Since Dec 25, 1999

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Here's a link to my youtube channel. 63 year old Conservative Christian. Avid OU SOONER fan.

Retired after 33 years in oil and gas industry. Acquired real estate license recently.

I'm a big music fan. Have a small recording studio. Musician since age 8. Guitar, Drums, Base, Mandolin, harmonica, banjo, some keyboards.

Was a Freerepublic member for about a year under the name one_fundie before getting Kjam22 registered.

Split time between Oklahoma City suburb and our cattle ranch in SE Oklahoma. 125 acres part wooded and part pasture.

Mrs Kjam22 and I in the snow ski days... E022-D46-C-2-D11-44-E8-B73-A-D793-D5-A2506-D .. B8-F33193-6-D62-46-E7-A7-E1-8-B324-BA28531