims of Clinton crimes.

I asociated Judical Watch and Larry Klayman when no major law firm would represent me against the Democratic Party, the Clintons, Merrill Lynch, Paine Webber, AND a renegade, corrupt OC strike force of the FBI, without themselves being coerced or compromised by one or all the potent groups I challenged and demanded accountability from. see

In March, 2005 I parted with Judicial Watch under very unfortunate circumstances created by them as a means to keep the millions they received from more than 300,000 supporters who have rallied to help my whistle blowing. Judicial Watch abandoned my cases in mid-representation because I would not sign a release for their more than four years of deceptive practices in fund raising and legal representation.

In April, 2005 I associated US Justice Foundation, and Gary Kreep, who for 27 years has been a major principled and ethical force in public interest lawyering. He is now the new activist attorney challenging the DNC's efforts to dismantle the Republican leadership in Congress with ethics issues while the DNC hierarchy conspires with and aids and abetts the Clintons in committing the largest campaign finance fraud on record in dealing with my $1.9 million plus in contributions to Hillary's Senate campaign AND the DNC's Al Gore committee.

Any support for Gary Kreep and the US Justice Foundation will help ensure that my landmark civil case will succeed in finally holding Hillary Clinton accountable and stopping her return to the White House.