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I’m a big tent republican.
Here’s an analogy to work with. Take a small box and fill it with some rocks. Then add some rice, filling it to the top. Now take all the same stuff, but in a different order. Put in the rice first, then add the rocks.
What you’ll find is that if you put in the big stuff first, the small stuff will fit around it. But if you put in the small stuff first, the big stuff won’t have room. The republican tent is the box. The Big issues are the socon issues, to be put in first. The little issues are things that can be accommodated around the bigger stuff. A candidate who tries to focus on the smaller issues first and leave out the bigger issues has no way of getting all of us into the tent. He splits the party. The candidate who gets the big stuff right and as much of the little stuff that will fit, he can fit more into the tent.
We’re often amazed at how much rice can keep fitting in. Folks such as Rudy or Romney flunk some of the big issues, and on some of the little issues it looks to me like anyone else’s rice would do just as well. All that remains for us to agree on is which are the bedrock principles and which are not.
Why would there be so much invective aimed at rudy or romney from the right? Because there are some bedrock principles that he is leaving out. Bad move. I see rudybot and romneybot postings all the time saying that they would vote for Hunter or Palin, and I see socon postings that say they would not vote for rudy or romney.
That’s a BIG indicator of a few bedrock principles that are being left outside the tent in order to let in some rice.


Sung to the tune of ‘Oh! Susanna, don’t you cry for me. ‘

.... ‘Oh, no Bama, please don’t lie to me... for I’m off to Free Republic with a laptop on my knee.

I come from Minnesota with my laptop on my knee; | I’m goin’ to Free Republic my true love for to see. | It rained all night the day you left, | the weather it was dry; | The sun so hot you froze to death, | Obama don’t you lie. | | Oh! No Bama, don’t you lie to me; | I come from Minnesota, with my laptop on my knee.

I had a dream the other night, | When everything was still; | I thought I saw Obama dear, | A-coming for The Hill. | The smearing lie was in Duluth, | The croc tear in his eye, | Said I, I’m coming for the truth | Obama don’t you lie. | | Oh! No Bama, don’t you lie to me; | I’m off to Free Republic, | with my laptop on my knee.

I fight in my pajamas, | It’s plain for all to see. | I aim to be the next Buckhead; | The media all hate me. | I fell in love with Sarah | When my sister bit a moose. | The Guvnor’s family ate it up | And then they set it loose. | | Oh! No Bama, don’t you lie to me; | I’m off to Free Republic, | with my laptop on my knee.

She loves her sons, she likes her guns, | and Triggernometry. | The media will jump the shark | When she makes history. | Well, JimRob knows she’ll pave the trolls | So controversially, | And Berg will knock Obama down | With friends of Hillary. | | Oh! No Bama, don’t you lie to me; | I’m off to Free Republic with a laptop on my knee.

I soon will be in Hawaii, | And then I’ll look all ‘round, | And when I find his birth record, | I’ll fall upon the ground. | But if I do not find it, | This Freeper’ll surely die, | And when I’m dead and buried, | Obama don’t you lie. | | Oh! No Bama, don’t you cry for me; | I’m off to Free Republic with a laptop on my knee.

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To: Jim Robinson
If they take the case and discover that he’s not a natural born citizen then they should declare him ineligible and call for a new election.
***Calling for a new election wouldn’t be constitutional. The 20th amendment calls out the constitutional process if the PE fails to qualify.
20th Amendment Sct3: ‘if the President elect shall have failed to qualify” 12/09/2008 9:59:02 AM
PST · by Kevmo · 79 replies · 1,825+ views Constitution of the United States
^ | January 23, 1933 | US Constitution

199 posted on 01/12/2009 1:00:45 PM PST by Kevmo ( It's all over for this Country as a Constitutional Republic. ~Leo Donofrio, 12/14/08)
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And another interesting Certifigate exchange:

To: Jim Robinson
Those who wish to work us against us and or troll us on this will probably find themselves sitting it out for the duration. FR will not be an anti-Cruz site.

Jim, with all due respect, I am not nor have I ever been anti-Cruz and I do not understand why such a claim is being leveled against me.

If others here believe that I am anti-Cruz and have reported as such to you, then I submit they have misinterpreted my remarks.

And, if you are going to ban me for expressing an honest opinion, please say so. 301 posted on 10/29/2013 5:14:22 PM PDT by DustyMoment (Congress - another name for the American politburo!!)
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To: DustyMoment

If you’re going to seriously claim that Ted Cruz is ineligible, then I don’t need you here. Period.

303 posted on 10/29/2013 5:17:51 PM PDT by Jim Robinson (Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God!!)

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20th Amendment Sct3: "if the President elect shall have failed to qualify" 12/09/2008 9:59:02 AM PST · by Kevmo · 79 replies · 1,825+ views Constitution of the United States ^ | January 23, 1933 | US Constitution


01000110 01110101 01101110 00100000 01000010 01101001 01101110 01100001 01110010 01111001 00100000 01000011 01101111 01101110 01110110 01100101 01110010 01110100 01100101 01110010

Fun Binary Converter < >

Revelation 13 (New International Version) Revelation 13

15He was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that it could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed. 16 He also forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, 17 so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name. 18This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number. His number is 666.

___________________________________________________________________ I’ve been pro-gun since I realized it was a right protected in our 2nd amendment, since I was a child.

