Since Feb 12, 2004

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I am a CPA living in the outer suburbs of Memphis. I am transplanted from the hills of Eastern Kentucky. I get through my day with God, Family, FR, and sports (in that order).

Here are a few basis of my beliefs:

Proverbs 24:30-34. (look it up)

10 Great Things
What to love about the United States.
By Dinesh D’Souza

1. America provides an amazingly good life for the ordinary guy

2. America offers more opportunity and social mobility than any other country, including the countries of Europe:

3. Work and trade are respectable in America, which is not true elsewhere

4. America has achieved greater social equality than any other society

5. People live longer, fuller lives in America

6. In America the destiny of the young is not given to them but created by them

7. America has gone further than any other society in establishing equality of rights

8. America has found a solution to the problem of religious and ethnic conflict that continues to divide and terrorize much of the world

9. America has the kindest, gentlest foreign policy of any great power in world history

10. America, the freest nation on earth, is also the most virtuous nation on earth