Kenny Bunk
Since Oct 19, 2001

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I was waiting and hoping for Global Warming, but apparently, Livermore Falls was never included in the program. So finally, I gave up and transferred ops to St. Joseph' Sound, Florida. All in all, I have joined that growing number who are simply no longer focused enough to make it through a Maine Winter. Fortunately, my ever-diminishing wits aren't much noticed here. To judge by the natives, the local schools, if indeed there ever were any, closed before many of the natives had a chance to attend. Thank the gods there are many Mainers about, who are only too happy to join me in acerbically discussing the Floridiot phenomenon amongst ourselves.

I labored (when I got around to it) in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, South America, and that strangest of all foreign capitals, Washington, D.C. However, I'm STILL no longer working (more or less by the popular demand of my co-workers and subordinates). That may be mostly becauseI will never learn not to tell Maine jokes to people from away. I have held elective office on the municipal and county level and been rather ignominiously dumped from same.

After the elections of ''08 and '12, I came to the conclusion that my man Spengler was a cock-eyed optimist.