I was gonna start building a gun collection in the 1980s. But then I saw this movie scene when Red Dawn came out. A chilled hush ran through the theatre.

I thought about that movie for 3 days. I decided I would never be on anyone’s list of gun owners.

I was vindicated in this decision when a Newspaper sparked outrage for publishing names, addresses of gun permit holders

And my decision was once again vindicated in the town I live in — San Jose, CA passed law requiring gun owners to get liability insurance


I’ve posted this in a couple of places and it doesn’t seem to get much more than a yawn, even though it’s kinda-sorta an incremental approach.

I believe a fetus is a human being who deserves protection under the law from being killed.
***I do too. That fetus deserves protection extended by the state.

I do wonder if it is biblical to extend ‘full” protection to a fetus? I.e. when a man hurts a pregnant woman, he’s expected to pay an eye for an eye & a tooth for a tooth. But if the unborn baby is killed, the price is not the same.

Perhaps it is time to consider a 3 (or even 4) tiered system of protection.

Tier 1: Living, viable, late term baby which will not be aborted unless the life of the mother is at stake.

Tier 2: Living, not-yet-viable pre-born human who should have the right to protection and life and a safe womb to which it can attain viability. Cannot be aborted unless there is an open rape case associated with the pregnancy or the life of the mother is at stake.

Tier 3: Living, early stage, not yet viable pre-born human for whom we do not extend the rights of life in this society because of a historical snag where we once considered such tissue not to be a baby. We as a society thought it was best to consider it a private decision. I personally do not believe in Tier3 abortions, but I can understand that there are many who think it is a ‘right to choose” at this stage. It may be time to consider a program where the woman declares her pregnancy and intent to abort. Our societal function at this point would be to provide a family that is willing to adopt this baby and to put up this woman for 6-8 months in a safe environment so the baby can grow and maybe the woman can learn some life skills. If our society cannot muster the forces necessary to save this baby, the woman has the sickening ‘right” to abort this pregnancy. Time for us to put up or shut up.

With a 3-tiered plan in place, women would stop using abortion as a means of birth control. Millions of lives would be saved. We would extend the right to life to every human that we have resources to save. Unfortunately, if we cannot put up the resources to save the Tier3 babies, we still would have this horrible practice staining our nation’s soul.

125 posted on 10/08/2007 1:43:20 PM PDT by Kevmo (We should withdraw from Iraq -- via Tehran. And Duncan Hunter is just the man to get that job done.)
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I proposed a Shallow Exponent Flat Tax.
Something like Tax = 10% X {[Income]^1.05}
but with the flat tax coefficient more like 2.4 and the exponent more like 1.13......



I have suggested in the past that JimRob could license the PLATFORM. DISQUS did exactly that, licensing it out to whomever would pay and not caring what was said on their platform because it was truly a disqussion platform not a publishing entity. They have amassed about 150 MILLION subscribers in less than a decade. FR's platform is superior. It would mean the end of FReepathons.

It would be like when Ray Kroc got the franchise rights to the McDonald's brothers restaurant. They were interested in keeping their original 2 restaurants homey and smalltown. Ray expanded the whole PLATFORM to a global corporation and the 2 brothers simply got checks in the mail while still maintaining their original 2 restaurants. Having a global franchise named after them did not change the atmosphere of the original restaurants.


How to Measure Media Bias on a Regular Basis?


The problem isn't racism. Race cannot be changed. The problem is Culture. Culture is the thing that can be changed. None of us, including obambam, and others can change the color of their skin but we can change our culture we choose to uphold. The key is to uphold positive aspects of our own and others' culture, and reduce the negative aspects.

img src = ""

Some cultures are superior to others. An example is San Diego vs. Tijuana. They're 5 miles apart, separated by a simple fence. On one side is a shiitehole and on the other is a pleasant enough place to live. Same climate, same location, the only difference is that fence that separates 2 distinct cultures -- one of which millions of people clamor to get into and the other of which people try to get out of.

Even obambam is culturist: "Parents have to... eradicate the slander that says a black youth with a book is acting white." ~Barack Obama , 2004 Democratic National Convention

img src = ""

Serenity prayer approach to racism:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change like Race

the courage to change the things I can like Culture

the wisdom to know the difference like the difference between Race and Culture.



Here’s how I think primaries should be organized:

My suggestion is basically to hold the first primary in the state that has the highest percentage of GOP votes in the last election, the 2nd primary in the 2nd highest, and so on. 2 primaries a week for 25 weeks, with the last primaries being the suckup-to-the-democrats. And the democrats could easily have their primary schedule the same way, if they wanted.

This way, if a state is 60% republican, there is still incentive for them to get out the vote for 61% republican so they can bump up their state in the primary schedule.

Also: Rotate all the states (even the big ones) through an early schedule so that everyone gets access at some point to the front line.


Let each state bid when they want their primary to take place. The earlier the primary, the fewer the delegates they control according to some logarithmic or steep curve formula.

18 posted on Thursday, January 31, 2008 9:55:08 AM by Kevmo (We need to get rid of the Kennedy Wing of the Republican Party. ~Duncan Hunter)

Second thing is the order of the primaries should be determined by the percentage of republicans in the last vote. The higher the %pubbie, the sooner the state appears on the primary schedule, with a mix of big & little states and our staunchest republican states get to go FIRST.

