Kimberly GG
Since Oct 6, 2004

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Battalion Grunt & Researcher, The Anti-John Kerry Pajamahadeen
Thank you Swifties/POWs/MIAs!!!!
My thanks and gratitude to those who've served and are serving our country. We have soldiers, this very day, fighting for and dying for all that our Flag represents.....all the while, our nation is being systematically destroyed from within. For that reason, my home Flag will continue to fly in DISTRESS with a Gadsden flag beneath it until all communists, marxists, maoists, and socialists are OUT of OUR White House and our Republic restored.

My name is Kimberly GG and I reside in Columbus Ohio. I have three young adult sons of whom I am very proud to say the least.
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I've adopted a maltese mix named Baylee whom I adore and 'babysit' a poodle named PJ.

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I am early retired due to disabilities not limited to, but including... severe RLS/PLMD (restless leg syndrome/periodic movement disorder) and severe fibromyalgia. If you see me posting late at night, it's because I get little or no sleep. No REM anyway. If you could see me at night, you'd swear I have tourette's syndrome. I dog sit during the day and am an antique/vintage furniture painter, both as my disabilities will allow.

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Please note that if you post to or pm me and get no reply, it is most likely because I have missed the post. Cognitive function is impaired due to long term sleep deprivation and it can make me cranky, lol, so I apologize for any posts reflecting it. If you've met me on FR, it has most likely been on the anti-illegal immigration/border security/North American Union threads. I am passionate about the issue and IMO, without an effectively secure border, the very sovereignty and security of our country are at stake and we stand to lose the WOT in our own backyards. I believe that the success of McCain as our nominee is tragic and I stand ready to fight against Amnesty of any kind for any illegal aliens. I volunteered as the Ohio contact and organizer for the 2007 Let Freedom Ring's MARCH TO TAKE BACK AMERICA at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus.

"According to a report released in late 2006 by the House Committee of Homeland Security, up to 10 MILLION PEOPLE entered the United States illegally and un-inspected LAST YEAR."

Thats right....last year ALONE, 10 MILLION!!! Knowing this, does the government expect us to believe that there were only 2 million total, prior to 06? Why do they and the media continue to lie about the numbers?


15 SUSPECTED GANG MEMBERS ARRESTED (Columbus, Ohio...just minutes from me)
Latino gang MS-13 the target of raids
Friday, December 12, 2008 11:05 PM

Thanks to freeper AuntB for the following: DID YOU KNOW? According to the (2000) U.S. Census Bureau, AMNESTY for 12 to 18 million illegal aliens would be equal to the combined populations of the States of:




North Dakota,

South Dakota,



Rhode Island,


New Hampshire,




West Virginia,

New Mexico,


and the District of Columbia

BREAKING: UN IPCC Official Admits 'We Redistribute World's Wealth By Climate Policy'

MUSIC AND DANCE ARE THE THREADS THAT WEAVE THE FABRIC OF MY LIFE. I am always in search of new music and new artists from around the world. Have a favorite...send me a link!

A few of my favorites:

South Korea's TVXQ

South Korea's SUPER JUNIOR:

France's CHRISTOPHE MAE (Le Roi Soleil)

Scotland's K.T. Tunstall (one gal band)

Australia's JP (James Parino)/OUTLiER

Britian's Olly Murs

U.K.'s ROBBIE WILLIAMS (one of the most versatile and talented performers in the world

"From most accounts, Robbie Williams' appearance at Knebworth over three August nights in 2003 wasn't just the largest concert in British music history (reportedly 375,000 attended over the course of the weekend), but a display of Williams' mastery of an audience and a confirmation that, American listeners aside, he's one of the biggest pop stars in the world."

Am also quite taken with the talent of Jason Mraz, DMB, Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, Adam Lambert, and always, Michael Jackson.

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