Since Dec 25, 1999

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Here's a link to my youtube channel. 60 year old Conservative Christian. Avid OU SOONER fan.

Semi-Retired after 33 years in oil and gas industry. Acquired real estate license recently. Seems like a nice semi-retired past time.

I'm a big music fan. Musician since age 8. Guitar, Drums, Base, Mandolin, harmonica, banjo, some keyboards.

Was a Freerepublic member for about a year under the name one_fundie before getting Kjam22 registered.

Live in Oklahoma City suburb.... Have small home recording studio. "Crank It Up Studios"

We own a little ranch in SE Oklahoma. Cattle, barns, house, shop, river, two ponds, pasture, woods etc.... I think we get closer to closing up shop and moving down there every day.

Right now...when we're not at the ranch feeding the cows and doing various chores..... I play golf around noon and listen to Rush on IHeart Radio.

So far this country has survived 8 years of the Obama Traitor Administration.... we must be stronger than a lot of us thought we were.

Favorite Quote: "You know, I believe we each have two lives. The life we learn with, and the life we live with after that" By Iris