24 posted on Friday, September 04, 2009 8:52:29 PM by Kevmo (So America gets what America deserves - the destruction of its Constitution. ~Leo Donofrio, 6/1/09)
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Here's what I wrote on the subject of Iran, Iraq & Afghanistan a while back.

To: NormsRevenge
We SHOULD withdraw from Iraq -- via Tehran.

Here’s how I think we should ‘pull out of Iraq.” Add one more front to the scenario below, which would be a classic amphibious beach landing from the south in Iran, and it becomes a ‘strategic withdrawal” from Iraq. And I think the guy who would pull it off is Duncan Hunter.

How to Stand Up to Iran
Posted by Kevmo to TomasUSMC
On News/Activism 03/28/2007 7:11:08 PM PDT • 36 of 36

Split Iraq up and get out
***The bold military move would be to mobilize FROM Iraq into Iran through Kurdistan and then sweep downward, meeting up with the forces that we pull FROM Afghanistan in a 2-pronged offensive. We would be destroying nuke facilities and building concrete fences along geo-political lines, separating warring tribes physically. At the end, we take our boys into Kurdistan, set up a couple of big military bases and stay awhile. We could invite the French, Swiss, Italians, Mozambiqans, Argentinians, Koreans, whoever is willing to be the police forces for the regions that we move through, and if the area gets too hot for these peacekeeper weenies we send in military units. Basically, it would be learning the lesson of Iraq and applying it.

15 rules for understanding the Middle East

Rule 8: Civil wars in the Arab world are rarely about ideas -- like liberalism vs. communism. They are about which tribe gets to rule. So, yes, Iraq is having a civil war as we once did. But there is no Abe Lincoln in this war. It’s the South vs. the South.

Rule 10: Mideast civil wars end in one of three ways: a) like the U.S. civil war, with one side vanquishing the other; like the Cyprus civil war, with a hard partition and a wall dividing the parties; or c) like the Lebanon civil war, with a soft partition under an iron fist (Syria) that keeps everyone in line. Saddam used to be the iron fist in Iraq. Now it is us. If we don’t want to play that role, Iraq’s civil war will end with A or B.

Let’s say my scenario above is what happens. Would that military mobilization qualify as a ‘withdrawal” from Iraq as well as Afghanistan? Then, when we’re all done and we set up bases in Kurdistan, it wouldn’t really be Iraq, would it? It would be Kurdistan.


I have posted in the past that I think the key to the strategy in the middle east is to start with an independent Kurdistan. If we engaged Iran in such a manner we might earn back the support of these windvane politicians and wussie voters who don’t mind seeing a quick & victorious fight but hate seeing endless police action battles that don’t secure a country.

I thought it would be cool for us to set up security for the Kurds on their southern border with Iraq, rewarding them for their bravery in defying Saddam Hussein. We put in some military bases there for, say, 20 years as part of the occupation of Iraq in their transition to democracy. We guarantee the autonomy of Iraqi Kurdistan as long as they don’t engage with Turkey. But that doesn’t say anything about engaging with Iranian Kurdistan. Within those 20 years the Kurds could have a secure and independent nation with expanding borders into Iran. After we close down the US bases, Kurdistan is on her own. But at least Kurdistan would be an independent nation with about half its territory carved out of Persia. If Turkey doesn’t relinquish her claim on Turkish Kurdistan after that, it isn’t our problem, it’s 2 of our allies fighting each other, one for independence and the other for regional primacy. I support democratic independence over a bullying arrogant minority.

The kurds are the closest thing we have to friends in that area. They fought against Saddam (got nerve-gassed), they’re fighting against Iran, they squabble with our so-called ally Turkey (who didn’t allow Americans to operate in the north of Iraq this time around).

It’s time for them to have their own country. They deserve it. They carve Kurdistan out of northern Iraq, northern Iran, and try to achieve some kind of autonomy in eastern Turkey. If Turkey gets angry, we let them know that there are consequences to turning your back on your ‘friend” when they need you. If the Turks want trouble, they can invade the Iraqi or Persian state of Kurdistan and kill americans to make their point. It wouldn’t be a wise move for them, they’d get their backsides handed to them and have eastern Turkey carved out of their country as a result.

If such an act of betrayal to an ally means they get a thorn in their side, I would be happy with it. It’s time for people who call themselves our allies to put up or shut up. The Kurds have been putting up and deserve to be rewarded with an autonomous and sovereign Kurdistan, borne out of the blood of their own patriots.

Should Turkey decide to make trouble with their Kurdish population, we would stay out of it, other than to guarantee sovereignty in the formerly Iranian and Iraqi portions of Kurdistan. When one of our allies wants to fight another of our allies, it’s a messy situation. If Turkey goes ‘into the war on Iran’s side” then they ain’t really our allies and that’s the end of that.

I agree that it’s hard on troops and their families. We won the war 4 years ago. This aftermath is the nation builders and peacekeeper weenies realizing that they need to understand things like the ‘15 rules for understanding the Middle East”

This was the strategic error that GWB committed. It was another brilliant military campaign but the followup should have been 4X as big. All those countries that don’t agree with sending troups to fight a war should have been willing to send in policemen and nurses to set up infrastructure and repair the country.

What do you think we should do with Iraq?

Posted by Kevmo to Blue Scourge
On News/Activism 12/12/2006 9:17:33 AM PST • 23 of 105

My original contention was that we should have approached the reluctant ‘allies” like the French to send in Police forces for the occupation after battle, since they were so unwilling to engage in the fighting. It was easy to see that we’d need as many folks in police and nurse’s uniforms as we would in US Army unitorms in order to establish a democracy in the middle east. But, since we didn’t follow that line of approach, we now have a civil war on our hands. If we were to set our sights again on the police/nurse approach, we might still be able to pull this one off. I think we won the war in Iraq; we just haven’t won the peace.

I also think we should simply divide the country. The Kurds deserve their own country, they’ve proven to be good allies. We could work with them to carve out a section of Iraq, set their sights on carving some territory out of Iran, and then when they’re done with that, we can help ‘negotiate” with our other ‘allies”, the Turks, to secure Kurdish autonomy in what presently eastern Turkey.

That leaves the Sunnis and Shiites to divide up what’s left. We would occupy the areas between the two warring factions. Also, the UN/US should occupy the oil-producing regions and parcel out the revenue according to whatever plan they come up with. That gives all the sides something to argue about rather than shooting at us.

38 posted on Thursday, July 12, 2007 3:55:19 PM by Kevmo (We need to get away from the Kennedy Wing of the Republican Party ~Duncan Hunter)

I have been advocating for several years a policy I call ‘embaseees’. Embassy + AirBase —> EmBASEeees. The emBASEee strategee. We go into a terrorist country, clear out their taliban equivalent, then withdraw to very large Embassies, perhaps 3 of them. Have them big enough to encompass a military airbase where we can use it for decades on end to conduct anti-terrorism operations. As long as the ‘host’ country aint killing Americans then we let them have self-sovereignty. Kind of like how we operated in the Phillipines for decades. We could even have an intermediate zone that we patrol but it would be autonomous. Let them have their taste of freedom. A referendum every 10 years to see how large the boundaries of the intermediate autonomous zone should be.

One of Trump’s expressions that made me think he would be different was when he said stuff like “Bomb the shiite out of them and take their oil to pay for it.”

If we send in American boots on the ground, we damned well better be negotiating American Land as the thing to fight for. Big, sweeping American EmBASEees along the border between Russia and Ukraine. A Lend Lease project. Americans fighting for American land. For generations we could use that land to build airports and fight terrorism in that region. I would call it the BBudapest AAgreement LLend LLease program because it would take BALLs.

Update: The mods pulled this thread, it can be seen either on the wayback machine or over here:


Posted by Kevin OMalley to nickcarraway On News/Activism
01/12/2005 12:07:37 PM PST · 17 of 25
Here is my swag on what is going to happen in Taiwan, posted on an earlier thread,
‘China Rapidly Modernizes for War With U.S.”.

1) The one-child policy has created a testosterone-rich generation the likes of which no one on earth has ever seen. China will have an entire army of what they call ‘little dictators” who have few prospects of finding women, and they will be very aggressively pushing their old-guard superiors for action on the Taiwan issue. The final straw will be that they’ll be promised wives when they invade Taiwan.

2) Their army is as much as 200 Million strong, which was the size predicted in Revelation in the Bible, called ‘The Kings of the East.” They can afford casualties in the range of 10 million, which is 5 times bigger than our army ever was. China has some unfinished business with Vietnam, having fought to a standoff in 1979. They might do a run through Vietnam first so that their troups are more battle-hardened and arrogant, knowing that the US didn’t exactly win there. The added bonus is they get one of the largest warm water ports in the world.

3) Taiwan has never declared independence. It’s not like the brave Estonians standing up to Russia when communism fell. They’re like an impudent child claiming to have sovereignty over China. Their fatal miscalculation is that they know they’ll need Americans to fight for them if they are in a war, but Americans will be reluctant to shed blood for an ally that didn’t have the courage to declare independence until they were invaded on an ‘internal dispute”. The chinese will hammer away at this in the press.

4) Chinese weapons policy has been to cycle through older generations of weaponry and stay about one generation behind the latest stuff. They sold their old silkworm missiles to the Iranians and used that money to upgrade their newer missiles, which are inferior to US missiles but they only need to be functional. The plan is to overwhelm defenses with superior numbers. No ship can stand up to 50 supersonic silkworm missiles aimed at it. They have similar tactics for other systems, such as anti aircraft missiles.

5) The chinese went up against Americans in Korea. They sent in 300 thousand infantry up against a much smaller American force. The key was that they only had rifles for about 1 in 5 personnel. So they would tell one to go as far as he could till he got shot, then the 2nd one would pick up the rifle & keep charging, and so on. Today, every one of those infantrymen has an automatic rifle. They are not as well equipped as their US counterparts but they can afford a lot of casualties. Vietnam, Iraq, Somalia and other engagements proved that you can’t replace feet on the ground with air superiority. No matter how advanced the air force is nor how many smart bombs get dropped, the US won’t be able to dislodge a standing army without sending in massive troup numbers and experiencing casualties. If our press made a big deal about losing 1000 US soldiers in Iraq, they’ll have a heydey with 500 thousand casualties. Seeing the press reaction emboldens the Chinese.

6) China is building a blue-water navy including submarines. They might be able to achieve a standoff in the surrounding ocean, limiting the ability to resupply american troups while the chinese troups will pillage Taiwan. Once America loses 2 nuclear powered aircraft carriers (with the resulting radioactive plumes), the calculation is that the U.S. will lose stomach for more fighting.

7) The trick to defeating these strategies with minimal casualties will be special forces operating in Taiwan. They will need to have the ability to direct standoff weapons fire onto individual tanks and squad units in order to be effective.

8) The most likely outcome will be that Taiwan will be a giant pile of rubble. Casualties could run as high as WWII. If China wins, it could be a Pyrrhic victory. If the US wins, it will take a whole generation to repair and rebuild. I think the Chinese view towards weakness or perceived weakness is a little bit like how Germany viewed the U.S. after we sent 10,000 men wandering in the hills to find Pancho Villa, to no avail. The Germans perceived it as weakness and went ahead with their war plans.

9 posted on Sunday, September 23, 2007 9:47:37 PM by Kevmo (We should withdraw from Iraq -- via Tehran. And Duncan Hunter is just the man to get that job done.)

update in 2021

There are some updated conversations regarding the sampan civilian navy internal migration approach.

The chinese will send a sampan navy with 10million “internal migration” civilians armed with CNN uplinks, cameras, and bullhorns. When they get mowed down by our side, the resulting negative PR will be amplified by the chinese knocking out 2 of our aircraft carriers in the blockade with their hypersonic ICBM thermally guided antiship missiles.
America will luze stomach for the fight over what it already calls an internal province of China. Taiwan has never declared independence.
About a third of civilians in Taiwan are ethnic Chinese and maybe only half of them have loyalties and fifth column tendencies towards communist China. They have hundreds of thousands of cargo ships they can fill with civilians armed with cameras, CNN uplinks, and bullhorns.
The resultant slaughter will be live on CNN and the PR backlash will be enough to let China walk right back into their own internal (never did declare independence) province. If we blockade them, they’ll lob thermal-capable antiship ICBM missiles at our aircraft carriers and CNN will record them sinking to the bottom of the sea with the resultant nuclear plume.
America will luze stomach for the fight after luzing a couple $Trillion in carriers and tens of thousands of men in one afternoon, all seen on CNN, with our recourse being... to slaughter civilians. China has all the cards, they just have to lay them down on the table at this point.
And when it’s all over but the shouting, the RINOs and GOPes and democraps will be handwringing, hoping for a quick way to order chinese chips & electronics from Amazon. The chinese want the continued business of globalists so it’ll all be “can’t we just get along” and “water under the bridge” as soon as China is in charge and chips are shipping.


Here’s my modest proposal for education reform.

We have been discussing ways to fast track kids through high school to avoid the liberal agenda and other idiocies:

Proposal for the Free Republic High School Diploma.


Taglines under consideration or used in the past.

Note that I just started updating a tagline thread:

Our ancestors would have been shooting by now.
The tree of liberty is thirsty.

Nitpicking, the last refuge of the scoundrel who knows he's been proven wrong.

In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual. ~Galileo Galilei

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A Bill Can Be Bipartisan Without Bipartisan Votes ~Nancy Pelosi 2/18/10
"A person's a person, no matter how small" ~Horton the Elephant
" But once life has begun, no matter at what stage of growth, it is my belief that termination should not be decided merely by desire. ~Ted Kennedy, 1971
We should withdraw from Iraq AND Afghanistan -- via Teheran.

According to urban myth, formerly known as the US Constitution, only a natural born citizen can be President

When seconds count, Police are only minutes away.

Towering genius disdains a beaten path. - Abraham Lincoln

If you can define a man by the depravity of his enemies, Rick Santorum must be a noble soul indeed.

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Caveat lurkor pro se ipso judicatis: Let the lurker decide for himself
... later revised to: Judicaret spectator se ipso

‘Turning the Party over to the so-called moderates wouldn’t make any sense at all. -- President Ronald Reagan

Has Obama resigned yet?

When a thing is owned by everybody nobody gives value to it. Communism taught us this. ~A. Rossi

The sky is still blue, taxes still need to be paid, Jesus is still God, people still die, and the stuff that comes out of the back end of a bull is still...

‘We make men without chests and expect from them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. ― C.S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man

July 2021, changing current tagline from

some things may be true even if Donald Trump said them. ~Jonathan Karl ----


Right now there are 500 political prisoners in Washington, DC.


Old tagline

600 political prisoners in Washington, DC. You cannot comply your way out of tyranny.

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I’m immune from Covid since I don’t watch TV.🤗

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Thanks to Arrowhead1952 ‘I never argue with a fool, since someone observing the exchanges may not be able to tell who the fool is”.



Whenever an illegal alien kills someone in a drunk driving accident or something similar, here's what I recommend:
What can we do about it? Here’s my standard post.

RICO --Citizen Recourse

Private persons and entities may initiate civil suits to obtain injunctions and treble damages against enterprises that conspire to or actually violate federal alien smuggling, harboring, or document fraud statutes, under the Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO). The pattern of racketeering activity is defined as commission of two or more of the listed crimes. A RICO enterprise can be any individual legal entity, or a group of individuals who are not a legal entity but are associated in fact, and can include nonprofit associations.

Here’s what I’ve been pushing: it’s time to file Racketeering, Influencing, and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) lawsuits.

RICO lawyers could turn it around in a few years and MAKE MONEY at the same time. I’m surprised they haven’t done it already.

In the absence of enforcement, we can get the word out in the meantime that there is money to be made in filing RICO lawsuits against employers who hire illegal aliens like this jerk.

Employers would have no trouble shutting down the border if they could get sued by someone under the RICO statutes for hiring these people in the first place. The next time an illegal alien kills someone in a drunk driving accident or somesuch thing, I’m going to point out that the victim’s family might be able to seek compensation from the employer under these statutes in the hopes that it would catch on. If this did catch on, would see such a swift backlash against illegal immigration that no employer would go near these people and they’ll all simply want to go back home.


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Trolls, troublemakers, disruptors, forum pests, malcontents, RINOs, liberals, stalkers, et al, would continue posting to (harassing) someone after being asked to stop. Conservative FReepers would not. ~Admin Moderator


I would like to see a VOLUNTARY idealogy litmus matrix here on Free Republic, but when I proposed it to Jimrob, he called me a newbie.
To: babygene I don’t think he’s all that interested.
To: MHGinTN It doesn’t matter what a FReeper thinks. It’s just a list that they tell us what they think. That way we can tell who we’re dealing with.
To: Jim Robinson Hah hah, that’s great. I signed up 2 months after you and I’m a newbie. Back then no one even said, ‘Welcome to FR”. But yeah, I do think that there are tons of RINOs. To be more accurate, the term would be CINOs.
I’ve been pushing for an idealogical litmus matrix here on FR, not to get rid of RINOs but to expose them.
***It simply takes too long. Look at this thread alone. I see evidence of RINOism in some of the FReepers on this thread. It takes 700 posts to drill down. We need the matrix posted and available so that we don’t have to drill down on every FReeping thread. They’re wasting our time. Deliberately.

Agreed to a large degree. Perhaps a way to rate members by other members???
762 posted on Thursday, February 07, 2008 8:43:23 PM by roamer_1
130 posted on Monday, December 08, 2008 2:39:20 PM by Kevmo (Palin/Hunter 2012)
49 posted on Monday, December 22, 2008 7:29:27 PM by Kevmo ( It’s all over for this Country as a Constitutional Republic. ~Leo Donofrio, 12/14/08)
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In the absence of an idealogy matrix, I sometimes throw down with a troll if they call me a troll.

You call me a troll, then prepare to throw down point for point on Free Republic’s definition of a conservative. I challenge you — if you are closer to the FR definition than I am, then I take a week off FR, and if I’m closer then you take a week off.

Based on posting history, going through yours and mine. It does not count for you to say you hold such & such position if you never posted it.

From the front page of FR

Statement by FR’s Founder -—>

As a conservative site, Free Republic is pro-God, pro-life, pro-family, pro-Constitution, pro-Bill of Rights, pro-gun, pro-limited government, pro-private property rights, pro-limited taxes, pro-capitalism, pro-national defense, pro-freedom, and-pro America. We oppose all forms of liberalism, socialism, fascism, pacifism, totalitarianism, anarchism, government enforced atheism, abortionism, feminism, homosexualism, racism, wacko environmentalism, judicial activism, etc.

Now... I would need some Viking Kitty help in going through your posting history, so I’ll ping one. You ping one of your RINO troll cohorts as well.


To: GoCards; Syncro; Sheila Robinson; All
This was at the Tea Party Express rally in Reno, NV last week (Go Sharron Angle!). The lady in the cowboy hat with the sweet smile is my wife Sheila. And that’s Syncro’s left eyeball in the upper left as he focuses his video camera.

Sarah was introduced to me by Sal Russo (leader of the Tea Party Express) who introduced me as Jim Robinson from She said thank you for all you guys have done, then leaned forward and gave me a little cheek to cheek hug. I took it as she loves the FReepers and pass it on to all of you!!

Woo hoo!! FR is Palin Country!!
48 posted on 10/26/2010 12:12:51 PM PDT by Jim Robinson (Rebellion is brewing!! Just vote them OUT!!)


Note that I was banned in 2014, criticizing FR for endorsing RINOs. I returned by the grace of JimRob at the end of 2020. [In the interim period I ran the President Trump Channel which reached 275k followers on DISQUS until all of us were deplatformed. ]

___________________________________________________________________ bugzapper thread

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It's time for us to jettison those who reject our national values because there's no changing them. Time to secede.

We should extend the invitation to secede on a county by county basis.

img src = ""

While we're at it, since we'd be forming a new country, we should extend the invitation to counties in Canada and Mexico as well. Heck, the New America could extend to Greenland and Siberia.

Note that this option is becoming increasingly popular.



Welcome to the "What was my Login club";tab=comments

Thanks to JimRob for starting Free Republic, and in particular, for letting me change my login name. At first I had logged in as "Don't wanna be audited". It's a long story why I chose that login name, but I ended up forgetting the login and signed up again as Kevin OMalley. Now that I have a simpler, easier to remember login, I'll go back to using my old freeper number.

To: Judith Anne
Same thing happened to me but I finally figured out my old password. I still think I have signed up another time prior to Jan 1998. FR would have been a quiet backwater if Buckhead hadn't showed up... Oh Well, if 'tweren't him, it woulda been someone else.

89 posted on 01/03/2005 3:05:06 PM PST by Don't wanna be audited (I was never good at the game of tagline)
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To: Don't wanna be audited; JoeSixPack1
We're forming a club. Don't, you have to think of a GOOD name, and then we'll vote on it. 'Kay? ;-D

90 posted on 01/03/2005 3:09:37 PM PST by Judith Anne (Thank you St. Jude for favors granted.)
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To: Don't wanna be audited
I didn't even get to write my own opus, dammit. LOL

91 posted on 01/03/2005 3:16:53 PM PST by Dog Gone
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To: Judith Anne
I like my real name, just wish it had the original signup date.

I'm kinda partial to Yadda Yadda, Okie Dokie, Yikes, or I could make life easier for those responding to me by using Bozo... "Hey, Bozo, get a clue". Maybe Voice In The Wilderness because I'm a conservative in the SF bay area, or maybe MJ SETI in honor of my first post (I'm trying to track the real MJ SETI down). I got stuck with this monicker because I was afeared of gettin' audited by the Clintoon Administration after all the stories about Carville's hit squad. Now I just wish I could remember my login better, so how about RememberMyLogin or WhatWasMyLogin?

92 posted on 01/03/2005 3:27:19 PM PST by Don't wanna be audited (Now, what was my password?)
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To: Don't wanna be audited
ROFL! Great post!

Well, how about the "What was my Login?" club, then?

I'm thinking of getting my password tatooed somewhere...I'm using my given name for my FReeper name, I doubt I'll forget that. If I do, it will be too late for the password to matter.

93 posted on 01/03/2005 3:32:24 PM PST by Judith Anne (Thank you St. Jude for favors granted.)
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To: Judith Anne; JoeSixPack1; Kevin OMalley
Okie dokie. I mean, uh, yes that's a good name for a User Error type of club.

Try not to include your password in the Tagline.

95 posted on 01/03/2005 3:43:08 PM PST by Don't wanna be audited (Welcome to the "What was my Login club")
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To: Don't wanna be audited
Here's how you find out your Freeper Number:
1. Click on your Freeper name on your ping list.

2. That brings you to your profile page.

3. Click on "Find in Forum" at top.

4. Your Freeper number will appear at the end of the URL in the address box of your browser.

Which makes you: Freeper #1165.

98 posted on 01/03/2005 4:05:07 PM PST by jrewing (I'm jrewing again now, not "jrewingjr" since I found my old password. I am he and he is me.)
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To: jrewing
Cool, Thanks. And BTW, I never did watch that episode, who did shoot JR?

100 posted on 01/03/2005 5:01:47 PM PST by Kevin OMalley (No, not Freeper#95235, Freeper #1165. Just don't tell JimRob.)
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To: Kevin OMalley
Kristinn, who was Sue Ellen's sister. She was furious when JR reneged on his promise to marry her if she helped him to get rid of Sue Ellen.
Last week I saw a Texas license plate that read "MISS ELLY". True story. You can guess what mine says, heh heh.

101 posted on 01/03/2005 5:11:40 PM PST by jrewing (I'm jrewing again now, not "jrewingjr" since I found my old password. I am he and he is me.)
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To: 1Old Pro
Bottles that stand over furniture might work.

102 posted on 01/03/2005 5:34:16 PM PST by bmwcyle (Washington DC RINO Hunting Guide)
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To: jrewing
Hey, JR:

On your profile, you say, "I believe I hold the record for the longest period of time posting under a second screen name before remembering the first one's password and returning to the first one. "

Your later Freeper # is 65573, and your old Freeper # is 3717. 65573 - 3717 = 61856 difference. My later Freeper # is 95235, and my old Freeper # is 1165. 95235 - 1165 = 94070 difference. I believe I have your record beat by > 50%. Sorry about all the math.

But, I don't think I like my old login name -- just the Freeper date/number, so I'm gonna bounce back & forth 'til I trigger an audit or something.

103 posted on 01/03/2005 7:10:29 PM PST by Kevin OMalley (No, not Freeper#95235, Freeper #1165. Just don't tell JimRob.)
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To: Kevin OMalley
You definitely have me beat there. The ironic thing was, I found the old password on an index card just 2 days ago, when the "6 years ago" thread started. It was mixed up in a box of random, unsorted items that I brought with me to Texas. I had been looking for that password for years, but only found it after that thread spurred me to look some more.

104 posted on 01/03/2005 7:16:51 PM PST by jrewing (I'm jrewing again now, not "jrewingjr" since I found my old password. I am he and he is me.)
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To: jrewing; Judith Anne; JoeSixPack1; Don't wanna be audited; 1Old Pro
Well, glad you found it. Remember those bumper stickers, "I found it!" I thought they were stupid.

Anyways, welcome to the club. Your turn to buy beer.

105 posted on 01/03/2005 7:31:53 PM PST by Kevin OMalley (Charter member, What Was My Login Club)
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The future of nuclear is cold fusion.

Tunneling Beneath the 4He Fragmentation Energy
J. Condensed Matter Nucl. Sci. 4 (2011) pages 241–255 ^ | February 2011 | K P Sinha
Posted on Friday, July 01, 2011 10:45:05 PM by Kevmo
J. Condensed Matter Nucl. Sci. 4 (2011) pages 241–255

A model for enhanced fusion reaction in a solid matrix of metal deuterides
Wednesday, June 08, 2011 10:14:09 PM · by Kevmo · 35 replies
International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science. 2008 ^ | July 2008 | K P Sinha

Cold Fusion #1 Claims NASA Chief (Focardi & Rossi - not cold fusion but close enough)
Sunday, June 05, 2011 11:56:09 AM · by Titus-Maximus · 52 replies

How to Prove that the Rossi/Focardi eCAT LENR is Real (or Fake) ^ | April 6, 2011 | Alan Fletcher
Posted on Sunday, June 05, 2011 7:52:15 PM by Kevmo

How I Made Money from Cold Fusion
Saturday, January 23, 2010 12:28:49 PM · by Kevmo · 28 replies · 1,013+ views
Exclusive Article for Free Republic | 1/23/10 | Kevmo

Friday, December 31, 2010 1:57:41 AM · by Kevmo · 40 replies The American Reporter ^ | December 29, 2010 | Joe Shea

Re-Analysis of the Marinov Light-Speed Anisotropy Experiment
Friday, June 12, 2009 11:25:41 PM · by Kevmo · 27 replies · 1,027+ views ^ | Reginald T. Cahill

The Suppression of Inconvenient Facts in Physics
Sunday, June 07, 2009 7:50:26 PM · by Kevmo · 78 replies · 1,626+ views Suppressed Science.Net ^ | 12/06/08 |

The End of Snide Remarks Against Cold Fusion
Friday, June 05, 2009 5:56:08 PM · by Kevmo · 95 replies · 1,770+ views
Free Republic, and Intrade ^ | 6/5/09 | kevmo, et al

‘Cold Fusion’ Rebirth? New Evidence For Existence Of Controversial Energy Source
Monday, March 23, 2009 12:42:14 PM · by FlameThrower · 35 replies · 1,586+ views
Science Daily ^ | Mar. 23, 2009 | American Chemical Society


Admin moderator said not to call these guys seagulls any more. What a bunch of wusses.

In Before The Seagulls

( { -------> ~&

{ -------> ~@ this thread

( { { -------> *~


The Cold Fusion/LENR Ping List

Keywords: ColdFusion; LENR; lanr; CMNS


For beginners:
Click on "Introduction"


LENR: Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. [Also Lattice Enabled Nuclear Reactions, but seldom used]
CANR: Chemical Assisted Nuclear Reactions [fallen into disuse along with LANR/Lattice Assisted Nuclear Reactions]
CMNS: Condensed Matter Nuclear Science
LCF: Lattice Confined Fusion [NASA's term for it]
AHE: Anomolous Heating Effect. Also PFAHE, for the Pons-Fleischmann AHE.


Best book to get started on this subject:
Why Cold Fusion Research Prevailed by Charles Beaudette


Updated No Internal Trolling Rules for FR per Jim Robinson

"If someone says stop, then stop. Do not enter onto a thread on a topic you don't like just to disrupt, rattle cages, poke sticks, insult the regulars, or engage in trolling activities, etc." ~Jim Robinson

The issue isn't whether we allow skepticism, it is whether we allow hyperskeptics and skeptopaths to ruin the scientific dialog. Such FReepers who persist in polluting these threads have been asked to leave, and we are asking that they open their own threads if they have comments.



"This topic has a following, people who wish to learn and discuss the materials presented. Please refrain from posting anything that doesn’t legitimately address the issue. Something is going on in this segment of science. There are a considerable number of research groups studying the matter." ~ Sidebar Moderator -------------------------------------------------------------------------- dangerdoc; citizen ; Liberty1970; Red Badger ; PA Engineer ; glock rocks; free-life ; badgerlandjim; toast; hc87;grey_whiskers; The Cajun ; Hodar ; Brett66 ; Free Vulcan ; bajabaja; Soul Citizen ; lkco; conservative mind; ph12321; BallandPowder ; PapaBear3625; reed13 ; dcwusmc ;Bockscar; aruanan ; freedumb2003; AZLiberty ; Captain Beyond; DoughtyOne ;phoneman08 ;MarkeyD ;REDWOOD99 ;jedrothwell; sbkrivit;B4Ranch ; Candor7 ; Controlling Legal Authority; Scutter ; ThomasMore ; Fiddlstix ; kosciusko51 ; Varmint Al ; Fractal Trader ;Toadman ; KevinDavis ; stump56 ; Clairity ; alanfletcher;rarestia ;Waywardson ; Zuben Elgenubi ; JPG ; fightinJAG ; EternalHope ;babygene ; Bellflower ; LurkingSince'98 ; TLOne ; SC Swamp Fox ; Smokin' Joe ; DYngbld ; no-to-illegals ; AFPhys; SteamShovel ; Jack Hydrazine ; Greetings_Puny_Humans ; AirForce-TechSgt; Eepsy; VRWCtaz; chrisser ;Normandy ; verga ; Lx; innovative; Steely Tom ; lurkina.n.learnin ;babygene ; right wing assault ; bullish ;tlone ; bert;reg45;muffaletaman; gnarledmaw; the westerner;jonty30;plain talk;chud; DiogenesLamp; mowowie; tallguy;Unrepentant VN Vet ;MrKatykelly;Diogenesis; GOPJ;